Not An Accident - mystery by Tampa Tyson

Not An Accident - mystery by Tampa Tyson

While most mysteries center on a murder of an innocent person with the detective potentially being out of the realm, this one does not.  No, not because it’s paranormal, but because there’s no murder.  You may be confused - how can a mystery exist without a murder?

Let me explain.   When I got the idea for this mystery novel, I took inspiration from both the medical field and the realm of mysteries, using a word that you find it both places.  Victim.   You have a “victim” when somebody breaks a bone, cuts themselves, or basically chokes on a hotdog.  But you also have at least one victim when somebody robs a bank, or a scammer gets into some victim’s bank account.

However, as we all experience and hear about these reports enough on news, I didn’t think that that would be thrilling enough.  So instead of putting the victim somewhere different and letting detectives and police officers figure it out,   I made the victim and detective the same person.

This means that the closest I can get to a murder is “an attempted murder.” I will not tell you if that is the case, as that would spoil my story and I want you to enjoy reading it. I will let you know though that instead of calling the villain a murderer,  I will be calling them an “attacker” 

There’s one other thing that makes this novel special. Well, two to be more exact. First,  it’s written in the first person,  and second, there’s an emotional arc. I don’t know how many mysteries have an emotional arc,  but you can be guaranteed that this one will have one.

The eBook and paperback normally sell for 2.99 and 12.95, but I will discount them at certain intervals throughout each year. I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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