The Stone Thread Second Chronicle - Science Fiction by J R Evangelisti

The Stone Thread Second Chronicle - Science Fiction by J R Evangelisti

Exit transporter, spectroscopes, aspirators, inky ill-defined shadows prowling, patrolled fortress, automatons, in this harrowing tale of survival in a post-apocalyptic dystopia thriller.

It is 3000 AD….and after the Great War that ravaged Earth what became known as G.L. came into existence and protected those that survived. G.L. had many rules to follow and one rule was simple enough: “It is forbidden to discuss anything from the past, prior to or after the Great War as the violation for doing so is punishable by death.” Yet somewhere in the new world order, hushed voices secretly continue to discuss earlier centuries history and four words were passed on…”The sky rained stones.” No one understood the importance of these words, but the words seemed to have embodied hope.

In this dark future, tough law Enforcement Officer Cryton a detective first class, struggles to survive each day and trusts no one. He is brought in by G.L. to solve a mystery by the organization that controls New York City and the World Council for Scientific Development. He will meet Marsha, a tough femme fatale with many secrets, who ultimately could bring disaster to a man who becomes involved with her.

In this mystery the readers will ask questions, think critically, and find themselves immersed in emotion in this look into the future. (Part two of The Stone Thread series)

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