Bluefall: Vol. 1 - a stunning sci-fi graphic novel by Andrew Trainor

Bluefall: Vol. 1 - a stunning sci-fi graphic novel book promotion Andrew Trainor

A gripping sci-fi / neo-noir graphic novel depicted in stunning, full-color illustration - inspired by the Economics within modern-day video games.

Join Detective Julian Ambrose in entering the virtual Universe of Circus, and uncover a global financial conspiracy in the year 2045.

The Ruby Goddess I: Medina by Sonia O

The Ruby Goddess I: Medina book promotion Sonia O

A poor maiden named Eylah and her family are scorned by the locals of their community, and they struggle to survive as a result. Eylah takes matters into her own hands to fend for herself and her family by working long, hard hours. While difficult, life is nothing short of ordinary for Eylah until one fateful day when she comes across a mystical red river; strange, inexplicable things begin happening, and secrets long buried start to come to the surface. Eylah soon learns that the fate of the world is resting on her shoulders. Is she strong enough to save mankind?

Leadership: The Art of Inspiring People to Be Their Best by Craig Whelden

Leadership: The Art of Inspiring People to Be Their Best free book promotion Craig Whelden

Free book promotion on Amazon 7/29/2019 - 8/2/2019!

This book vividly brings to life 50 years of leadership and life lessons, told in a compelling and sometimes very personal way. A master storyteller, the author does this in 24 easily digestible chapters, starting with ""character,"" the basic building block for all great leaders. From there, he addresses the importance of trust, four different methods of mentoring, delivering under pressure, setting organizational expectations, breaking down cultural barriers, effective communications, leaving a legacy, risk management, and many more topics that have everyday application for all of us.

Widely acclaimed by dozens of corporate leaders and senior military leaders, he has the unique ability to connect to readers through storytelling and takeaways that anyone can then apply: in the corporate world, the non-profit community, or simply in your everyday life. Two bonus appendixes are included that are tools he personally used as a senior leader in the military: his "Philosophy of Command" -- time tested over 30 years -- and a self-reflection on himself as a leader titled "Whelden on Whelden."

You will not be disappointed!

The Family Letter: How to Intentionally Develop a Culture of Honor, Encouragement & Value with Your Loved Ones by Debi Ronca

The Family Letter: How to Intentionally Develop a Culture of Honor, Encouragement & Value with Your Loved Ones free book promotion Debi Ronca

Free book promotion on Amazon 7/29/2019 - 8/2/2019!

There is a deep longing in our hearts to be known, loved and celebrated. We want to know what value and uniqueness our life brings to this world. Unfortunately, due to the busyness of life and the impact of social media, we have lost the power of communicating those life-giving words that literally can fill the void in our hearts and our thirsty souls.

If you want to learn how to intentionally develop a culture of honor, encouragement and value with your loved ones, The Family Letter will equip you with a proven method that is both simple and powerful. It is filled with practical steps and strategies to help you understand the power of your words and will help you release them into the hearts and lives of your family and other significant relationships. The Family Letter has become a tradition in our home, and we have witnessed the transforming impact that it has had on our children, our marriage and other significant relationships in our lives. Speak life and you can change a life. It's never too late! Creating legacy and the richness of empowering another person's life is all found in the contents of The Family Letter.

Bad Decisions: Life Is Hard, Especially When You're an Asshole - a book by Buck Brennan

Bad Decisions: Life Is Hard, Especially When You're an Asshole - discount book promotion Buck Brennan

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $5.99) 7/27/2019 - 12/31/2019!

After a lifetime of bad decisions, job after job, excessive indulgence in drugs and booze, a massive accumulation of student debt and an unwanted divorce, none of which is his fault of course...ha ha...Buck has lots to share with readers. But those readers need to prepare for a bucket-load of barely credible, sometimes shocking experiences delivered with an earful of expletives, a bottomless pit of clever analogies, lots of self-deprecation, a good measure of sarcasm and lots of tongue-in-cheek humor. Buck Brennan has elected to laugh at his messed-up, messy life, and we laugh along with him. But astute readers will recognize that behind all the humor lies lots of pain. Though circumstances differ, many of us will see ourselves in Buck. He connects with us, draws us in, and leaves us thinking about the many issues, political, social and cultural, that he addresses ever so subtly, and sometimes like a brick over the head! Are you ready for an outrageous, often irreverent read? I dare you to tackle Buck Brennan's Big Book of Bad Decisions.

