The Martyr's Blade - an epic fantasy by Joel Manners

The Martyr's Blade - an epic fantasy by Joel Manners

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Ten corpses lie amidst the ruins of a desecrated temple, laid across the ash-flecked floor in a brutal spiral of torn flesh and jagged, bloody markings.

Lord Bradon has seen death before, a hundred times over, across the battlefields of a dozen wars, and why should this new war be any different?  He has marched an army into these remote, icy hinterlands to bring steel justice to those preying on the villages scattered across the foothills of the High Fells, and when steel is drawn, blood will flow.

Wyn has never seen death like this before.  Not in years of stealing silver on the streets of Kuray, not in years of stealing secrets in the manors of the mighty.  But where there’s death it’s always the helpless who are left carved up and cold on the stone, and Wyn knows that she’s the one who will kill whatever murdering son-of- a-bitch is responsible.  Why should this time be any different?

The wizard Karsha Hali knows many stories about death, but these deaths are a disquieting echo of a tale he’d hoped had been mere myth.  Steel proved too weak in the age of legend, and why should this new story be any different?  But Karsha has also heard the whisper of another story, a rumor of someone who carries a legend at her side.

Danielle d’Lavandou was taught about death like this.  To watch for it, to guard against it, to prepare for the return of those who worship it.  For a thousand years, Danielle’s family has protected the Martyr’s Blade, hoping it would never be needed again.  The last time it was drawn, her ancestor died wielding it.  Danielle can only hope this time is different.

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