The Bootlegger's Legacy - Mystery by Ted Clifton

The Bootlegger's Legacy - Mystery by Ted Clifton

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A rollicking good time.  The Bootlegger's Legacy takes the reader on a wild ride through Oklahoma's bootlegging history.

The Bootlegger's Legacy draws from my personal experiences in both Oklahoma and New Mexico.  I remember hearing as a child in Oklahoma about a bootlegger who lived on the next street over from my house.  Was not real sure what a bootlegger was but it was exciting and mysterious.

The characters are loosely based on people I have known with the two main characters being a composite of several people, including myself.  I wanted the story to be fun, but also to have a serious side about our transitions in life.

The e-book was recently honored by the Independent Book Publishers Association's-Benjamin Franklin Digital Awards as a 2016 Silver Honoree.

Romance, Adventure, and a Multi-Million Dollar Mystery

When an old-time bootlegger dies and leaves his son Mike a cryptic letter hinting at millions in hidden cash, Mike and his friend Joe embark on a journey that takes them through three states and 50 years of history. What they find goes beyond money and transforms them both.

It all starts with a key, embossed with the letters CB, and a cryptic reference to Deep Deuce, a neighborhood once filled with hot jazz and gangs of bootleggers.  Out of those threads is woven a tapestry of history, romance, drama, and mystery; connecting two generations and two families in the adventure of a lifetime.

The bootlegger lived in dry Oklahoma during the 1950s.  Prohibition had ended many years earlier for most of the nation—but in Oklahoma it was still illegal to sell booze.  The bootlegger was not a gangster—he was just a good salesman; giving the people what they wanted.  He was making tons of money.  He had a wife and son—but he also had a gorgeous young mistress.

As the bootlegger was dying he told his son he had buried millions but could not remember where.  After his death a letter was delivered to his son with hints about how to find the millions.  The son wanted to find the money but was afraid to learn everything there was to know about his bootlegger father’s past.

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