Eye Spy - a middle grade children's mystery story by Tessa Buckley

Eye Spy - a mystery story for children aged 9+ by Tessa Buckley


$2.89  (US)  £1.99 (UK) to $0.99 (US)  99p  (UK) - 7/22/2016 - 7/28/2016!

This is the story of ten days which will change forever the lives of thirteen year old Alex Macintyre and his twin sister Donna.

Alex and Donna live in the sleepy English seaside town of Holcombe Bay. with theirNan and their eccentric father, Ian. Ian is an inventor and a bit of a recluse, but now he has surprised everyone by inventing a robot that really works.

Meanwhile things are not going well for the twins, when Lea Green’s fearsome head teacher, Mr. Bull, catches them taking part in an illicit poker game at school. When Nan stops their pocket money as a punishment, Alex and Donna decide to set themselves up as PIs to earn some money and Eye Spy Investigations is born.

The twins set out to find a valuable missing dog belonging to the glamorous Mademoiselle Boudet, but they soon discover that detecting isn’t that easy. What is the role of the mysterious man in a fur hat? Does bag lady Kath know more than she’s letting on? And are the bikers who hang out at the Starship Café really part of an  international dog-napping gang?

As Alex and Donna struggle to make sense of the evidence, they start to uncover an even bigger mystery in their own family involving their dead mother. When they attempt to help Ian market his robot, everything goes horribly wrong, and the scene is set for a dramatic climax, As storms rage over Holcombe Bay, and events spiral out of control, can Alex save Donna from imminent danger, resolve a family crisis and return the missing dog to its owner?

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