Mindset Mastery: Overcome Limiting Thoughts and Negative Energies to Maximize Potential and Live the Life of Your Dreams by Nicholas J. Dodge

Mindset Mastery: Overcome Limiting Thoughts and Negative Energies to Maximize Potential and Live the Life of Your Dreams by Nicholas J. Dodge

This extraordinary, practical and action-oriented book by Nicholas Dodge is going to show you exactly how to develop the proper mindset all successful individuals have in order to live the life you’ve always wanted to live.

Coming from past experiences with horrible mental and physical health, major financial struggles, sexual abuse and suicidal thoughts and tendencies, Nicholas Dodge will explain EXACTLY how he overcame his worst circumstances to live a life worth living, and how you can do the same for yourself.

In his groundbreaking book Mindset Mastery, Nicholas Dodge shares with you his personal journey through developing a mastered mindset and busts the myth that you can’t be successful and free by challenging everything you’ve been told in life.

Unfortunately, people that remain with their flawed mindsets tend to stay that way for the rest of their lives, unless they address their issues and make it a point to assess them to generate success and freedom.

Fortunately, that is exactly what you will do with this remarkable experience.

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have everything they could ever want or need in life, all while others are left with merely the dreams of achieving those same things? Have you ever wondered that if someone else could live the life of their dreams – then why couldn’t you live the life of your dreams?

The good news is, you CAN!

Tackle challenges and face problems you never thought possible.

Construct your personal goals and positive affirmations.

Develop a way of thinking that encourages a prosperous future.

Improve self-confidence, mood and feelings.

Become an alpha in a world filled with betas.

Motivate yourself to reach you goals and maximum potential in life.

Overcome negative energies that impact everyday thoughts or actions.

Live an extravagant life filled with success and freedom.

Follow my advice and you too could live the life of your dreams.

Why settle for anything short of your greatest desires? What’s keeping you from being successful and free?

Mortgage Peace: A Proven Formula for a Smooth On-Time Closing by Stephanie Weeks

Mortgage Peace: A Proven Formula for a Smooth On-Time Closing by Stephanie Weeks

In "Mortgage Peace: A Proven Formula for a Smooth On-Time Closing" readers will learn the necessary tools to obtain the perfect mortgage to meet their financial needs/goals, all while maintaining peace of mind. Author Stephanie Weeks, has been a mortgage lender for more than 13 years, and has made it her mission to transform the mortgage industry as well as help potential homebuyers, sellers, investors and those who are refinancing achieve a smooth, on-time closing. So, if this sounds like information you can benefit from, you need to get your hands on this book!

Trading Places: Becoming My Mother's Mother - A memoir by Sandra Bullock Smith

Trading Places: Becoming My Mother's Mother - A memoir by Sandra Bullock Smith

Free 10/31/2016 - 11/4/2016!

Filled with touching and uplifting true stories, Trading Places: Becoming My Mother’s Mother is one woman’s heartfelt memoir about the role reversal she experienced while caring for her ailing mother. Filled with respect, compassion, and love, this uplifting and amusing memoir is for anyone involved in elder care or who may face the role in the future.

The Mia Kazmaroff Mysteries: Books 1-3 - suspenseful mysteries by Susan Kiernan-Lewis

The Mia Kazmaroff Mysteries: Books 1-3 - suspenseful mysteries by Susan Kiernan-Lewis

Free 10/28/2016 - 11/4/2016!

This sexy romp through Atlanta’s underworld is a spine-tingling, page-flipping thrill ride.  Mia Kazmaroff is able to tell the story behind any object simply by touch--a gift that comes in handy when she is solving cases with ex-cop Jack Burton.  Together they create a partnership that breaks all the rules, skirts the law, and creates lots of sparks between them while they try to ignore an undeniable mutual attraction.

Thomas Jefferson: A Life From Beginning to End by Hourly History

Thomas Jefferson: A Life From Beginning to End by Hourly History

Free on Amazon!

Read about Thomas Jefferson's life from beginning to end in this concise, straightforward eBook by Hourly History for FREE.

At a White House dinner in 1962 honoring the Nobel Prize winners of the Western Hemisphere, President John Kennedy greeted them by saying: “I want to tell you how welcome you are to the White House. I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge, that has ever been gathered together at the White House, with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone.”

The laureates might have been a trifle nonplussed to hear themselves collectively compared to one man, but Thomas Jefferson left his imprint on his state of Virginia; his young country, the United States; France where he served as ambassador; and the world, where his opposition to tyranny and his advocacy of freedom have inspired generations to believe that the pursuit of happiness, as he wrote in his Declaration of Independence, is an unalienable right.

Bold Brave Business: Raw and Real Strategies to Amplify Your Profit, Scale and Growth - George Zenon

Bold Brave Business: Raw and Real Strategies to Amplify Your Profit, Scale and Growth - George Zenon

Free 10/31/2016 - 11/4/2016!

Do you have a good business and want to make it great?

Most business owners aren’t as successful as they should be. You reach a point where you get stuck under a glass ceiling; growth stalls and your model can’t scale any further. It’s a struggle to attract new or larger customers, and you find yourself working harder and harder for less and less return. Due to skill gaps as well as difficulty in recruiting and retaining top team members, burn out becomes inevitable.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

For over a decade, award-winning Business Strategist & Coach George Zenon has presented to thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs and has directly helped more than 300 businesses in 34 industries, smash through their glass ceiling, maximise the performance of all areas of their business and create more profit, scale and success.

In the Shadow of Angels - a fast-paced crime thriller by Donnie J Burgess

In the Shadow of Angels - a fast-paced crime thriller by Donnie J Burgess

$0.99 (regularly $2.99) 10/29/2016 - 11/5/2016!

When a local attorney, an unscrupulous psychiatrist, a dirty P.I., and the town harlot all have something to hide, things can get very complicated. In the Shadow of Angels tells the story of eight hours that will change them all forever.

A top-notch thriller in the tradition of Patricia Highsmith and Alfred Hitchcock ... In the Shadow of Angels is a riveting thriller about a bunch of 'ordinary' people who suddenly discover what they are capable of. This book has one of the best plots I've come across in a long time, and the author has a knack for getting inside the characters' heads to make the most bizarre events seem logical and realistic. The twist at the end is worthy of Alfred Hitchcock.

The Saint (Carter Ash Book 1) by Joshua Guess

The Saint (Carter Ash Book 1) by Joshua Guess

Where does a criminal, a killer, draw the line? How far will one man go to save a single innocent?

Carter Ash is a fixer, second in command of a growing criminal empire. It wasn't the life he imagined for himself. He had been a father and husband, happy with his lot in life before tragedy tore his world apart.

Eight years later, a single phone call ignites a series of events that will leave him outnumbered, outgunned, and on the run in a desperate bid to survive.

For the man other criminals call The Saint, there are some lines you don't cross, one he will defend even if it kills him.