Murder in the South of France - mystery book by Susan Kiernan-Lewis

Murder in the South of France - free mystery book promotion by Susan Kiernan-Lewis

When her sister dies, Maggie flies to the south of France to find the little niece that no one in the family even knew existed. Along the way, she finds handsome sexy Frenchman Laurent Dernier to help with the search. Meanwhile, her sister’s murderer sets his sights on the little girl—and Maggie.

One Fine Mess - a comedic crime thriller by Mark Petersen

One Fine Mess - a dark crime comedy book promotion Mark Petersen

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 7/12/2019 - 7/28/2019!

It’s time to show some ovaries.

All Jules Nichols wants is to stop stripping and lead a quiet family life with lots of babies, which she and her goofy-but-yummy lover Wesley can do as soon as they kill Jules’s abusive husband, Eddie. She’s planned everything out, from alibies and misleading clues to how often Jules will check in with the cops to make sure something is being done to find Eddie’s killer.

But now that Eddie’s good and dead, the stupid murder weapon won’t stay buried, bad guys are coming out of the woodwork, the staties are suspicious, Wesley's panicking, and all Jules's careful plans are going wrong. When Wesley’s gambling habit draws the wrath of local baddie Cadillac Frank, the goofball’s attempt to handle the situation leaves them with more dead bodies and one seriously cheesed-off mobster. On top of that, Jules’s drug-addled little sister has reappeared with some crazy blackmail plan, and a Vermont State cop named Burpee is showing way too much interest in Eddie’s case. When Wesley and their new baby are kidnapped and Jules gets the call, it’s up to her to keep her cool and save the day.

Who would have thought it would be so hard to get away with one little murder?

GHOSTING.I: When it All Began - private investigator mystery book by Sylvain Cardinal

GHOSTING.I: When it All Began - private investigator mystery book promotion by Sylvain Cardinal

The life and story of Jack Soulomund. A man who uses his god-given gift to catch bad guys. Working in a private investigation firm as an analyst, he uses his ability to travel, un-noticed, giving him an edge over criminals to witness crimes and hidden clues others can’t see. Criminals have no where to hide anymore as Jack is watching, Ghosting.

Academy of Shifters: Werewolves 101 - a fun academy by Marisa Claire

Academy of Shifters: Werewolves 101 - a fun academy discount book promotion Marisa Claire

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) on 7/24/2019!

Your Life Begins or Ends at the Academy.

For Remi St. James, It started with the blackouts. Then the vivid nightmares. That’s nothing compared to waking up naked, alone in a forest with no recollection of how she got there.

Scary as hell, but what she discovers is far worse.

Remi was changing into something more--something supernatural.

After coming to terms with what she is, Remi starts school at the Gladwell Academy of Shifters, an exclusive and secretive college designed to awaken those with extraordinary abilities.

Remi meets Laith Brighton, an impossibly hot, mountain lion shifter who's also an irresistible jerk. Then there's the cliques of werewolves and bears. Plenty of mean girls with mind powers. Everything a regular college has--just a bit weirder. But what she discovers is far darker than anyone could imagine.

Can she maintain her sanity in a place that is incredibly insane?

Shattered Innocence Trilogy: Boxed Set - Three Complete Full-Length Novels (Billionaire Romance Suspense) by A.L. Long

Shattered Innocence Trilogy: Boxed Set - Three Complete Full-Length Novels (Billionaire Romance Suspense) discount book promotion A.L. Long

This book is on sale on Amazon for $2.99 (regularly $4.99) 7/22/2019 - 7/28/2019!

Award Winner of the Independent Press Award, NYC Big Book Award and Reader's Favorite Award.

A romantic story of suspense and mystery begins to unfold the minute Rade Matheson, a handsome billionaire, meets Dylan Adams, a simple girl. Rade's obsession to get catch the man who stole from him, ends up costing him the one thing he never thought he had. One wrong decision could cause him to lose her forever. Will the power of love prevail or will his secrets destroy the one thing he has only ever wanted, her.

Ghondatha - a romantic fantasy by Emery Ayres

Ghondatha - a romantic fantasy book promotion Emery Ayres

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 7/17/2019 - 7/31/2019!

