The Persistence of Memory Book 2 - a contemporary fantasy romance by Karen Janowsky

The Persistence of Memory Book 2 - a contemporary fantasy romance book promotion Karen Janowsky

Love is hard, even for superheroes.

Daniel has been fighting other people's battles all his adult life. Nina was created to wage holy war. They've never known any other life. Now, they've fallen in love...again. With their restored memories has come greater danger to themselves and to the world. They aren't sure who the enemy is or what they want, but powerful, evil creatures are attacking all around the world to get to the couple.

As Nina and Daniel negotiate what it means to be in love, the mystery behind a secretive society deepens, and the safety of the entire world is at stake. Sacrifices must be made, and time is running out.

War and Money: Book One by Sofia Diana Gabel

War and Money: Book One promotion Sofia Diana Gabel

This book is on sale on Amazon for $2.99 (regularly $3.99) 3/25/2019 - 4/5/2019!

Dax is only 15 years' old and newly recruited into the Global Forces to fight the Piltrak and Katarga aliens. She doesn't want to be a soldier, taken from her parents, never to see them again, but she has no choice. Soon she discovers a terrible secret about the never-ending alien wars, and she has to reveal the truth before she’s killed at the hands of her own people. With her new squad of friends, a stolen fighter ship, and an alien ally, she’ll spread the word or die trying.

Capture Me - a steamy alien romance by Anna Zaires

Capture Me - thrilling romantic suspense by Anna Zaires

This book is free on Amazon on 3/26/2019!

"This spin-off from Anna Zaires's intensely compelling "Twist Me" series more than lives up to its predecessor. Lucas and Yulia's story is blazing hot, captivating, and fast-paced. The characters are deeply real. Their passion for each other is both believable and darkly dangerous. I can't wait for more!" 

- Josie Litton, New York Times Bestselling Author

Passport to Heavenly Eternal Life - book by Camilo Graza

Passport to Heavenly Eternal Life free book promotion Camilo Graza

Free book promotion on Amazon 3/25/2019 - 3/29/2019!


This book reveals the purpose of God in creating this vast universe including humankind. He created us as His masterpiece for His glory. But we transgressed and become unfit to serve Him. Although our sins are red as crimson, it still can become white as snow. God expects a complete surrender of our lives to Him, by refraining from our misdeeds and follow the footsteps of His son Jesus Christ, who shed His blood and died for us in the cross. God did not just create us for nothing but had adopted us His children, as the Bible says: "The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God's children. Now if we are children, then we are heirs-heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share His sufferings in order that we may also share His glory." Romans 8:16-17. The Bible further says; "He who overcomes will inherit all this, and I will be his God and he will be my son." Revelation 21:7; and He said, "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me." Matthew 18:3-5.

The Lehman Diaries - a firsthand tale on the final months of Lehman Brothers - book by Willy Babbit

The Lehman Diaries - a firsthand tale on the final months of Lehman Brothers free book promotion Willy Babbit

Free book promotion on Amazon 3/25/2019 - 3/29/2019!

As more and more employees flooded towards the exit, and the stock of Lehman Brothers made its way towards the gutter, one man was there to witness the bank's final descent into the abyss. This is a firsthand account from the point of view of a guy at the bottom of the totem pole, a lowly analyst named Willy Babbit.

Texas Summer - passion and suspense by Leslie Hachtel

Texas Summer - passion and suspense book promotion service Leslie Hachtel

Wylie Nichols is stranded in a small Texas town. What he didn't imagine is what waits for him. There is murder, greed, passion. But most of all, there is Kennedy. The woman that is about to turn his world upside down.

Princess of Sky, Earth, Fire and Water - a fantasy romance book by Cassandra Finnerty

Princess of Sky, Earth, Fire and Water - a fantasy romance discount book promotion Cassandra Finnerty

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $1.99) 3/20/2019 - 3/26/2019!

In 1772, amidst the ancient ruins and standing stones of western Ireland, a young woman inherits an army, a fleet of ships, and special powers. 

To keep her magic, she journeys to the East Kingdom and meets her greatest challenge -- a warrior prince whose love threatens to destroy them both. 