Michael Gresham: The Lawyer - a legal thriller by John Ellsworth

Michael Gresham: The Lawyer - a legal thriller by John Ellsworth

$0.99 (regularly $2.99) 10/27/2016 - 11/1/2016!

One hard-hitting criminal lawyer surrounded by dysfunction... Michael Gresham is a criminal attorney with a brother who won’t take his meds, an ex-wife who wants him to finance her fertility costs, and a client accused of murdering the wife of a judge. As the story progresses the brother is being hunted down by MexTel, a huge conglomerate that wants him dead, and the ex-wife’s new husband wants to borrow money, while the judge whose wife was murdered suddenly tries to hire Michael Gresham for himself. Can an attorney who feels like he’s slowing down with age (55) still succeed in court against younger, more aggressive lawyers? Can Michael Gresham turn the tables on those who would see him dead? And who is going to pay him for the injury and disfigurement they caused him? One innocent client who looks more guilty with each new violent act... Watch up close as a young defendant who many thought to be low IQ begins to emerge from his silence and withdrawal to become a powerful force that finally must be dealt with. Watch as a lonely attorney finally meets someone Romance begins to bloom on rocky soil and Michael's hope is rekindled despite disfiguring injuries he has suffered. One courtroom thriller that curls around and surprises even the most keen readers... A legal thriller sure to satisfy the most demanding readers of legal fiction and lawyer novels

Red Salvia by Kristen Holt

Red Salvia by Kristen Holt

Free 10/29/2016 - 10/30/2016!

One serial killer.
Two detectives.
Three secret obsessions.

The bodies and the desires are piling up.

Dead Again: Dark Dreams - a Time Travel Thriller by Linda Rey

Dead Again: Dark Dreams - a Time Travel Thriller by Linda Rey

Free on Amazon 10/28/16 - 10/30/16!

Joan Portman's nightmares are killing her - literally.

Each evening, this troubled seventeen-year-old meets a painful demise in one of three horrific ways – by bullet, by fire or by attack of a pack of ferocious beasts. So authentic are these dreams, that Joan resorts to cutting herself upon waking, just to prove she’s still alive.

Tired of her meds and weary of being misunderstood, Joan accompanies her family on a European excursion in hopes of breaking this crazy cycle. But matters soon go from strange to surreal when Joan is thrust back in time in each country she visits – at once realizing that her frightening nightly visions are actually genuine memories of her former lives. Now, forced to re-live her harrowing experiences as a female gladiator in ancient Rome, a prisoner of Auschwitz in WWII Germany, and as heroine Joan of Arc in medieval France, Joan believes she may finally be able to put this torment behind her.

But the key to Joan’s recovery may lie in a final act of bravery – one that will require her to risk her life once again, and this time it just may be her last.

Peace after Divorce: Choosing Concrete Actions Rooted in Faith - a Faith Based Inspiration Book by Renee Smith Ettline

Peace after Divorce: Choosing Concrete Actions Rooted in Faith - a Faith Based Inspiration Book by Renee Smith Ettline

$1.99 on Amazon 10/28/2016 - 10/30/2016!

Uplifting, practical and inspiring this award-winning divorce recovery book helps you with real-life issues and takes you on a journey that can change your life for the better. Selected as an exemplary Christian self-help book by the Illumination Book Awards, Peace after Divorce walks you through a process that helps you cope with and heal from divorce.

Learn Ways To:

  • Move beyond the pain of separation and divorce;
  • Deal with loneliness and divorce grief;
  • Win the battle with your thoughts,
  • Choose healing actions;
  • Cope more effectively with your ex or soon-to-be ex;
  • Help children cope with separation and divorce;
  • Enjoy life after divorce as a single adult; and more.

Chieftain's Maiden - a Fantasy Anthology by Roberta Grimes

Chieftan's Maiden - a Fantasy Anthology by Roberta Grimes

Free on Amazon 10/28/2016 - 10/31/2016!

It is the year 1540 on an island that is home to a barbaric culture where three cities under despotic Chieftains have long been at war. Twelve-year-old Rebalagh is a Chieftain's Maiden, the first daughter of the first wife of Samitkan's Chieftain, destined never to marry and perhaps to be sacrificed. By custom, Maidens are reared in freedom to make them happier gifts to whichever gods will receive.

Then Rebalagh is captured and taken to wife by an enemy Chieftain with whom she falls deeply in love. When war between her father and her husband again looms, she risks her life to prevent it, but it seems the only way to save the men she loves is to create a peaceful culture in a world whose gods now ensure there can never be peace. Eventually she comes to see that in order to make peace possible she will have to first vanquish her people's gods.

Beyond The Road To Key West - high adventure and humor by Michael Reisig

Beyond The Road To Key West - high adventure and humor by Michael Reisig

$0.99 (regularly $3.99) 10/26/2016 - 10/29/2016!

The sixth novel in Michael Reisig's best-selling  "Road To Key West" series.

High adventure, humor, ancient history, an enduring romance, psychotic bandits, an absolutely remarkable treasure, and bizarre situations that carry you through Central America, The Bahamas, and the Florida Keys.

And a jungle monster called "The Silver Spider."

Got your attention yet?

Michael Gresham: The Law Partners - Legal Thriller by John Ellsworth

Michael Gresham: The Law Partners - Legal Thriller by John Ellsworth

$0.99 (regularly $4.99) 10/25/2016 - 10/30/2016!

This latest in the series of Michael Gresham novels finds this criminal defense attorney representing an assistant DA on a murder charge. The defendant, who is also running for the job of district attorney, has the tables turned on her and is being prosecuted by her ex-boss who supports another candidate in the race. Gresham gets caught up in a corrupt police department and legal system in the city of Chicago and falls prey to colluding forces.

We are also introduced to a new character in Harley Sturgis, who joins forces with Michael, first in his defense, and then finally on the defense team for his client.

This is a thrilling legal adventure made even more so by Ellsworth's long career as a lawyer having experienced similar courtroom situations. "The Law Partners" serves exceptionally well as a standalone novel, but I'd like to encourage any new readers to consider reading the Michael Gresham series from the beginning. If you like realistic legal drama at a more granular level but not lacking in mystery, action, and compelling stories then these books are for you.

No Nonsense Real Estate - proven home buying techniques by Alex Goldstein

No Nonsense Real Estate - proven home buying techniques by Alex Goldstein

$0.99 (regularly $9.97) 10/27/2016 - 10/29/2016!

Bestselling Author, Alex Goldstein, brings a unique perspective that many others do not. As a successful realtor and investor, Alex has been on both sides of a real estate transaction, so he knows what strategies and techniques will lead to a successful deal, and which ones should be avoided at all costs. That’s why he chose the name, ""No Nonsense Real Estate,"" for his third book.

Goldstein offers practical, proven home buying techniques, free of fluff or confusing jargon.

This book is for anyone who is getting ready to buy or sell a home and wants to be as informed as possible as they get ready to begin the process so there are no surprises – whether they will be working with a realtor or doing it on their own.


