Sun Valley Moon Mountains - a fantastical realism by Ajax Minor

Sun Valley Moon Mountains - a fantastical realism by Ajax Minor

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Jaq and Kate are devastated when their daughter dies as a result of a catastrophic birth accident. They give up lucrative Wall Street careers and flee to the magnificent mountain country of Idaho. But they discover that they cannot outrun the past. Jaq finds himself being hunted by a monstrous spider, while Kate keeps hearing soft cries coming from the baby monitor that she could never bear to part with. Finally, they land and release a Fantastical Fish in a rain of tears and blood on the Lost River.

For help they turn to a local priest, who turns out to be much more, to guide them on a quest to rescue their daughter, Ur, from an ancient being known as Tiamat. What follows is an epic journey into Luna, a land of mysteries and secrets, shaped by Jaq's own mind. Racing across the rugged moonscape, Jaq and Kate battle their way through Hades to Tiamat's lair and the ultimate showdown for the life and soul of their daughter.

Sun Valley, Moon Mountains is a fantasy set in modern times against the breathtaking backdrop of the Mountain West and woven throughout, on the tapestry of Luna, with the heroes of the Iliad and the ancient gods of Sumer. On its pages, you'll encounter startling creatures like Rock Cats, Sand Banshees and Dust Bats, as well as a pair of passionate, yet Stoic, protagonists.

Follow their Heroes' Journey, as Jaq and Kate learn to replace pain with power, and to confront the ultimate question: is their daughter theirs to rescue, or must she be set free to follow her own destiny?

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