Together, they face ruthless enemies and royal intrigue, fighting for survival and a chance for enduring love.

Vex: Mythical Ink Series 1: A Paranormal Demon book by LS Anders

Vex: Mythical Ink Series 1: A Paranormal Demon book promotion service LS Anders

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 3/20/2019 - 3/24/2019!

When no good deed goes unpunished, Vex finds himself cast out of Netherworld. The demon's desire to return ends with a beautiful fairy that captures his heart, but Hell has other plans for this unlikely pair. When unseen forces rip them apart, there is nothing in this realm or the next that can keep them from each other.

Tightrope - book by Sue Batchelor

Tightrope - book promotion site Sue Batchelor

I was a single parent for many years, and along the way discovered that the most important thing in life to me, is being a mum.

Having battled low self esteem throughout most of my life, I found I could express myself through writing poetry. I have always enjoyed writing and now feel ready to share some of that with others.

This book covers my life experiences, thoughts and feelings, in poem form. It deals with topics such as self esteem, death and marriage, with a bit of humour added in too.

I strongly believe our childhood shapes us and our whole future. I am passionate about good parenting.

It can be difficult at times, but we have to try and get it right. It’s a balance. Like walking a tightrope.

I hope you will enjoy my book, as there is something in here for everyone.

Love Hard - an adult contemporary romance book by Barbara Justice

Love Hard - an adult contemporary romance book promotion service Barbara Justice

Have you ever fantasized about what it would be like to fall in love with a famous musician?

Love Hard takes the reader on a steamy trip from Nashville to the Hamptons, on tour buses and private jets, testing the limits of love, obsession and jealousy.

When Meg Novak's best friend invites her to go backstage at a concert by the Johnson Bishop Band, she never dreams that she'll catch the eye of Sky Johnson, the band's hot lead singer with a bad-boy reputation.  To her surprise, Sky asks Meg to join him at the band's after-party later that evening.  When they spend the night talking, Sky takes Meg’s number and promises to call her, but never does. Just when she begins to lose hope, a motorcycle accident reunites them, and sparks fly.  In spite of Sky's flirting and attempts at seduction, an unusual arrangement requires Meg to keep Sky at arm's length.  But once they give in to their desire, a delusional fan puts lives in danger when she decides she wants Sky to herself.
“Work hard, play hard” is Sky’s life motto.  Can he learn how to love hard?

Add THIS to Your Plate! : Mastering the Essentials in Cooking, Nutrition, and Fitness for the New and Seasoned Mom - book by Danielle Formaro

Add THIS to Your Plate Mastering the Essentials in Cooking, Nutrition, and Fitness for the New and Seasoned Mom - free book promotion Danielle Formaro

Free book promotion on Amazon 3/18/2019 - 3/22/2019!

Moms are constantly piling new things to their plates; if not in their minds, then literally on our plates—hence the dreaded mommy weight gain! As their to-do lists continue to grow, they always (somehow) find a way to add even MORE to their smorgasbord of STUFF. It just never ends.

Once upon a time, it was enough that women ran the household and raised the children—now they have added so much more to their plates. Women now have more roles than a French bakery! 

Juggling it all can be tough, but if you have the right recipe for success, you will be able to juggle it all. Add THIS To Your Plate offers the new mom solutions on how to handle it all.

It provides over 100 healthy recipes , half dedicated to baby and the other half dedicated to the rest of the family. The baby recipes start at ages 4-6 months and continue to grow in age until baby reaches age one. Recipes for the baby’s plate start with baby’s first cereals, purees, mixed purees, and then end with exciting and flavorful chunky style meals. Once the recipes reach 12 months of age, baby can then enjoy the next 50 recipes created for the whole family. Family recipes are classic recipes we have all grown up to love, but lightened up to add more nutritional value and also aid in weight management. 

All recipes have a nutrition based or fun fact to creating for some interesting conversation starters during meal time.

Add THIS To Your Plate also educates new moms on kitchen basics, covering basic tools and appliances, pots and pans, and even common culinary jargon. Mom will also learn the importance of cooking with the appropriate oils, how to take meat temperatures for a perfect roast, and how to follow important safety tips in the kitchen.