1. AGENT - Go through the pros and cons of working with a real estate agent, and the two ways that they can add the most value,
2. ECONOMICS - You'll understand the fundamental economics of the housing market in the simplest terms possible
3. INVESTING - Avoid the top five mistakes (almost) all new real estate investors make
4. NEGOTIATIONS - Five critical elements of a successful negotiation
5. FINANCING - Possible financing options, from traditional loans to seller financing
6. SELLING - Seven secrets that make selling a home as painless as possible
7. BUYING - Demystifying contracts and closing costs takes the fear out of the process
8. CLOSING - Walk through eight steps involved in a real estate transaction closing
9. PRACTICAL - Learn how all the different parts come together in a real life case study

You also receive three free gifts. Goldstein has put together a special document answering the most popular questions every buyer, seller or investor has during a real estate transaction. You also get special access to an easy-to-understand glossary of the most popular real estate jargon. Last but not least, every reader is access to a free video training that will teach you how to choose the best home for your family.

The Empress of Tempera - a thriller by Alex Dolan

The Empress of Tempera - a thriller by Alex Dolan

$7.99 on Amazon!

Bad things happen to people when they're around The Empress, a painting from a forgotten artist. People have been known to faint, lust after, and even kill themselves over it.

Paire Anjou, the daughter of criminals, has moved to New York to reinvent herself. But when she encounters the painting, it ignites her covetous impulses, and she is caught up in a bloody feud that threatens to destroy her.

My Addiction (Club Desire) by Cassie Ryan

My Addiction (Club Desire) by Cassie Ryan

$2.99 on Amazon!

In a novel of erotic passion and deep commitment from the author of My Obsession, an undercover cop finds a soulmate who surrenders to his healing touch.

Fiercely independent and determined to free herself from her father’s manipulation, tech expert Kate Fretwell finds a refuge in L.A.’s elite BDSM dungeon scene as the hot new thing to political and Hollywood A-listers. Still, all that glitters gets old, and Kate soon tires of the stream of well-heeled masters who expect her to be at their beck and call. Then she meets a very different kind of Dom—one whose quiet confidence, strength, and command bring her most willingly to her knees.

Undercover FBI agent Dex Alexander fits right into his assignment to expose terrorist links to one of L.A.’s most popular clubs. The case has reawakened a desire to find the perfect companion, and he knows that beautiful, vulnerable Kate is a woman he could love. But when her father’s corruption unwittingly makes Kate the target of a bigger enemy, Dex brings her to his Phoenix home—and his dungeon, Club Desire. Here she shows him just how eager she is to give him everything . . . and more.

The Road to War: Duty & Drill, Courage & Capture - a true-life WW2 story by Steven Burgauer

The Road to War: Duty & Drill, Courage & Capture - a true-life WW2 story by Steven Burgauer

$7.99 on Amazon!


When I was a boy, I lived across the lane from this man.  He was different from my father.  This man had a gun.  He had been in the war.  My father had not.
My parents were very close to this man and to his wife.  The wife was at my family’s house nearly every day, visiting with my mother.  Her name was Dottie.  His name was Bill.  I called them Mr. and Mrs. Frodsham, occasionally Mr. and Mrs. F.
Bill and Dottie had two kids, both much younger than me.  I was maybe fourteen at the time.  When I was a bit older, I met their oldest son.  His name was Dennis but he went by Buz.  Dennis was married, going to college at the time, perhaps graduate school.  He and his wife lived with Mr. and Mrs. Frodsham for a while.  The house seemed crowded.
Sometimes, when Mr. and Mrs. F went out, I would baby-sit for the two younger kids, a boy, Christopher, and a girl, Victoria.  The kids were fun, and I liked them.  Apparently, my parents did too, as they soon became godparents to these kids from across the street.  I wasn’t sure what being a godparent meant, but it sounded important.
Fast forward now, half a decade.  I’m done with college, getting married.  The families are still close.  Vicki is a flower girl in our wedding.  At rehearsal dinner, Christopher, now twelve, is sipping on a beer, slowly getting drunk.  My father is playing the piano, something he loved to do.  Everyone is smiling.
Now married, I moved away from home.  In time, Bill and Dottie leave the area as well, move east, relocate in the Carolinas.  I lived my life, lost track of theirs.
Flash forward now, three decades.  I have had a career in investment brokering, retired, now teaching economics part time, writing science fiction most of the time.
Suddenly comes a question.  That little girl Vicki, now a full-grown woman with children of her own, contacts me.  It is the sixty-fifth anniversary of D-Day, both her parents are dead, and she has in her hand her father’s memoirs recounting his experiences in World War II.  She knows that I am a writer.  She would like to see her father’s memoirs published.  Could I give her any advice how to make that dream a reality?
Next thing I know, I’m deeply involved in the project.  Rather than just a dry recitation of facts and events, I have written it as a “novel.”  I put the word in quotation marks because novels are generally fiction.  This is not.  This is real.
But in some sense it is fiction.  To avoid making this account read like a Russian novel, filled with countless unpronounceable names and enough characters to fill a small telephone book, I have simplified matters a great deal, changing names to protect identities, eliminating characters that add little to the story, constructing others as composites of several people spliced together as one.  Historical characters, such as General Eisenhower remain intact, blisters and all.
So as to not make this account an unreadable textbook, I have limited the use of maps and the like.  But, inevitably, a reader may want to summon a Google map of southern England or the Normandy coast to help follow along.  There are countless online sources of maps.  I only mention Google, as I referred to it often.
Writing this book entailed much research.  I don’t know from guns or grenades.  Wikipedia was an incredible aid to me in this regard.
William had a remarkable memory.  Written so many years after the fact, I would say William possessed a stunning clarity in his recollection of events.  I, myself, at a much younger age cannot lay claim to remembering so many details from my twenties.  Even so, William had at least some of his “facts” wrong.
For instance, he reports in his text that he returned to the United States after the war onboard the U.S.S. Lafayette.  He specifically mentions that the Lafayette was formerly an Italian luxury liner by the name of the Conte Grande before the United States military commandeered it to carry troops. — Not possible.
The Lafayette began life as a French-built luxury liner called the Normandie.  The Normandie was seized in New York by the United States after the fall of France.  It was to be converted into a high-speed troopship but caught fire and sank.  It was later raised again at great expense and floated to the Brooklyn Naval Shipyard for repair but never returned to service and was later sold for scrap.
The Conte Grande, on the other hand, was indeed captured from the Italians.  It did indeed become a troopship.  But it was renamed the U.S.S. Monticello, not the Lafayette.
So which story is correct?  I suspect William came home on the Monticello, as the Lafayette was still in a Brooklyn shipyard at the time of his return.
I found several such “problems” in Mr. Frodsham’s account.  In each case, I had to go with my best guess as to the actual facts.  Any mistakes in this regard are entirely mine.
Thus, I call this work a “novel.”  It is somewhat fictionalized and somewhat improvised.  William reveals very little about himself in his account.  He doesn’t reveal whether or not he misses home, whether he is lonely, whether he is scared.  So I have tried to ferret out his feelings the best I could.  Again, any mistakes in this regard are entirely mine.
But even with these admitted shortcomings, what remains is still an amazing story of youthful valor.  A young man — patriotic, athletic, daring, willing to take risks — enlists in the Army to defend the country he loves so dearly.  His leadership skills and acumen with guns and field artillery is quickly recognized by his superiors, and he is encouraged to become an officer.
William trains hard, leads his men into battle, makes snap decisions, is wounded, captured by the enemy, slapped into solitary confinement, sent to a prisoner-of-war camp on the Eastern Front, starved to within a few inches of his life.
Yet, he returns home after the war a hero and what does he do? — promptly enlists in the Army Reserve.
A classic American story.  I think you will like it.

