Vindication - a gripping military science-fiction by Kenneth Wolfson

Vindication - a gripping military science-fiction book promotion Kenneth Wolfson

Commander Adrian Huxton thought he could retire.

All he wanted was to be a father, to live in peace in the galaxy he shed his own blood to defend.

A new prophet had other ideas, and launched a crusade that turned brother against brother, shattering the United Systems.

Now Adrian is adrift in his damaged supercarrier, light years from his daughter and friendly lines. His only chance of survival is to rally his demoralized crew and lead them back into the fight. It’s a nearly impossible task, but nothing will stop him from saving her.

God might be on the enemy’s side, but there is no fury like a parent whose child is endangered, and no parent has fury like Adrian Huxton.

Read Vindication today, and learn what it takes to win an impossible war for the people you love.

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