Along with learning how be a chef successful chef in her own kitchen, mom will also have the opportunity to do a giver herself a little attention by reading useful topics on effective time management, personal development, nutrition, meal prepping and planning, and weight loss. She will even be provided with sample meals plans to assist her even further.

Add THIS To Your Plate is a one stop shop for new mom’s overwhelmed with where to begin in this new journey called Motherhood. In no time the inexperienced cook will become a chef, and the frazzled new mom will feel confident as she jumps back into the saddle again. Meal plans and how to calculate your caloric baseline for weight loss and maintenance in also included!

Perfectly Imperfect: Break Through the Shame, Silence, and Self-Doubt - book by Erica Wilkerson

Perfectly Imperfect: Break Through the Shame, Silence, and Self-Doubt - free book promotion Erica Wilkerson

Free book promotion on Amazon 3/18/2019 - 3/22/2019!

Permission granted! The time has come for you to show up for yourself, to be as great to yourself as you are to others. This is a journey of self-love, finding the authentic self.

Three simple steps Be, Know, and Do will guide you back to who you were before life drowned you out and you became last on the list. You will be given actionable self-care guidelines and daily affirmations to reinforce a new mindset. You will be taken on an emotional rollercoaster ride in order to feel like yourself again. Most of all you will walk away feeling empowered.

Also included is a special bonus exercise that will help you discover new ways to show yourself some love.

Trudy Hicks Ghost Hunter Case one - The Deceit - a gripping paranormal book by Lori Zaremba

Trudy Hicks Ghost Hunter Case one - The Deceit - a gripping paranormal book promotion service Lori Zaremba

Former Pittsburgh Police officer Trudy Hicks has a new line of work, Ghost Hunting!  Trudy isn’t accepting cases to prove that ghosts exist, she knows they do! In fact, the first time she laid eyes on an apparition; she pulled out her gun and shot a hole through the side of her squad car.

Her mission is to discover why these spirits are in unrest! Following the evidence and partnering with esteemed Police Psychic and Clairvoyant Dana McCoy, to solve each cold case, and help these troubled spirits to rest in peace.

When Trudy lands her first big case with a makeshift team of investigators, she heads to a mansion on the Chicago Gold Coast. The home is being haunted by a previous resident Vanessa Holland: a wealthy socialite who lived there until she accidentally fell to her death in 1927.

Upon arriving, Trudy learns that she has to share the investigation with sexy as hell, surveillance guru Jason Young, whose sole purpose is to debunk the chaos in the home as anything but ghostly.

Trudy soon realizes that she may be in way over her head. The ghosts are becoming violent, the team is overwhelmed, and the sexual tension reaches a boiling point as Jason charms his way into her bed and her heart. Trudy must keep her focus on the case as the evidence, psychic journeys and spirit interaction, take them back to the opulent 1920's-where it will be revealed that Vanessa Holland’s life was riddled with love complications and that her death wasn't quite the accident that it seemed.

Can this tough ex-cop help these heartbroken souls cross over -or will her own tender heart be broken in the process.

Free Falling - thriller book by Susan Kiernan-Lewis

Free Falling - thriller free book promotion Susan Kiernan-Lewis

This book is free on Amazon!

A fun family vacation turns into an apocalyptic nightmare when a couple and their young son find themselves trapped in the Irish countryside during an international crisis. With all contact outside the country gone, all electricity and all except horse-powered vehicles useless and desperate bands of outlaws roaming the Emerald Isle, the time has come for one soft American family to reach deep within for the reserve of brains and courage to survive.

The Persistence of Memory Book 1 - a contemporary fantasy romance by Karen Janowsky

The Persistence of Memory Book 1 - a contemporary fantasy romance book promotion site Karen Janowskyéjà-Vu-ebook/dp/B07P5GF4FH

When superheroes fall in love, anything can happen.