Steven Burgauer
June 6, 2010
D-Day plus 66 years

Pull Me Close: The Panic Series by Sidney Halston

Pull Me Close: The Panic Series by Sidney Halston

$3.99 on Amazon!

Welcome to Panic, a sultry Miami nightclub where bodies and hearts move to a beat that doesn’t stop at sunrise—the setting for “a magnificent story full of deep emotion” (Sawyer Bennett).

Katherine: I thought I could enjoy a night out like a normal person. I thought I could handle the flashing lights, the pulsing music, the crowded dance floor. I couldn’t have been more wrong. After having an anxiety attack and passing out during my sister’s engagement party at Panic, I wake up in the arms of the hottest guy I’ve ever seen. Nick Moreno’s no gentleman. But he might just be the man I need to help me take control of my life.

Nick: When I hear there’s some random girl passed out in the back room of my family’s South Beach nightclub, I’m pissed. My dad’s already behind bars and we can’t afford any more bad press. But after giving her a lift—literally—back to her apartment, I stop seeing Katherine Wilson as some random girl. She’s gorgeous, vulnerable, and braver than she knows. And when we kiss, all I want to do is pull her close and promise that she’ll always be safe in my arms.

A Night of Forever: A Disgraced Lords Novel (The Disgraced Lords) by Bronwen Evans

A Night of Forever: A Disgraced Lords Novel (The Disgraced Lords) by Bronwen Evans

$4,99 on Amazon!

Distrust is no match for desire as a proper young miss and a self-professed rogue hunt down a murderer in this thrilling Disgraced Lords novel from the USA Today bestselling author of A Kiss of Lies and A Taste of Seduction.

Arend Aubury trusts no one besides his fellow Libertine Scholars. After his family escaped from France, penniless and persecuted, only the Scholars took him in. So when the stepdaughter of the villainess who has been plotting against them approaches Arend with allegations against their enemy, he suspects a double cross. Yet Isobel is a tantalizing prize, with lips as sweet as champagne and skin as creamy as Camembert. Is she a feast for the senses—or a bitter trap?

Lady Isobel Thompson dreams of marrying an honorable gentleman with a spotless reputation, a trait that Arend seems to lack completely. But Isobel believes that her stepmother is responsible for her father’s death, and only Arend has the skills to uncover the truth. As a cover, Arend suggests a fake betrothal—and soon Isobel finds herself forgetting that their courtship is a ploy. He’s so different from the man of her fantasies, and yet he’s so terribly handsome, so dangerously intoxicating—and all Isobel wants is more.

The Balanced Warrior: A fitness guide to achieving the body you have always wanted, discovering your Inner Warrior Spirit, and becoming the Action Superhero of your life - Heidi Moneymaker & Lisa Paul-Newman

The Balanced Warrior: A fitness guide to achieving the body you have always wanted, discovering your Inner Warrior Spirit, and becoming the Action Superhero of your life - Heidi Moneymaker & Lisa Paul-Newman

Free 10/24/2016 - 10/28/2016!

Do you want an amazing body and an abundance of energy but don’t think that you have the time to fit it into your schedule? Learn the secrets to our quick sweats, our quick and simple recipes and our stillness practices that will fit into your calendar and give you the body you have always wanted. Whether you are a single mom of three or a career woman struggling to find time to get your sweat on, this book will give you the tools to create your ideal life with your ideal body so that you can be the superhero of your own life!

Heidi Moneymaker, an actress and one of Hollywood’s most sought-after stuntwomen, and Lisa Paul-Newman, financial officer, fitness personality, and mother of two boys, will show you how to live the life you want with the body you deserve in their new Best Selling book, The Balanced Warrior.

As creators of Fierce Lotus Fitness, Heidi and Lisa are living proof that balancing family, career, health and fitness is not only possible, but empowering! The Balanced Warrior gives you the secrets to living the Fierce Lotus Lifestyle, starting with mastering your Warrior Mind, then teaching you how to add the Fierce Lotus Trinity of nutrition, fitness, and meditation into your hectic schedule to earn the mind and body you have always wanted. Together, Lisa and Heidi have over 30 years’ experience in the fitness world.

Lisa, a fitness model, trainer and group fitness instructor and Heidi, a professional athlete and film fight trainer to some of Hollywood’s top action stars, bring you this innovative guide to complete fitness. Learn what to eat, where to shop on a budget, how to get fitness results despite a tight schedule, and how to master the art of meditation with Fierce Lotus’s recommended stillness techniques.

A must read!

Giants At Play: Finding Wisdom, Courage, And Acceptance To Encounter Your Destiny - Curtis Tyrone Jones

Giants At Play: Finding Wisdom, Courage, And Acceptance To Encounter Your Destiny - Curtis Tyrone Jones

Free 10/24/2016 - 10/28/2016!

A wise woman named Bertice Berry once said, “When you walk with purpose you collide with destiny.” With this in mind, Giants At Play is the opposite of a safety manual, it is rather a dangerous guide to ensure such collisions not only take place but frequent the life of the reader. Part I, “Giants At Play,” is about learning to recognize and courageously encounter the many and ever-accessible giants that passionately live and play among us. In this sense, “giants” can be anything that awakens you to your greatness, destiny, or the unlimited potential that is your life. Ideas, art, mentors, epic novels, movies, philosophies, relationships, spiritual teachers, inventions, meditations, stories, nature, sex, music, gods, and goddesses all flood this world with their magical movements in order to somehow catch our eye and catapult our hearts onto a journey into the sky. In this way, like fireworks our lives bring magnificence, brilliance, and awe to all those within sight. Part II, “A Cure For The Bitter Bones,” is meant to be an ecstasy-inducing elixir for any who’ve grown old, tired, or rigid, having skinned their chin or elbows while participating in the hard game of life. Considering life’s massive let downs and the extreme patience required for the achievement of our goals, self-mastery, and the fulfillment of our destiny, it is a small wonder that we would need such medicinal strong drink for the journey we face. My hope is that together, these two concepts of courageously learning to play among “Giants” and frequently ingesting “A Cure For The Bitter Bones” would help you to find wisdom, courage, and acceptance to encounter your destiny. Live your dream. Order this ebook and "collide with" your dangerous destiny now!