Exiled to the remote island of Ghondatha, Saphrona has lost her family, her home, and her status in the Sculptors Guild. Only one thing defines her now. Art remains. In Art, she can find both goodness and beauty. And if she can find them there, she can find them anywhere, even on this wet rock in the sea.

Saphrona is sure that if one thing on Ghondatha remains unchanged from her childhood visits there, just one unbroken piece of her life she can recognize, it will be enough for her.

But Lord Gideon has transformed Ghondatha into something strange and unfamiliar.

The island’s charismatic new liege lord has introduced the Ghondathans to wealth and leisure. He sees them through bad harvests and shoulders the risk of getting their goods to market. Life is so kindly on Ghondatha, the populace has nothing to consider but keeping his good favor and achieving a wealthy spouse or benefactor among his aristocratic friends at his nightly masquerades.

As long as they obey the curfew and don’t leave the island. The benevolent lord’s laws are believed to keep everyone safe from the beasts that roam the island at night, bloodthirsty creatures driven to Ghondatha's shores by the violence of the king's war.

Guild-born Saphrona has been taught from the cradle to be wary of aristocrats. She believes they are corrupt and wasteful, and she expects Lord Gideon will be no exception.

What kind of game is he playing with the Ghondathans? Why would he and his friends leave their luxurious estates in the Amkadan Empire for a toehold of land with nothing to offer them?

Saphrona is determined to uncover the secrets that lurk beneath the surface of the Ghondathans’ luxurious prison. What she discovers will trap her in Gideon’s world — and make her the only person who can save him from it.

Ghondatha, Book I in the Garden of Night Trilogy, is a romantic fantasy featuring what readers call an “amazingly rich and complex world” and a “slow-burning romance.”

Tapping Your God - Source: A Book of Biblical Healing by Georg Tyrrell

Tapping Your God - Sourcee: A Book of Biblical Healing promotion Georg Tyrrell

Gaze deep into the vast, starry heavens. Gaze inward and see the same thing. On earth as it is in the heavens, all of God’s creation is resurrection from desolation.  This is the way of our own salvation as well.  For we are part of that greater scheme whose Kingdom and Spirit dwell also within ourselves. Tapping Your God-Source reveals how to plumb into that power to surmount our stumbling-blocks and become all we can possibly be. The ultimate goal is self- transcendence beyond the perishable—when we can finally sing out with Paul—“O death where now is your sting?  O grave where now is your victory”

Discipline Decoded: How You Can Take The Quality Of Your Life Several Notches Higher By Ingraining Simple Daily Habits And A Strong Mindset Into Your Day by Stephen Taylor

Discipline Decoded: How You Can Take The Quality Of Your Life Several Notches Higher By Ingraining Simple Daily Habits And A Strong Mindset Into Your Day book promotion sale Stephen Taylor

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $4.99) 7/18/2019 - 7/22/2019!

Do you want to look back at your life without regrets knowing you’ve achieved your full potential?

Then you need to train your mind to become DISCIPLINED. This book will show you what every successful person already knows about developing discipline, habits and the right mindset for a better life. Now is the time to take full control and ownership of your life. Author Steve Taylor once suffered from poor mental health, habits and mindset alongside his chronic fatigue syndrome. However, his life took a turn for the better after he cracked the code to limitless energy, better habits and an unstoppable mindset all whilst helping hundreds of other men achieve the same. He wrote this book to remind himself of everything he’s learned so far, to look back on if he ever waived from this and to share it with all men out there who want to achieve the same.

Fall Rotten, a historical fiction crime comedy book by Eric Serrell

Fall Rotten, a historical fiction crime comedy free book promotion by Eric Serrell

The Kindle version of Fall Rotten will be available for free on Amazon 7/21/2019 - 7/24/2019!

IndieReader Review — ★★★★½:

“FALL ROTTEN follows the escapades of a group of crooks, expatriates and locals in the days before the invasion of France by the Nazis in WWII. The story depicts the heist of a vault full of fascist gold, but Eric Serrell’s book is not really a thriller—more of a comedy, a Noel Coward play or a movie by Preston Sturges. It’s the kind of film Ealing Street Studios (best known for a series of classic films produced in the post-WWII years) might have made, in the finest caper-heist-comedy tradition.

