The Secret of the Infinite Intelligence - Antar Jannah

The Secret of the Infinite Intelligence - Antar Jannah

Free 9/19/2016 - 9/23/2016!

Mental technology designed to strengthen the power of your mind. 

About the Author

When you request Antar as your personal coach, guest speaker or seminar trainer you will join the ranks of thousands who have become permanent students of this innovative instructor who has mastered the 12 Secret Laws of Success, which only comes when you can completely understand and be happy with who you are. Antar represents the true and complete success and prosperity trainer who possesses the refreshing life-giving ideas that people have been yearning for. As head instructor of The Stay In The Miracle Institute, Antar will teach you about Meta-Spiritual Awareness; The Seven Heavens Of The Mind; The Theory Of Conjunctive Congruity; Success Through A Productive Mental Attitude; The Power Of Planetary Thinking; The Seven Lessons Of Entrepreneurship and Much Much More!  Antar says: The truth always brings with it an abundance of good far beyond what is expected .

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