Babylonian Harlot - end times prohecy thriller by Steven Ira

Babylonian Harlot - end times prohecy thriller by Steven Ira

What if the Bible’s prophecies about the end of our age turn out to be literally true?  What might it be like to live in those chaotic times?

That’s what the Daniel Goldman novels are all about—depicting plausible ways in which Biblical end time prophecies might be literally fulfilled.

In Babylonian Harlot Daniel Goldman, one of God’s special servants for the end times, has an assignment: Verify a rumor that the Antichrist plans to rebuild the Jewish Third Temple in Jerusalem.  Daniel needs to understand what this presages about the immediate future—other than war with the Islamic world.

Daniel’s investigation takes him from Rome to Jerusalem to an archeological dig beneath the Temple Mount.  In the process he learns not only about the new temple but that the supernatural power of the Beasts—and especially of the False Prophet—has vastly increased in the two months since he first confronted them. Daniel eventually learns that, because of their new power, the Beasts plan to unleash much more than mere nuclear holocaust upon an unsuspecting world: The Babylonian Mystery Religion is about to be reborn on a world-wide scale.

Most importantly of all, Daniel Goldman learns God has not left him without helpers in his struggle against the Beasts of the Revelation.

Honourable Lies - an Historical Romantic Thriller by Fran Connor

Honourable Lies - an Historical Romantic Thriller by Fran Connor

In this Historical Romantic Thriller, Victoria believes it is better to marry for wealth rather than love. You can't eat love, is her mantra. She's  been poor and now serendipity has elevated her to High Society where she can realize her goal. Along comes wealthy and handsome Richard with whom she falls in love. She can have both love and wealth. But the green worm of jealousy works its way into her and may ruin her hopes. And her past is catching up with her which could lead to the gallows. This gripping page turner will keep you enthralled from beginning to end.

The Fool's Truth - a twisty tale of mystery and suspense by Loretta Marion

The Fool's Truth - a twisty tale of mystery and suspense by Loretta Marion

Loretta Marion's debut novel takes the reader on a reckless detour to backwoods Maine, where many dark secrets lurk. You'll stay up late reading this page-turning, suspense filled tale of a woman on the run.

Cordelia Richmond's dream for a new life with her toddler daughter and a streetwise canine companion named Handsome quickly turns into a nightmare when they become stranded on a secluded farm with a witch-like hermit living off the grid.

Each day seems interminable in the company of the peculiar recluse who begins to come undone by their presence. With no means of communicating with the outside world, the need to escape intensifies but is further complicated when the local sheriff and a nosy reporter start poking around.

Long buried mysteries emerge and Cordelia's appearance is the catalyst for unraveling them, placing her and her daughter in grave danger - and leaving her regretting the trail of lies she left behind.

Polio to Paratrooper - non-fiction by Anne Archer Hogshead Tullidge, Anne Tullidge Bell, Christian Bell

Polio to Paratrooper - non-fiction by Anne Archer Hogshead Tullidge, Anne Tullidge Bell, Christian Bell

George Bowler Tullidge III was an ordinary "All-American" boy who chose to serve his country.  He volunteered for the infantry, was assigned to the 507th PIR, 2nd Battalion, Company G in the 82nd Airborne (fittingly known as the “All Americans”) after completing jump school.  George jumped in the early morning hours of June 6th as part of Operation Overlord.  George was soon to find himself engaged in battle with German forces around the La Fier Bridge near St. Mere Eglise, France.  During the fighting, George was wounded; however, he refused to leave his position as it was critical to success of the mission.  His wound, while certainly not life threatening with today’s medical technology, took his life a few days later.

“…Displaying aggressiveness and unusual courage, Sergeant Tullidge set up a light machine gun and held off the enemy attacks, killing and wounding many of the enemy and causing others to withdraw. Although wounded in the engagement, he refused to withdraw until the enemy had been completely routed from the area….”
- Award of Bronze Star Medal citation
- Posthumously Awarded by General Gavin

This is his story, a boy from a small town in Virginia, who overcame polio, excelled as a swimmer and answered the call to serve his country.  Much of the story is told through letters George exchanged with his mama and family.  After George’s passing, there were many letters from those who knew him as well, this completed a story of a man who touched many lives and gave his to cause of freedom.

Among George’s possessions that fateful day in France was a booklet his mama had given to him.  In that booklet were words of encouragement that she had borrowed from many sources including the Bible. After George's death, his mama published that booklet as "A Paratrooper's Faith".   She devotedly distributed the book to all who asked, including our Armed Forces.  This booklet is still being published today, by George's sister and distributed to all who ask free of charge.

The proceeds from the sale of Polio to Paratrooper will be donated to organizations that support our armed forces.

Sacrament of Penance - a Religious Thriller by Lubos Borik

Sacrament of Penance - a mystery by Lubos Borik

Free on Amazon 10/22/2016!

Could a crime investigation in the Czech Republic lead to uncovering the true reasons of Pope Benedict XVI resignation? It uncovers more. Political thriller based on true story holds the key to another Church cover-up.

Last of the Third - a new-adult, coming-of-age novel by John Lindholm

Last of the Third - a new-adult, coming-of-age novel by John Lindholm

Baseball moves along at its own speed. No clock. No rush.

Plenty of time for introspection.

America's pastime is the backdrop for John Lindholm's debut novel, "Last of the Third."

It's a story of love and loss, of being lost and found, and of forgiveness and fastballs.

The township of Quail is almost completely overrun by suburban sprawl, save the small slice occupied by McMaster Restaurant and Field.

It's up to 22-year-old Shawn McMaster to save his family's---and his town's---way of life as time ticks down toward an improbable deadline.

But Shawn hasn't been seen around Quail, or anywhere, in four years. Luckily, the town eccentric stumbles across Shawn in a grocery store in the middle of the night. But will anybody believe he's really found Shawn?

And even if they do, can Shawn forgive himself for what he did, and return home when Quail needs him more than ever?

With an annual grudge match baseball game telling the story in the final act, "Last of the Third" sprints to its conclusion with all the speed of a September pennant race.

Tupelo Honey - YA/New Adult by Lis Anna-Langston

Tupelo Honey - YA/New Adult by Lis Anna-Langston

$2.99 (regularly $9.99) 10/21/2016 - 10/25/2016!

Publishers Weekly has this to say about TUPELO HONEY.