“The characters in FALL ROTTEN are delightful and sophisticated, unabashedly cynical, and very funny. The dialogue is sharp and cutting; much of the humor is the ‘gallows’ variety. Savvy Hemingway fans will recognize the scene and characters—an international cast, with oddballs from Britain, America, Germany, Denmark, and France, of course. All have offbeat ways of making a franc or two while maintaining a carefree existence. Crime and corruption abounds, along with wit. Definitely the place to be, at least until the Germans show up in the early summer of 1940.

“…for those with plenty of time and a little patience, the book pays off nicely in the last third when the main story kicks in and the side threads wrap up as well. In particular, the improbable love affair between a police inspector and one of the conspirators is both amusing and surprisingly touching, as is the eventual coupling of a bickering German man and a Danish co-conspirator. The heist itself has a number of fits and starts, twists and turns, unexpected surprises—everything you’d want in a caper comedy. The fact these vagabonds are taking from the fascists (and ultimately the Nazis) makes it all the more fun, and the rousing, patriotic ending is well-deserved and welcome. The quality of the writing in Eric Serell’s FALL ROTTEN is first-rate throughout, and when the jokes hit home, they pack a wallop.

“FALL ROTTEN is an often hilarious, fun, witty, screwball-comedy heist-adventure.”

Boulevard Dreams - a twisting, shocking, cleverly funny noir mystery by E Ryan Janz

Boulevard Dreams - a twisting, shocking, cleverly funny noir mystery book promotion E Ryan Janz

In 1958 San Francisco, down and out Private Eye, Joe Nails, endures chronic yet surrealistic dreams of an old friend’s gunshot-induced suicide, committed by Mark Tamlyn, a former classmate Joe hasn’t seen in years. These dreams typically contain a confusing yet oftentimes pleasant conversation between Mark and Joe with half of Mark’s head missing. In order to quell his growing concerns, and regain some lost sleep, Nails decides to locate him, and judging by the lack of foot traffic penetrating his office, he can spare the time. 

He visits the bar where Tamlyn frequents and talks with the resident barfly who lives up to her moniker. He next resists Mark’s amorous landlady’s advances long enough to search his disheveled apartment that clearly has been unoccupied for some time. Having gotten nowhere, a massive, nearly incomprehensible goon suddenly bursts into Joe’s office to allege Tamlyn is dead and threatens Nails to end his investigation. However, Joe is convinced that if one stands up to a thug, he can’t help but respect you. The goon disagrees and demonstrates it. So, now facing the implausibility of Mark truly being dead amidst his eerie dreams and an eerier warning not to pursue the matter, Nails deepens his probe. He talks to Tamlyn’s unconcerned ex-wife who claims Mark spent more time with his dog than her, and he didn’t own a dog. He grills Mark’s current lover, a rich, stunning, married woman, who suggests Tamlyn is not afraid of anything, but speculates his mounting gambling debts are causing him to hide out from the mob. 

All those Joe questions agree Tamlyn has not been seen for over a month, and Nails finally visits Mark’s place of employment, a huge company employing thousands, and discusses Tamlyn with the firm’s owner, a renowned California kingpin whose divorce Nails worked years before. The owner announces he holds definitive documentation related to Tamlyn’s whereabouts, and after seeing it, Joe Nails speeds down an unrelenting road of mystery and mayhem with no off-ramps to face the shocking reality of his friend’s actions, and the final desperation of his own.

Chilling Effect - a global climate thriller by R.J. Pineiro

Chilling Effect - a global climate thriller free book promotion R.J. Pineiro

Free book promotion on Amazon 7/16/2019 - 7/20/2019!

Chilling Effect, R.J. Pineiro's newest thriller, explores a world in the not too distant future where terrorism is taken to a new level, one with world-ending consequences.
You never know what you're capable of . . . until the monster inside of you pushes you beyond your moral line in the sand. 
These are the opening thoughts of former climatologist William Kiersted as he prepares to attack our delicate ecosystem.  He is hell-bent on avenging his father's death and will go to extremes of terrorism never before seen, all to strike a blow to those whose hubris led to his father's demise. He will take full advantage of the greed and narcissism ever-present in the world, as well as the fragility of our planet to ecological terrorism, and use it to plot a scenario so grim, yet so compellingly real it could have been ripped from today's news headlines.
Rachel Daly, star of the CIA's Global Climate Counterterrorism Unit, has tracked Kiersted for months, from the Greenland ice sheet to the streets of Paris and the Siberian plains.  She joins forces with SEAL Team Six and Russian Spetsnaz, in an attempt to spoil Kiersted's plan.
Enter Doctors Natasha Shakhiva and Konrad Malone, experts in the study of the Earth's permafrost, which gives clues to the planet's past but also to our future. They are among the very few scientists in the world who understand the global implications of Kiersted's plan to cripple humanity, if not outright destroy it.
Across three continents, the battle rages in this fast-paced, heart-rending thrill ride whose chilling effect will leave you fearful for the future we're leaving our children.