Book One of this superhero  trilogy sends takes readers on a journey of fast-paced action and romance. Born into the early twentieth century, Daniel Hecht, Lionheart, the American war hero who is unable to escape his heroism even into the modern world, has no memory of several decades missing from his life. A stranger in his own body, he leads an underground group of superpowered misfits in the twenty-first century.

After a new recruit, Nina Asher who has no recollection of her past joins the group, Daniel finds himself strangely attracted to her. Before long, she becomes the target of a group of vicious creatures who want to unsettle the world. As she and Daniel work to unlock a cryptic, ancient myth, they start experiencing strange flashbacks.

To save the world, they must recollect the memories of their earlier life. As they fall in love, Nina’s troubled past come to haunt them. Readers will experience heightened tension in this first installment of the fantasy romance series as shocking mystery unfolds, leading to a heartfelt climax.

The Thought Readers (Mind Dimensions Book 1) - new series about mind readers from a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Dima Zales

The Thought Readers - thrilling urban fantasy free book promotion Dima Zales

Free book promotion on Amazon on 3/15/2019!

Everyone thinks I’m a genius.

Everyone is wrong.

Sure, I finished Harvard at eighteen and now make crazy money at a hedge fund. But that’s not because I’m unusually smart or hard-working.

It’s because I cheat.

You see, I have a unique ability. I can go outside time into my own personal version of reality—the place I call “the Quiet”—where I can explore my surroundings while the rest of the world stands still.

I thought I was the only one who could do this—until I met her.

My name is Darren, and this is how I learned that I’m a Reader.

Serita's Shelf Life - a novel of Psychological Suspense by Ann Minnett

Serita's Shelf Life - a novel of Psychological Suspense free book promotion service Ann Minnett

Free book promotion on Amazon on 3/13/2019!

Serita is a 55-year-old woman with bipolar disorder who goes off her meds to become a more interesting person and find true love. The vivacious redhead charms all who meet her. Effects of mania and medication withdrawal exhilarate her, but her joy is tempered by increasingly erratic behavior. The day Serita finds true love, a crisis threatens her job, relationships, and eventually her life. Serita knows she must resume her meds to stabilize her thoughts and behavior to survive, but she despairs at becoming emotionally blunted again. If she can postpone taking meds just a little longer, she might be able to save the day and savor true love.

Savant, Feral & Seer: The First 3 Books in the Luminether Epic Fantasy Series by Richard Denoncourt

Savant, Feral & Seer: The First 3 Books in the Luminether Epic Fantasy Series book promotion service Richard Denoncourt

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $9.99) 3/4/2019 - 3/15/2019!

When a teenage sorcerer is transported from the human world into The Land of the Gods, an epic adventure begins...

The last demigods will soon be extinct, unless Milo Banks can tap into a power of legend he never knew he possessed...

Milo Banks thought he was a regular nerdy kid from New Jersey, until the day he launched a fireball to save his twin sister's life.

Since then, nothing has been the same. After finding out his parents are demigods from another world - and then watching them die - Milo becomes trapped in Astros, a realm where horses can fly, people can shapeshift into animals, and Herculean warriors can punch through concrete walls.

...and where demigod sorcerers like Milo are hunted.

The enemies that killed his parents are coming for him, and only by banding together with a ragtag group of gifted orphans can Milo hope to survive and make contact with a secret army once built by his parents to protect the world, an army desperately in need of a leader...

If you're a fan of heroes like Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, and Percy Jackson, then cross dimensions into the techno-magical world of Luminether. See why fans describe Milo, Emma, and their gifted orphan friends as "unique" and "unforgettable," and the world of Astros as "unlike any other."

Where the Wildflowers Grow - a southern tale of lust and longing, book by Vera Jane Cook

Where the Wildflowers Grow - a southern tale of lust and longing, book promotion service Vera Jane Cook

Lust, longing and mystery in this southern fiction drama.Rose Cassidy's fantasy life is a haunting reminder that she's living a lie. So when she has the opportunity to act on those fantasies, she dives in without any thought to consequences.

Rose's husband, Ryan, has fantasies of his own, and his actions cause unimaginable pain to the very children he tries so hard to protect. When the happiness each member of the Cassidy family seeks so desperately to find is shattered by shame, guilt, and ultimately murder, they must each face the truth that lies deep within their souls.