A humorous, unconventional family yarn about a young girl navigating a hardscrabble upbringing in northern Mississippi. Meet Tupelo Honey. She divinely lays out the framework and quirky intricacies of growing up in a house only “slightly better than an orphanage,” her days spent chattering with imaginary friend Moochi, and navigating sleepovers at her pious, curmudgeonly grandmother Marmalade and mentally unstable Uncle Randall’s ramshackle house. Things change when her mother, a callous, irresponsible junkie, brings home Nash, a paranoid local drug dealer whom Tupelo surprisingly bonds with during treacherous expeditions to New York and Mexico. Through bong smoke-filled hallways at home, the pageantry of kiddie beauty contests, Sunday School, and spying on Nash burying his stockpiles of drug money in the backyard, Tupelo somehow survives. Eventually, her mother replaces Nash with another man who lives in Los Angeles, and a heartbroken Tupelo begins resenting the unsettled nature of her life. After her grandmother dies, child welfare places Tupelo in a group foster home. A loveable, engaging, original voice, Tupelo brightens this accomplished tale of dysfunction in a family where “nothing had ever been right.”

Jelly Beans in Life 2 Trails - a Real Life Fiction by Sig Schmalhofer

Jelly Beans in Life 2 Trails - a Real Life Fiction by Sig Schmalhofer

$5.99 on Amazon 10/21/2016-10/23/2016!

In Jelly Beans in Life 2, ‘Trails’, the author paints a tapestry of emotions; hardy laughs in one scene followed by emotional firestorms in the next. Character interaction is freewheeling, witty and honest. The tale weaves together personal struggles and business challenges; rewarding the reader with clever resolutions; offering conflicts and resolutions that motivate the reader to turn pages. Larry and Susan are again featured in leading rolls much like Spencer Tracy and Katheryn Hepburn. The humor is ‘Seinfeld-esque’. Characters like ‘The Pencil Breaker’ and ‘Socrates’ enrich the story. Frank and Red are again Larry’s hard-nosed mentors. Charlie, the ever loyal companion and Sergeant Pepper, the perceptive stallion, are Larry’s sounding boards. Jelly Beans in Life 2, ‘Trails’ is emotionally charged, evoking compassionate tears, hardy laughs and ear to ear smiles.

Jelly Beans in Life (Book 1) - a Literature and Fiction by Sig Schmalhofer

Jelly Beans in Life (Book 1) - a Literature and Fiction by Sig Schmalhofer

$5.99 on Amazon 10/21/2016-10/23/2016!

Jelly Beans in Life is a well-crafted slice of Americana that takes place in 1987 during a California housing boom. Larry is an ambitious, Ronald Reagan loving, salesman in the plumbing industry who adeptly engineers clever solutions for the challenges that unfold. Susan is a John Lennon loving, left leaning democrat. She cherishes her vintage Corvette, teaching high school and acting as the lightening rod of a small town city council that is wrestling with a housing moratorium. Charlie is the beloved, aging chocolate lab who is the master of the ranch that serves as Larry and Susan Schafer’s home. By staying neutral during the couple’s verbal ping pong matches Charlie is rewarded with left-overs and jelly bean snacks. The captivating story told in an engaging, humorous manner, will inspire the reader to find the jelly beans in their life.

Gil - a Baseball Love by Darin Gibby

Gil - a Baseball Love by Darin Gibby

$0.99 on Amazon 10/21/2016-10/26/2016!

Twenty years before, high school coach Gil Gilbert gave up his dream to play professional baseball so he could marry his pregnant girlfriend, Keri. When he miraculously discovers that he can pitch with deadly accuracy and speed, he must choose between his successful career and comfortable family life or his chance to play with the Colorado Rockies during a player’s strike. Gil stuns the pitching staff with 100 mph fastballs and is offered a contract.

After joining the Rockies, the world soon learns that Gil is a supernatural phenomenon and the Rockies keep winning. But Gil soon faces stiff opposition, including a frivolous lawsuit, a father who feels his son’s calling to pitch is to save souls, and threats from the striking players. As the season progresses, Gil discovers that his unexpected gift is the result of a rare disease, and continuing to pitch may hasten his own death.  While Keri supports his decision to keep playing, she is fearful about her husband’s bizarre health condition.

Gil must decide what price he is willing to pay to live his dream.

The Reputable Rep: Success in Sales and Life - a Business and Skills book by Sig Schmalhofer

The Reputable Rep: Success in Sales and Life - a Business and Skills book by Sig Schmalhofer

$5.99 on Amazon 10/19/16-10/23/16!

“The Reputable Rep is a celebration of the human spirit. The personal stories of survival and success in the business world are a treasure!”

“A motivational tutorial for professionals in the industrial sales business!”

“31 business executives contributed to this groundbreaking masterpiece!”

“An indispensable resource for all manufacturer’s representatives, factory sales people, and distributor sales reps in any industry!”

“A short, easy read that simplifies the complexity of winning in sales and life!”

unBlocked: The Walls Come Tumbling Down - a sports book by Jeff Benson

unBlocked: The Walls Come Tumbling Down - a sports book by Jeff Benson

$0.99 (regularly $9.97) 10/19/2016 - 10/21/2016!

unBlocked, is an instructional read to help any cheer athlete identify the source of their mental block and break through it with a holistic approach. Jeff Benson teaches you how to train your mind and body so that executing complex tumbling moves will become more natural while reducing the risk of injury and improving your success in and outside of the gym.

The Carnival Keepers - a dark fantasy novel by Amber Gulley

The Carnival Keepers - a dark fantasy novel by Amber Gulley

The Carnival Keepers is a fast paced, gruesomely macabre adventure which takes place on the supernatural side of horror in Victorian London. With a whimsical twist on mythology, ghosts and life in general, this novel hopes to entertain, delight, and occasionally disgust its reader.

Hard to Fall: A Take the Fall Novel by Marquita Valentine

Hard to Fall: A Take the Fall Novel by Marquita Valentine

$3.99 on Amazon!

Wedding bells are ringing—and tempers are flaring—as the Take the Fall series continues in this sweet, sexy novel from the bestselling author of After We Fall (“This beautiful story kept me transfixed until the very end.”—Krista Lakes).

As a hardworking, hard-partying firefighter, Hayden Walker values his career and his freedom. But as the eldest son of a U.S. senator, he agreed long ago to follow in his father’s footsteps and run for office, and that means settling down and marrying the picture-perfect wife. Hayden just isn’t ready for that sort of commitment . . . not with women like beautiful, curvy Saylor Dean—the naughty bridesmaid he recognizes the morning after his buddy’s wedding—tempting Hayden to stay single forever.

The unwanted love child of a well-known politician, Saylor has always felt isolated and alone, her only solace the animal shelter she runs in Forrestville. Then she meets Hayden at her best friend’s wedding. During their impulsive and unforgettable night together, Saylor feels desired like never before—only to wake up and find that Hayden doesn’t remember his drunken proposal, or their hasty marriage, or her. But when the truth comes out, Saylor finds it’s a lot harder to fall out of love than in love.

Dream Maker: A Nashville Nights Novel by Erin McCarthy

Dream Maker: A Nashville Nights Novel by Erin McCarthy

$3.99 on Amazon!