Wicca: a beginner's guide to wiccan spells, herbal magic and witchcraft by Melissa Smith

Wicca: a beginner's guide to wiccan spells, herbal magic and witchcraft free book promotion Melissa Smith

Free book promotion on Amazon 7/17/2019 - 7/19/2019!

Our spiritual research is often hindered by the established dynamic of our modern world we live in, making it hard sometimes to be able to peacefully head out on this journey. Fortunately, the number of people who raised interest in this aspect of existence is always growing more and more. Our spiritual self, added to the physical one, is vital for us to complete the development as a whole entity, necessary to enjoy a fulfilling life.

A lot of times, people will judge the unknown or what they don’t understand. The thing about Wicca though, is that as it is helping you feel more empowered, it will also help you with your self-esteem. When your emotions and mind are in check, what others say you can and cannot do is none of their business.

You probably already know that Wiccans are not evil creatures of the night who spread their evil power over the World, but they are just sensitive people living their spiritual life, today, in our real world.

If you are curious enough to join this wonderful journey without prejudice, this book can give you all the basics you need to find your own spiritual path.

Wild Hare - a dystopia/magical Realism novel by Laura Koerber

WIld Hare - a dystopia/magical Realism novel free book promotion Laura Koerber

Free book promotion on Amazon 7/15/2019 - 7/19/2019!

“When you fight a violent and mean enemy, it’s difficult not to become violent and mean yourself,” an old friend advised Bobby Fallon. 

Bobby is a trickster--half human, half nature spirit of the wild hare clan. He is also the guardian of a remnant of old growth forest near a small town in northern Wisconsin. He lives a marginal existence as a card shark, shoplifter, and small time criminal while participating in the secret culture of the other forest spirits. His small town life is thrown into danger when his effort to get his friend Arne out of jail leads to involvement in crimes out of his league.

Narcissistic Mother: A Survival Guide for Daughters - Psychology/self development - Mia Warreny

Narcissistic Mother: A Survival Guide for Daughters - Psychology/self development free book promotion Mia Warreny

Free book promotion on Amazon 7/16/2019 - 7/18/2019!

This book is about the Effects on being raised as a daughter of a narcissistic mother and how to heal after narcissistic abuse.

This survival guide for daughters is full of ways that can help you make your change happen. You can use a variety of techniques discussed in this book from healing through therapy, meditation, how to remain mindful, and how to heal your subconscious mind. Of course, one of the biggest steps will be changing your negative mindset through a positive mindset. Remember, the mindset is often the foundation for your life. It is the part of you which helps you believe you can succeed in your life. 

Not only does this book give you ways to help change your mindset, but it also gives you practical advice while you start on your journey. It shows that you that even if you lack self-discipline, you are able to gain self-discipline so you can learn to effectively manage your time, stop procrastinating, and do the best in your career choice. It also discusses how you can learn to forgive, not so you can work on a better relationship with your mother as this is most likely going to backfire, but so you can start to build your life without constantly dealing with the negative effects from your mother’s narcissism. You want to start to forgive, the best you can for yourself. Through your forgiveness, you will be able to have strong relationships with your friends, your significant other, and your children.

This book also discussed how important self-compassion is. You know that it is important to be compassionate to other people, but it is also just as important to make sure you are compassionate toward yourself. This is often difficult when you were raised by a narcissistic mother because she was never able to really show you compassion. However, there are a lot of examples of compassion around the world from people who are volunteering to help others less fortunate in your community to being the first person to smile when you meet someone on the street. Compassion is a frame of mind. It is how you want to treat people. One of the best ways to help you remember to remain compassionate is to remember that you want to treat people the same way you want to be treated by them. You can also help yourself remain compassionate by understanding that every person you meet is a human being. A person has feelings and emotions just like you do. This also means that every person deserves to be respected the same as you do. However, you also shouldn’t stress yourself out about making sure you are being a compassionate person. It will come more natural to you than you think and part of this reason is that you understand what it is like to feel that no one cares and that you’re not receiving compassion from your mother, who is the person who is supposed to love you unconditionally and protect you. Because you understand how this feels, you’re going to be less likely to treat people in this manner. 