The Kacy Chronicles: The Complete Series - a portal-fantasy book series written for anyone who has ever wished for wings by AL Knorr & Martha Carr

The Kacy Chronicles: The Complete Series - a portal-fantasy book series written for anyone who has ever wished for wings by AL Knorr & Martha Carr

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $9.99) 3/9/2019 - 3/13/2019!

When your mother disappears without a trace it carves a gash that bleeds a long time. Jordan has never given up hope that her mother is alive. So when Jordan's old nanny shows up with a mysterious locket containing a portrait of Jordan's mother, Jordan believes her hope was not in vain.

When the locket opens a portal to an alternate universe and a stranger hurtles through to earth, it's not her first clue that something very strange is at play.

Teaming up with Sol, a disgruntled courier who's lost his wings, Toth, a hardened aerial mercenary, and Eohne, a brilliant Elven magician-inventor, Jordan embarks on a haphazard quest. Facing off with interfering barmaids, terrifying harpies, and a wicked Prince with plans to destroy an entire nation is only the beginning.

Can Jordan find her mother and learn the truth about her disappearance? What happens when Jordan learns she is not who she thinks she is?

The Real Estate Foundation: How You Can Change the Game to Build Your Dream Real Estate Business, a book by Mike Barbanica

The Real Estate Foundation: How You Can Change the Game to Build Your Dream Real Estate Business, free book promotion service Mike Barbanica

Free book promotion on Amazon 3/11/2019 - 3/15/2019!

Building a business the right way in real estate is not as easy as it looks. This book will help you build a foundation within your business and provide the necessary information to grow and develop clients while understanding your next steps. The book is designed for anybody that wants to build a successful career in real estate regardless of their experience level. Additionally, the book provides a pathway for building a strong foundation that will serve you for many years to come while allowing you to select individual chapters to help in areas where you might have discovered weakness in your business.

The second half of the book is dedicated to broker/owners or those who are thinking of taking this career path. It will help you understand your duties and the importance of stepping out of the agent role and into that of a leadership position within your own company. The reader will find that the role of a broker/owner is quite different than that of an agent. Regardless, if you are considering becoming a broker/owner or have been one for years, you will very clearly understand how to properly build a foundation for running your own company and if you follow these simple steps, you will have an opportunity to continue growth for many years to come.

Final Year - a New Adult Romantic Suspense book by MJ Moores

Final Year - a New Adult Romantic Suspense book promotion service MJ Moores

This book is on sale on Amazon for $2.99 (regularly $5.99) 3/2/2019 - 3/31/2019!

In the final year of university everything comes down to the wire - your big thesis, your major assignment, the grades that will determine where you go next and what you will do after graduation.

For Beth that means a killer sociology essay and making summa cum laude.

For Jeremy that means a foolproof final chem project to earn him a coveted Masters position.

But when Jeremy's not-so-theoretical experiment goes missing during a school-wide evacuation, he has only one person to turn to. Can he trust the skittish girl who might be using him to prove her thesis to help find his project before a rival frames him for domestic terrorism?

Final Year is a fast-paced romantic suspense with twists around every corner.

Covert Dreams - an international suspense thriller - a book by Michael Meyer

Covert Dreams - an international suspense thriller - book promotion service Michael Meyer

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 3/6/2019 - 3/12/2019!

B.J. is having a vivid, recurring dream about Dabbie, a woman he has never met, in Munich, a city where he's never been. Everyone assures him that it doesn't mean anything, but he knows and we know that it does. Meanwhile, in Saudi Arabia, a man is going crazy looking for his wife who has disappeared. But all the records show that she never existed and everyone assumes that he is indeed crazy. A diplomat in an Athens hospital has some incriminating knowledge but because of his head trauma, again, no one believes him.

We know it all ties together with a brutal murder in Munich in 1984, but how?

Close Liaisons (The Krinar Chronicles Book 1) - an alien meets human love story by an NYT Bestselling Author Anna Zaires

Close Liaisons - a romantic suspense free book promotion Anna Zaires

Free book promotion on Amazon on 3/9/2019!