The bestselling author of Heart Breaker returns with another sultry Nashville Nights novel of country hits and stolen kisses, as a one-night stand turns into the beginning of an irresistible partnership.

Shane Hart loves the ladies. Like hit records, he can never have too many. Shane swore long ago never to treat a woman the way his abusive father treated his mother, but his traumatic past has kept him from making any solid commitments—even to a fiery redhead like Avery O’Leery. Shane’s happy enough to rescue her from a tight spot, but that’s as far as their connection goes—until their unforgettable liaison has him rethinking his impulse to love ’em and leave ’em.

Avery has big plans: first, shake the dust of small-town Kentucky from her boots; second, become a bona fide songwriter; and third, keep the truth hidden about her birth father  from everyone in Nashville. Nowhere on that list is she supposed to land in bed with a sexy stranger who rescues her off the street at midnight, especially if that stranger is Shane Hart. Avery’s trying not to fall for the dreamy music producer who could make or break her career. But her best-laid plans seem to be no match for a love that feels like destiny.

Top Shelf: An Aces Hockey Novel by Kelly Jamieson

Top Shelf: An Aces Hockey Novel by Kelly Jamieson

$2.99 on Amazon!

Whether it’s a clutch goal or a cocktail, nothing beats “top shelf.” In this novel from the bestselling author of the Heller Brothers Hockey series, a fun-loving jock and an ambitious career woman mix business with pleasure.

Not only is Jared Rupp one of the stars of the NHL’s Chicago Aces, he’s also the owner of the Sin Bin, the after-hours hot spot where the whole team hangs out. Lately, Jared can’t take his eyes off the woman he’s hired to give the Bin a more modern feel: a sexy, sophisticated consultant who has carved out a niche updating drink menus. She’s as passionate about her career as Jared is about hockey—and yet he can’t help wondering what kind of cocktail she really wants.

In her line of work, Sidney Frayne is used to guys hitting on her in bars, but Jared gets her hot enough to burst into flames. When he’s wining and dining her, he’s sophisticated as hell; on the rink, he’s a testosterone-fueled powerhouse. Still, Sidney’s bitter divorce taught her to keep her emotions on ice. With her busy schedule—and Jared’s playboy reputation—she’s not sure she’s ready for a fling. Because if she lets Jared into her bed, she just may have to let him into her heart.

Heaven to Betsy (What Doesn't Kill You, #5): An Emily Romantic Mystery by Pamela Fagan Hutchins

Heaven to Betsy (What Doesn't Kill You, #5): An Emily Romantic Mystery by Pamela Fagan Hutchins

Free on Amazon!

Heaven to Betsy is a romantic mystery about 30-year old Emily— a newly pregnant and recently dumped rodeo queen-turned-paralegal—who tucks tail back to her conservative hometown seeking privacy she doesn’t get. But when she and her enigmatic new boss Jack take the case of an illegal immigrant who is beaten to death in jail, Emily becomes obsessed with finding and protecting the woman’s six-year old daughter, a witness to human trafficking and murder, no matter the cost to herself. 2015 WINNER of the USA Best Book Awards in Cross Genre Fiction!!

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: A Pilots Hockey Novel by Sophia Henry

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: A Pilots Hockey Novel by Sophia Henry

$3.99 on Amazon!

The author of Delayed Penalty returns with the story of a free spirit who believes she’s found forever with a playboy on a singles cruise. Discover why Kelly Jamieson calls the Pilots Hockey series “fun and flirty, warm and sweet.”

Kristen Katsaros wants a life full of adventure and laughter. After a difficult childhood, her motto is to live each day like it’s her last—because it just might be. So when Kristen’s parents send her on a post-grad singles cruise in the Caribbean to meet a Greek husband, she promptly hooks up with the hottest guy she’s ever met. Pasha’s decidedly not Greek, but Kristen gives him a pass because he’s got fun written all over his rock-hard abs.

Pavel Gribov, the cocky playboy of the Detroit Pilots hockey team, can score any girl he wants. But when a teammate drags him on a singles cruise, he can’t resist the chance to help out a drop-dead gorgeous damsel in distress by pretending to be her boyfriend. Before long, the fake fling turns intimate, fueled by something much deeper than lust.

Kristen and Pasha both agree to walk away once the cruise is over, but reality hits like a slap shot when Kristen finds out Pasha lied about everything. Just when she’s ready to start living again, the two stubborn survivors must decide if they can bear to lose the best thing that ever happened to either of them.

A Raven's Heart (Secrets and Spies) by K. C. Bateman

A Raven's Heart (Secrets and Spies) by K. C. Bateman

$3.99 on Amazon!

When a bookish codebreaker and a dashing spy are reunited in this steamy historical romance from the author of To Steal a Heart, their lives depend on their ability to resist temptation. But fate is a mistress who cannot be denied. . . .

In the war against France, Heloise Hampden is a high-value asset to the Crown. She’s cracked the enemy’s most recent communication, and for that, someone is trying to kill her. However, it’s the agent assigned to protect Heloise who poses the greatest threat to her heart: William de l’Isle, Viscount Ravenwood. Heloise has quarreled with the man they call Raven since childhood, yet always maintained a chaste distance. She’s sure nothing will change, thanks to the disfiguring scar on her face. So why is she so enchanted by the sight of Raven’s jet-black hair, rakish smile, and wicked green eyes?

Nothing has changed. Raven still wonders how Hell-cat Hampden’s lithe body would feel pressed against his, but for the mission he must remind himself that the woman takes more pleasure in ancient languages than she does in seduction. His imprisonment six years ago broke him in a way that makes the prospect of love impossible. Still, his heart beats like mad whenever he’s within ten paces of Heloise, and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe—even if that means taking her to Spain as an unwilling hostage. Protecting her from danger will be a challenge; protecting her from desire will be pure agony.

Help for Hysterical Humans Who Hope to Be Happy in Heaven or Here - Spiritual Verses by James Sterngram

Help for Hysterical Humans Who Hope to Be Happy in Heaven or Here - Spiritual Verses by James Sterngram

$0.99 (regularly $4.99) 10/15/2016 - 10/31/2016!

Savor a food-free, nutrient-rich, delectable collection of recipes for making merry in one minute or many. James's voluptuous verses are served in dozens of dense portions piled high to satisfy the appetite of spirit-hungry humans. Ingredients include music, magic, meditation, and humor. Results include laughter, sighs, surprise, and bright eyes.

The Disabled Veteran's Story: The Sacrifices of Our Veterans and Their Families - Biography by Miguel Reece

The Disabled Veteran's Story: The Sacrifices of Our Veterans and Their Families - Biography by Miguel Reece

Free 10/17/2016 - 10/21/2016!