Each and every one of you has a story. While your stories are different, you are not alone in how you got here. You have all dealt with a narcissistic mother, you have all struggled, you have all persevered, and you have all survived. You have chosen to overcome your struggles and work toward building a better life for yourself. You have decided to overcome your struggles so you can become the best person possible. This is an amazing characteristic that you should be proud of. No matter where you are in your journey, it is important to take a moment to realize that deciding to do this is one of the greatest steps you will ever make in your life.

Into God's Light: My Experiences with a Modern Day Mystic by Timothy Noble

Into God's Light: My Experiences with a Modern Day Mystic book promotion sites Timothy Noble

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $4.99) 7/12/2019 - 7/16/2019!

Without warning my world spontaneously dissolved into a space of bright light, where I was conscious yet unconscious, a condition that lasted anywhere from several seconds to several minutes – I really have no idea – but when it was over and conscious awareness of my surroundings returned, I somehow knew things I hadn’t known before. What I suddenly "knew" was the world was going to change in huge and dramatic ways. I had a part to play in it somehow, and to prepare myself for this uncertain future I was supposed to find a teacher.

So began my journey Into God's Light. My search for a teacher led me to a woman unlike any human being I had ever met, someone who would guide my spiritual development for over 20 years. Her name was Lady Enubi, and her incredible connection to the beings of Light and to God Himself led me to experience things that some would say are impossible or simply don't exist. Thanks to her, I learned that they did.

Who Am I?: Discover How Perfect You Are by Lucie LeBlanc

Who Am I?: Discover How Perfect You Are free book promotion Lucie LeBlanc

Free book promotion on Amazon 7/15/2019 - 7/19/2019!

Dear Parents,
Did you know that: Children are born Perfect.
That we become what we think about.
You are your child's most valuable teacher.
We all have a SELF-IMAGE. It is how we see ourselves. It is "CONDITIONING." It is a "PROGRAMMING". It is a PARADIGM.
It operates like an "AUTO-PILOT".

The PARADIGMS are past down from one generation to another. The PARADIGMS are created by the environment and our culture.
Our mother tongue is a PARADIGM. A child's mind is like a fertile garden. By using a straightforward method, you can program your child. This method never fails…

This book is intended for you & your child,
To begin the process of creating a winner SELF-IMAGE. Read this book to your child as often as you can.

The concept of Conscious Mind and Subconscious mind is not a familiar concept to most people. To understand better, I recommend reading, studying the system described in my parental guide: “Ordinary Parents Raising Extraordinary Children.” A parental guide to unlocking your child’s inner strength to full self-expression.

As a parent of young children, there are two things that you must understand that when a child is born, the subconscious mind is wide open. So, everything the child hears, sees, tastes, smells, and touches are planted in their subconscious mind. This goes on for four to five years until the conscious faculties have time to develop.

Whatever has been presented to the child's mind will eventually develop since the subconscious mind must accept everything that is presented to it; it has no ability to reject. It is the most important stage in life as it is during this time that the child is being conditioned. The child's conditioning regarding the his or her confidence, learning ability, relationship building, and concept of health and wealth will determine the child's future.

K-9 Cop - A Young Adult Mystery by Erna Mueller

K-9 Cop - A Young Adult Mystery book promotion Erna Mueller

No one thought as highly of Lieutenant Spencer Watley as he did himself. This cocky cop met 14-year-old Justin Andrews, a smart-mouthed teenager while on a stake-out to nab a group of cyber killers. But he wasn’t going to let anything get in his way, especially a smart-mouthed teenager.

After Spencer bids him good riddance, he is killed by the hackers and stands before the gates of heaven. But - what’s this? After a life time of putting dangerous criminals behind bars, he’s locked out? He yells at the angel blocking his entrance, but she tells him he needs to go through the J.R.P. program before he can enter. That’s the Jerk Redemption program, which to his horror consists of non-stop Oprah and Dr. Phil reruns, or he can go back to earth and help Justin’s dysfunctional family. Spencer opts for the lesser of two evils, to help Justin. 

