Bittersweet by p.d.r. lindsay

Bittersweet by p.d.r. lindsay

$0.99 (regularly $3.99) 4/19/2017 - 4/23/2017!

Bryce Ackerman returns home from a business trip to Vienna expecting to marry his beloved Aimée. But she is pregnant. This is 1872 and Bryce is a Victorian gentleman who doesn’t believe in sex before marriage.

Aimée is distraught. So-called officers and gentlemen, on leave, visitors and guests in her home, have been making a game of rape. They have been running a competition to see which regiment’s junior officers could rape the most young women in their own homes. Aimée, her mother, Bryce’s mother and sisters carefully seek out the violated girls and women, offering aid and support and Bryce, for personal reasons as well as an outraged sense of the injustice, attempts to chase down the officers.

They have returned to their regiments in India. Bryce follows them intent on revenge for Aimée, and justice for all the victims, but it is no easy task. The officers will do anything to escape retribution and Bryce has to survive in the exotic and erotic atmosphere of India. It is a task which test his own sexuality and his ability to put personal vengeance on one side and secure justice for all.

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