After the Voyage: An Irish American Story by Brenda Murphy

After the Voyage: An Irish American Story by Brenda Murphy

Free 4/27/2016 - 4/29/2016!

After the Voyage tells a story that is both remarkable and familiar to everyone whose ancestors made their way to and in America. Maggie Qualter and Richard Terrett both sail to America as young adults, having survived Ireland’s Great Hunger as children.  In their thirties, they make the best of a marriage that is poisoned by well-intentioned lies. Their children grow up in the midst of Irish American culture, the Catholic Church, and their father’s battles for the workingman in the Knights of Labor. Mary dreams of being a nun, while Josie seeks the freedom of big-city life in Boston.

Neither reckons on the future she will face.  Tom escapes factory life by joining the Navy, manages to see the world in the midst of two wars, and comes home to marry his sweetheart and start a new life.

This book is fact-based historical fiction.  The events in the Terretts’ lives are as they emerge from the public record.  But their inner lives, their thoughts, their relationships, their words are imagined as a route to understanding these five complicated and fascinating people.

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