But the Angel pulls a fast one on Spencer. He can only go back in the body his K9-Partner. Spencer refuses, but like it or not, he becomes a dog. He falls back to earth and is slowly morphed into a dog that closely resembles a mop. And if being a dog wasn’t bad enough, Spencer also swallowed an important microchip his killers need to hack into PC’s and steal millions. 

Justin and Spencer butt heads constantly; both are stubborn and willful, neither one wanting to give an inch. Spencer needs to find out what the killers are up to, so he swallows his pride and forms a bond with the boy. Spencer relays to Justin his past and together with the help of Justin’s girlfriend, Shahla; they discover the hacker’s plans. Spencer has broken down Justin’s reserve and he finally learns the meaning of unselfish love.

 But it’s too late; the hackers have captured them. Can Spencer maul the shins (and other choice areas) of his kidnappers and stop them from their evil plan?

Can a selfish man find a heart?

You bet. 

He just has to become a dog first.

Owl & Raccoon: Locked - three tricky police mysteries by Matt Ingwalson

Owl & Raccoon: Locked - three tricky police mysteries book promotion Matt Ingwalson

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99)  7/9/2019 - 7/14/2019!

Imagine the Golden Age locked-room puzzles of John Dickson Carr and Agatha Christie. And then transport them into the terse, modern world of Bosch and Law and Order. That's what you get with the Owl and Raccoon series.

The chapters are clipped. The pace is fast. And the answers, when they come, will surprise. And while there's a melancholy, determined tone to the dialogue, there's little explicit violence.

If you like realistic police thrillers or enjoy "fair play" mysteries, this is for you. And with this box set, you get all three novellas at once.

Story Mix 1 - a collection of stories by Ana Elijah

Story Mix 1 - a collection of stories book promotion Ana Elijah

The first collection of stories from author Ana Elijah. The Silent Power was conceived when the author recollected her experience as Secret Angel, one chosen to pray for speakers at a Christian retreat, whose identity is unknown to everyone except the directors. At the same time, she was reading a book on the history of the CIA and the two merged together in her mind and led to the writing of this story. The Farmer and the Scientist is a romantic tale of two seemingly opposites who persevere through trials to create a life-long marriage, filled with love and adventure. Your Future World is a glimpse of a possible future full of oppression and a lack of freedom. The idea of the story was based on some of the author's personal experiences, as she reflects on what the future might be like for her children if current trends continue. 

Next to Always: Shattered Innocence Trilogy Book Two by A.L. Long

Next to Always: Shattered Innocence Trilogy Book Two book promotion A.L. Long

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 7/8/2019 - 7/14/2019!

Award winning Author of the Shattered Inncence Trilogy!!!

Sexy and Sizzling HOT!!! It will leave you begging for more...

Rade and Dylan’s story continues in Book Two of The Shattered innocence Trilogy.

Rade Matheson thought he had everything he needed, Money, Power, and a woman who was willing to submit to him. That was until one night at The Castle changed everything. Losing the only woman who could bring him to his knees was never a possibility for him. Given a second chance, he’s more determined than ever to find the man responsible for taking the one thing he cared about. He ends up finding more than he bargained for. Turns out Michael Stewart wasn’t his only threat. Lust and obsession have a way of revealing themselves when hatred takes a front seat in a deadly game of revenge that Rade isn’t willing to lose. One by one Rade’s secrets begin to unfold, threatening the one chance he has to make Dylan his forever.

Dylan Adams ran away from the only man she could ever trust, but when tragedy strikes, Rade is there right beside her. Willing to give him another chance, Dylan confesses her love for him. Everything is perfect, she couldn’t ask for anything more, until her world falls apart. She knew he had secrets, but the one secret she didn’t expect, is the one secret that could tear them apart.

The Playboy Patriot - Christian romance by Evangeline Kelly

The Playboy Patriot - Christian romance book promotion Evangeline Kelly

Katie Kennedy admired football player, Tucker Jackson, from afar, but she never imagined she’d run into him at the popular restaurant she worked at. He was gorgeous, wild, and completely off limits.

As a wide receiver for the Georgia Patriots, Tucker received plenty of attention, but he was tired of the media blasting him for being a player, thus earning him the reputation, “the playboy patriot.” He wanted to settle down one day but wouldn’t let anyone steamroll him into a commitment he wasn’t ready for.

