The Fear of the Blow - a gut-wrenching true story by Jena Parks

The Fear of the Blow - a gut-wrenching true story by Jena Parks

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Everyone on the outside looking in thought Jena had it made. The popular pretty girl in high school; prom queen and honor student. How could the girl that everyone envied be hiding such a dark secret? A gut wrenching true story of domestic violence and child abuse that is sure to shock, sadden, outrage and forever change you.

In, The Fear of the Blow, Jena Parks shares her heartbreaking personal story to show how domestic violence devastates entire families, especially the children, and hopes that what she reveals will give new insight on this national epidemic. Each one of us has a responsibility to protect the weakest among us. We must be the voice of the children who are paralyzed by the intense fear that silences their cries for help.

Amazon kindle version synopsis:

Born into a Dark and Secretive World of Domestic Violence

”What kind of life is this you live? Can you remember even one day you didn’t go to bed afraid and wake up afraid?”

These are the words Jena Parks says, looking in the mirror as a child.

Imagine being a child and every day a desperate struggle to survive. This was the life Jena endured from birth until the day she escaped the living nightmare of her father’s abuse.

In The Fear of the Blow, Jena tells her candid personal story of the cruelty, abuse, and terror her father inflicted upon her, her brother, and her mother. She provides an insider perspective on the horrors of domestic violence and child abuse that inform and inspire the reader to help those who struggle.

Unthinkable Horrors - a True-Life Story

From the opening passages, Parks tells us of being witness to spousal abuse as her father would hit and kick her mother. She then begins to recount stories of her father’s “games” in which he would routinely nearly strangle his children.

Verbal and physical beatings were a daily occurrence. Jena lived in terror of her father’s rage, often made worse by his alcoholism.

She tells of the delight he would take in threatening to kill her or her mother.

How Could This Kind of Domestic Abuse Continue Unchallenged?

Parks helps the reader to understand how domestic violence can take root and go unchallenged for years - often until too late.

She reminds us that child abuse, spousal abuse, and domestic violence thrive in silence - and that they form the most secretive and horrific epidemics known today.

It is through educating ourselves about the reality of domestic violence that we can gain insight into the extensive and crippling effects on the children who are born into and raised inside of that dark world. And this empowers us to speak up and take action to help those in need.

The Fear of the Blow is sure to break your heart, open your mind, and inspire courage and faith.

Join the Fight to Raise Awareness

Jena Parks is a committed to raising awareness about the prevalence of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse. She has written The Fear of the Blow in the hope of empowering others to speak up and to find a safe way out before it's too late.

Because Child Abuse and Domestic Violence thrive in the silence please join Jena on her mission to shine a light on this epidemic. The only way we can stop it is to reveal it, to stand up and tell the truth, tell our stories and create real change in a still broken system that traps so many helpless women and children inside this Russian roulette life.

Jena’s experiences expose the extreme cruelty and wickedness of which some are capable, but also points you to the place where one can always find hope and a safe harbor.

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