In the near future, the Krinar rule the Earth. An advanced race from another galaxy, they are still a mystery to us—and we are completely at their mercy.

How far would you go to regain your freedom? How much would you sacrifice to help your people? What choice will you make when you begin to fall for your enemy?

Vindication - a Military Science Fiction book by Ken Wolfson

Vindication - a gripping military science-fiction book promotion Kenneth Wolfson

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 3/9/2019 - 3/16/2019!

Commander Adrian Huxton thought he could retire, the first lowborn to command a mighty supercarrier.

He thought he could be a father in peace.

He thought the United Systems he bled to defend would last without him.

Instead, Emoche Hulle, a man claiming to be a prophet with his ear to god, launches a massive uprising that shatters the Systems in two. Adrian is betrayed by his friends and assaulted on all sides in a whirling space battle. He's left adrift in his damaged supercarrier, Vindication, light years from his daughter and home.

In the far future, monsters roam the depths of space. Adrian isn't one of them, he's only human. Yet he's a veteran soldier and a father, and it will take all of his skill to save himself and his daughter. He needs to rally his demoralized crew and lead Vindication back into the fight against former friends, and new enemies alike.

He may have met his match. Emoche may or may not be a prophet with divine power at his back, but that doesn't matter. Adrian's job is to protect the Systems and save his daughter, and if he must take on the greatest army ever assembled, he will do so. For no one has fury like a parent whose child is in danger, and no parent has fury like Adrian Huxton.

Armadas clash in the depths of space, long after all memory of earth has been lost.

The Ordinary Doll - a book by Mario Kiefer

The Ordinary Doll - book promotion service Mario Kiefer

An innocent girl, Luciana, was at the wrong place at the wrong time, when the man who was out for revenge shot blindly into her home. Will the bullet that severed her spine also fracture her mind? Will the monster that took her legs, also take her spirit? Or, will she learn to overcome her demons?

She Speaks - Short Stories by Indian Women around the World

She Speaks - Short Stories by Indian Women around the World book promotion service

This collection of short stories offers a fresh perspective of the global Indian experience in the 21st century, as seen through women's eyes. Here you will find stories written by women living and working in India, as well as stories written by those who live across the world, in places as far-flung as the United States of America, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Indonesia and New Zealand amongst others. The stories speak of love, of anger, of sorrow, of desire as well as hope. They give voice to ideas of displacement and the art of making anew in unfamiliar spaces. Proudly and defiantly multicultural, these stories do not shirk away from disquieting themes which challenge the status quo and shine a light on social currents and topics which straddle the collision of idealism and reality. Everything, from the quest for emancipation to the looming threat of female feticide to the stories of the every woman, as she asserts her identity in a new land to the stories of women who use their pasts to write their presents and even the story of those who have been affected by a hidden exodus. Every such tale has found a home within these pages. While many of these stories fall into the genre regarded as contemporary fiction, others are fine examples of sci-fi while yet others still, retell the tales of figures from mythology, reimagining them as they negotiate the trials and turbulences of modern life. These stories will resonate with every reader keen to support the voices of women more often written about, than writing.

Walking The Razor's Edge: The Dutchman and The Baron - book by Tommy & Hilde Wilkens

Walking The Razor's Edge: The Dutchman and The Baron - book promotion service by Tommy & Hilde Wilkens

Walking The Razor's Edge  The Dutchman & The Baron is a riveting true story that will step by step unfold the story of journalist Willem Oltmans and his life and his journalistic work concerning George de Mohrenschildt and his friendship with Lee Harvey Oswald accused assassin of President John F. Kennedy.

Andromeda Rising - a Military Sci-Fi Adventure book by Jay Allan

Andromeda Rising - a Military Sci-Fi Adventure book discount promotion by Jay Allan

This book is on sale on Amazon for $2.99 (regularly $4.99) 3/4/2019 - 3/12/2019!

The Andromeda Chronicles is a new trilogy set in the Blood on the Stars universe by Jay Allan. Get book 1 just launched on Amazon at the special release price of $2.99.

