The Rusty City: Training Camp - a young adult post-dystopian novella by Wyatt Tanton

Meet fifteen year-old Enzo - a citizen of Rusticana, one of the ten alliances that formed after the War of Ten, a war that forced the nations of the world to merge into ten major militaristic, economic, and cultural alliances. In an effort to end the War of Ten after hundreds of millions of deaths, the alliances agreed to participate in the Battle, a fight-to-the-death between ten-person squadrons from each alliance. The last alliance with representatives standing gained control of the international government, and hosted the next Battle.

Over the centuries, this morphed from a hidden-in-the-shadows bloodbath to an internationally televised event; combatants, who must be younger than twenty and older than fifteen, became heroes of their alliances as every young person trained to participate.

This is where Enzo comes in. Centuries after the Battle was formed, Enzo's father had been forced into the Battle by a jealous friend, where he was killed for the world to see. Ten years later, Enzo's cousin followed in his footsteps, where he proceeded to win the Battle, giving Rusticana their first win in decades. Five years after that, Enzo is separated from his mother and sent to a training camp to prepare him for the Rusty City, Rusticana's Battleground. Within minutes of leaving home, he meets new enemies and friends, and for the first time is forced to face the brutality that the Battle embodies.
The Rusty City: Training Camp is the first book in the Rusty City series and the first book by Wyatt Tanton, which follows Enzo's entrance into the training camp. Each new character is filled with unique personality traits, improving the story and filling Training Camp with conflict and intrigue as they interact with one another. New characters are constantly added and old ones are removed as the fatalities pile up, forcing readers to stay on their toes as their favourites are constantly at risk of being eliminated from training.

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