Bayou Easter - a hilarious Miss Fortune World short story book by Riley Blake

Bayou Easter - a hilarious Miss Fortune World short story book promotion by Riley Blake

5 Stars:  A Laugh a Minute....Debbie G. Amazon Reviewer

The Bayou Cozy Romantic Thrills short story series is best followed by readers who have already read the first two novels in the original Miss Fortune series created and written by Jana DeLeon. These short installments include characters introduced in Louisiana Longshot and Lethal Bayou Beauty.


In the middle of stress and tension, Ally said, “I hate to run but Francine is counting on me to lock up.”

“Wish you’d stay,” I said.

“Next time.” She opened the backdoor. “Carter go easy on them. See you tomorrow!”

“Be safe out there,” Carter said, turning to us after she left. “So now you’ve recruited Ally, too? That doesn’t surprise me. At least I know where to find her if we need a headcount.” 

“Why would you need one?” Ida Belle asked curiously.

“There could be some trouble.”

“Over in Wasteland?” Gertie asked.

 “No, Hebert. He’s here on official police business on behalf of L.A. County.”

“Don’t get snippy with me,” she said, turning to Carter with a more disconcerted look. “What’s the matter?”

Carter lifted his head and sniffed. “Do I smell chocolate cake?”

“Yes, Carter, you do,” Ida Belle said sardonically.

“You’re baking now?” He looked at me. “Since when?” 

Gertie laughed. “Fortune can’t take credit for Ally’s cake.”

“Ha! Really? You thought Fortune was baking?” Ida Belle laughed like she’d never heard anything quite so funny. “When Fortune’s in the kitchen, it’s like stepping into a combat zone. You never know what weapons you’ll need, but you’re praying she doesn’t hand you a fork.” 

Gertie and Carter erupted in laughter. Ida Belle was clearly impressed with her insult. I was flabbergasted, not because the joke was at my expense, but because she was spot-on and kind of funny to boot. 

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