The Phoenix Series Books 1-4 (The Phoenix Series) - Thriller by Ted Tayler

The Phoenix Series Books 1-4 (The Phoenix Series) - Thriller author Ted Tayler

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"Riveting and action-packed. Very plausible story lines. Good character development. Looking forward to more books from The Phoenix Series." 

This early review sums up what I was aiming for with this box set. Life is all about balance; good and evil, laughter and tears, and the whole series tries to demonstrate how a secret organization could redress the balance where the system fails to give the victims closure, or justice, and criminals walk free. The main character, The Phoenix was the anti-hero in my first two novels that preceded the series. Why did I continue to write about him? There were so many stories to choose from in the headlines that it was too good a chance to miss. The Phoenix is a vigilante killer. Well, aren't there days when you wish you could right a wrong, redress the balance?

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