Sacrifice is not just a word—it is a committed act of great value in the line of service to the world. Those who serve and sacrificed deserve our acknowledgement and respect as they continue to be haunted during their recovery and integration into daily living back home. Everyone has a story. This book shares the heartfelt, compelling stories of legendary sacrifices of our veterans and their families from WWII to present. Miguel Reece was urged to share those chapters in our history by veterans, their parents, family members, and the caretakers themselves. They insisted he not allow their sacrifices to ever be forgotten: the spouse who had to start over seven different times following the military member with their daughter who changed schools nine times in twelve years; the shattered dream of one of the first female pilots and her struggles with the glass ceiling; the amazing Bataan death march survivor—a must read; the man who volunteered for the draft as a way out to pave the way for his family; the Marine mother’s struggles with a son with traumatic brain injury; POWs from WWII and Korea—true love stories; an Ohio National Guardsman at Kent State; survivors, fighters, and patriots from Pearl Harbor, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan—All True Stories & Stories For All.

Read On With Respect and Compassion.

Lead-the-Ship: How to Create a Self-Sustaining Business Culture That Drives Growth and Attracts and Motivates Your A-Team by Rebecca Plant

Lead-the-Ship: How to Create a Self-Sustaining Business Culture That Drives Growth and Attracts and Motivates Your A-Team by Rebecca Plant

Free 10/17/2016 - 10/21/2016!

Are you working too many hours? Are your team members useless? Does your business need you in it constantly to grow and prosper? In Lead-the-Ship, husband and wife team Edward and Rebecca Plant talk straight about why you find it hard to get the results you want from your business and those in your employ; and how to get them doing the heavy lifting for you.

The pair, Edward and Rebecca, juggle marriage, children and two business arms and in this book show how 100s of businesses have turned the tables on being slaves to their operation to leaders of their own ultimate experience. Through case studies, stories and dozens of practical tips, they show the way to decision-makers who are trying to figure out how to make more money and get more time off.

This step-by-step guide to freedom from your business teaches:

· How to go from $70,000 a month and 80 hours a week to $150,000 a month and 40 hours a week

· How to create a business culture that drives growth for you

· How to improve your staff performance by 20% in days

· How to create buy-in and build a business rhythm that propels your results

· How to make more money while you're on holidays than you do when you're in the office

The ability to ‘lead-your-ship’, is to influence and motivate other people to move in the direction that you desire.

Match Fit: A Bad Boy Sports Romance by Amélie S. Duncan

Match Fit: A Bad Boy Sports Romance by Amélie S. Duncan

$0.99 (regularly $2.99) 10/11/2016 - 10/18/2016!

Notorious British bad boy footballer Dylan Pierce is scorching hot...and he knows it.

With a mouth as filthy as his reputation, linking myself with him could ruin my public image.

But show business is all about risk, and as a down-on-my-luck actress, this could be the break my career needs.

Lino the Lamp Is Afraid of the Dark - a children's picture book by Sunshine Wong and Illustrated by Nick Barrameda

Lino the Lamp Is Afraid of the Dark - a children's picture book by Sunshine Wong and Illustrated by Nick Barrameda

Free 10/17/2016 - 10/21/2016!

Are you afraid of the dark? Lino the Lamp certainly is!
Follow Lino in his quest to conquer his fear - does he succeed? Or not?

Get to know how Lino overcomes his fear. Lino is a full colour picture book with a bonus advice page from a practising clinical psychiatrist on dealing with children's fear of the dark.

Every night, Lino dreaded the moment he got switched off. He was a lamp, after all, and was not used to being in the dark. So when it’s lights off, Lino started to panic.

“Help! I can't see!”  Lino was on the verge of a panic attack.


“I’m afraid of the dark because there are lots of horrible things that could happen...”

Download our free ebook on Amazon for 5 days only (until 21st October PST)!

Island of the Gods. A Y.A.(16+) Sci-fi adventure by C. M. Kane

Island of the Gods. A Y.A.(16+) Sci-fi adventure by C. M. Kane

A heart stopping adventure where a seventeen year old girl is set on a path from which she may never return. Tae Rames knows she has caused the devastation that engulfs her family. She also knows she's the only one who has a chance to rectify what she did. Follow Tae as she comes to terms with who she is, and who she must become. Rejoice with her as she finds friends and family she never knew she had. Feel her fear, as she faces the very worst of what her world can mete out. Watch Tae as she faces, killers,and hardened warriors, as she fights to carry out her plan.

Welcome to adventure.

Welcome to the Island of the Gods.

Conquering The Front Line Leadership Quest by Chris Mifsud

Conquering The Front Line Leadership Quest by Chris Mifsud

If you’re a leader—or you’re planning to be one—you need to know how to maximize your and your team’s efforts to accomplish your goals. In Conquering the Front Line Leadership Quest, Christopher “Chris” Mifsud teaches you how.

A good leader learns, empowers, appreciates, develops, engages, and respects—LEADER. In this guide, Chris dives deeper into these six qualities and shows you how to cultivate them. Whether you’re a business owner, supervisor, manager, or team leader, his leadership solutions will help you grow your business and prosper in today’s economy.

Conquering the Front Line Leadership Quest doesn’t bore readers with obscure theories. All the techniques included in the guide are drawn from Chris's twenty-five years of experience as a leader. For realistic, actionable advice you can apply to your organization as well as your life, look no further than this easy-to-understand manual.

A Friendly Betrayal by Bambi St.James

A Friendly Betrayal by Bambi St.James

There's nothing wrong with A Friendly Betrayal, but isn't there?
What makes A Betrayal Friendly?

We often intertwine ourselves with people not completely knowing who they are. Often falling in love with potentials and possibilities seeing only the surface of who that person truly is capable of being but what could you do when that’s all they gave. Suddenly you’re left with the feeling of betrayal when you finally see them. Sometimes that sight comes too late, secrets no matter how big or small can have both a lasting and negative affect.

Unlike most women, Kennedy; doctor and clinic co-owner, doesn’t want to talk to anyone about her new love affair. As a matter of fact she works very hard to keep it a secret from everyone. Everyone except her colleague Dr. Brian Grant who’s so in love with her; notices her glow and her daily changes and is more convinced than ever that now is the time to tell Kennedy how he really feels about her but when he finds out who has given her that glow he can’t control neither his anger nor his disdain. Brian couldn’t believe his sweet, innocent and slightly naïve friend was sleeping with a married man whom he along with plenty of others had voted to be mayor of St. Louis, the city in which they both resided.

Jasmine, real estate front runner; buying, renovating and selling homes routinely met plenty of people. Two of those people were Gavin, a brown skinned brother with eyes that changed with his mood. Then there was Jaden; tall, chocolate and dreaded he was something that completely took her by total surprise. Jasmine isn’t someone worried about ending her single status or sharing her life on a daily basis, she doesn’t date other women husbands or boyfriends but she does enjoy sex without attachment. Gavin offers her just that, sex on demand in hotels around the city was right up her alley. Jaden dated and charmed her, eventually worming his way into her heart before her panties. Soon she learns of Gavin’s hidden marital status to a client that only pushes her farther into Jaden, a place where she becomes completely comfortable.