Falling for Centerfield - Swoony Sports Romance book by Sophia Summers

Falling for Centerfield - Swoony Sports Romance book promotion site Sophia Summers

Six guys drafted into the majors of our college.

Cole Hunter, larger than life, handsome athlete meets Harlow Ember, fiery journalist.

Will her hurts from the past and the secrets he hides work in their favor or end things before they can even begin?

Position for 'I Do' : How God Delivers Mr. Right into Your Life When You Live with Power and Purpose - book by Chengi Tobun

Position for I Do' How God Delivers Mr. Right into Your Life When You Live with Power and Purpose - free book promotion Chengi Tobun

Free book promotion on Amazon 3/4/2019 - 3/8/2019!

Position for 'I Do' is a conversation between women and God about internal processes and mindsets that will deliver the man they dream of in their lives. This book explores the role of a woman in a man's life, the different types of men a woman must look out for and who she needs to be to attract the man of her dreams.

Chengi delves into the dating concerns of women from all over the world, teaches about attraction the way God intended, gives practical tips on how a woman can position herself to be noticed by the man she identifies as a potential mate in order to begin her vetting and selection process.

The author explores the concept of hiding to be found and challenges the status quo on the messages that are given to women about finding love and attraction. She teaches the erroneous positions women take internally and externally that lead them into vulnerable situations.

Position for I Do gives a much bigger view of Kingdom priorities and the part destiny plays with purpose in marriage. The ability for a woman to position herself in a powerful position aligns her with purpose and purpose can only resource her with what she needs to accomplish purpose and part of that resource is a mate.

This book will unfold many mysteries and explain singleness and men from a deep revelatory position that will change a woman's paradigm of dating forever and for the best.

Preaching to Empty Seats: Over One Hundred Steps to Fill God's House with People, Power, and Praise - book by Dr. C. Dexter Wise III

Preaching to Empty Seats: Over One Hundred Steps to Fill God's House with People, Power, and Praise free book promotion Dr. C. Dexter Wise III

Free book promotion on Amazon 3/4/2019 - 3/8/2019!

An epidemic of empty seats has broken out in churches all across America. It has infected storefront churches on side streets, mainline churches on Broad St., and suburban mega ministries sprawling across multiple streets. Every Sunday, virtually everywhere, preachers are forced to stand in the pulpit and preach to empty seats.

What is the cause of this condition? Who are the characters responsible for this condition? What is the cure for this condition? The present powerful and insightful book by Dr. C. Dexter Wise III addresses this issue by first identifying nine key contributors to the rise and prevalence of empty seats in our sanctuaries. Then, secondly, he offers more than 100 concrete practical church growth steps which local churches can take to fill those empty seats with people on fire for the Lord.

The Variant Saga Box Set - Sci-Fi by JN Chaney

The Variant Saga Box Set - Sci-Fi book promotion service JN Chaney

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $9.99) 3/3/2019 - 3/5/2019!

The Variant Saga boxset includes all four books in the series.

1300+ pages. 1,000+ five-star reviews. Find out why people are so intrigued by this thrilling dystopian, science fiction epic. You won't believe the twists and turns this saga takes!

Up To You: Thailand & The Naughty Nightlife of Pattaya by Doctor Hoi & Go-Go Gonzo

Up To You: Thailand & The Naughty Nightlife of Pattaya book promotion service Doctor Hoi & Go-Go Gonzo

Those depressions of the winter that one hears about – one might even suffer from them. These can be suppressed, maybe even cured, with a trip to Thailand. It is amazing what a dose of sunshine does for the body and soul. The Doc and Go-Go want you to read this book as a rough guide only. They very much want you to enjoy Thailand – particularly Pattaya – without making the same mistakes they have. They want to give you an idea of what to expect, particularly in the minefield that is the naughty nightlife scene. However, nothing in this book will prepare you for the visual treats, smells, tastes, sounds of Thailand. It is best to just do it and take the plunge. All of the stories and anecdotes in this book are true and accurate to the best of Go-Go and Doc’s recollection.