A War Within: The Healer - Historical Fiction by Nathan D. Maki

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Theudas ben Ya'ir and his friend Antonius Maximus are on a quest to free Theudas's mother from slavery. The trail points at the heart of the Parthian Empire, but to get there, they must join the Roman Emperor's legions as they pillage their way east. Can Theudas's new-fledged faith in Christ as his Messiah endure the fires of war?

Meanwhile, in the Parthian fortress city of Hatra, Theudas's mother Suzanna escapes the king's harem to earn coins by healing in hopes of buying passage back to Rome to find her son.

When Rome's legions encircle Hatra, Theudas and Antonius must find a way to break the siege, infiltrate the city, rescue Suzanna, and escape. Can mother and son reunite? And if so, can they survive?

This book can stand alone, but is also the culmination of the War Within series, which includes The Gladiator, The Legionnaire, and The Praetorian, also available on Amazon or www.NathanDMaki.com.  

Here's what some readers are saying about The Healer:

"I have just finished reading this 4th book in the "A War Within" Series. Wow! Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, Nathan Maki does it again. He put me on the edge of my seat, teeth biting my lips, forgetting the clock and the fact that I have to get up tomorrow morning."

"This well researched and brilliantly written book is so fascinating you can hardly put it down! It has much to offer any reader interested in adventure, Roman culture and history all of which has been creatively woven into the storyline and characters in this book...I highly recommend this book!!"

"WARNING! This book may cause sleep deprivation! I was barely able to keep my eyes open when I decided to read one chapter before bed. The next thing I knew, it was 2:00 AM! Make sure that you have time for some suspense before picking it up!"

"Another great book by Nathan Maki, War Within, The Healer, will keep you turning the page and on the edge of your seat. Nathan Maki has come to be one of my favorite authors and I look forward to seeing more books from him in the future. Excellent, thrilling, full of surprises and suspense."

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