When a friendship developed that neither of them expected, along with more sparks than they knew what to do with, something changed between them.

If they’d foreseen the explosion their relationship would cause in the media, they might have thought twice about their actions.

Then again, Tucker was never one to back down from a challenge.

From Debt to Destiny: Creating Financial Freedom from the Inside Out by Genein Letford

From Debt to Destiny: Creating Financial Freedom from the Inside Out free book promotion Genein Letford

Free book promotion on Amazon 7/8/2019 - 7/12/2019!

Want to eliminate debt, build savings and create opportunities for financial freedom?

Genein shows you how to go from $100,000 of debt to building wealth. This book uses hilarious stories and step-by-step strategies to guide you in creating the financial freedom you deserve.

From Debt To Destiny will show you:

-How to stop debt ruining your life
-How to prevent high interest rates eating away at your savings
-How to avoid the “salary penalty” of a low-paid job
-How to not get suckered into the worst deals on cars and other expenses
-How to deal with debt and decrease your loans while in college
-How to invest while still paying off debt
-How to stop living a money-stressed life and start living a life of purpose!

If you’re ready to stop being a slave to your money and live a life in which your money serves you, your family and your mission, this is the book for you!

Climbing the Corporate Ladder: How I Went from $15/hour to over $130,000/year in Information Technology - a book by Dean Cantave

Climbing the Corporate Ladder: How I Went from $15/hour to over $130,000/year in Information Technology - free book promotion Dean Cantave

Free book promotion on Amazon 7/8/2019 - 7/12/2019!

Father, Blogger, U.S.Navy Veteran, and 20-year IT Professional Dean Cantave shares a very personal story on how he separated from the U.S. Military in 2006 and entered into civilian life to build his Information Technology career. He shares the strategy, the mindset, and the action plan that he used to go from $15 an hour to a 6-figure salary in Information Technology by the age of 35.

The Line Between - an unputdownable, non-stop thriller by NYT bestseller Tosca Lee

The Line Between - an unputdownable, non-stop thriller book promotion NYT bestseller Tosca Lee

This book is on sale on Amazon for $1.99 (regularly $13.99) 7/6/2019 - 7/7/2019!

The book NYT bestselling author Jonathan Mayberry calls, “beautifully written and deeply unnerving!” Inspired by real headlines and currently in development for television, The Line Between is the 10th novel from Tosca Lee, with the sequel set to release September 17. 

Fans of Book 1 don’t have to wait to begin reading Book 2, however—discover the code Tosca hid in Book 1, enter and decipher it here:, and start reading right away!

Fear and Intimidation: Reaching Out to Muslims About Christ - religious book by Robert Cook

Fear and Intimidation: Reaching Out to Muslims About Christ - religious book promotion Robert Cook

Hello my name is Robert Cook.

In the early 80’s the second Muslim I ever met, threatened to kill me because he thought I was making fun of his god, while I was asking another Muslim questions about the first Palestinian intifada (the many suicide bombings) in Israel. Little did I know then that I would ever study Islam, the Quran and write a book about the religion of Islam and what the Quran teaches.

Muslims are “commanded” in the Quran to believe in all of the books or revelations that Allah has sent down to all of mankind which include the Old and New Testaments. Though Islamic scholars and Imams teach that the Old and New Testaments are corrupted and therefore should not believe what is said in them. However the Quran says nothing at all about the Word of Allah as being corrupted. In fact the Quran states that Allah “Preserves His Word” and protects his word. So when Muslims refuse to read or study or believe in what the Bible says, they are rejecting the word of Allah! 

In this book the Quran and the Bible are quoted throughout, speaking too subjects like how the Quran actually glorifies Jesus above Muhammed by declaring that Jesus was a “Faultless” man. A “Faultless” man is a “Perfect” man which is more than just a man. Because no man who has ever lived on the earth has been Faultless accept Jesus, or the punishment of Allah which the most dominant subject in the Quran. The punishment of Allah is mentioned nearly 300 times verses the love of Allah for his followers, which is mentioned only 16 times.

This book is an effort to inform everyone who reads this book, including Muslims about Islam and the Quran so that we may better understand the fastest growing religion in the world and to give Christians what they need to know in their efforts to reach out to Muslims about Christ.
The fact of the matter is that the more we know about the Quran and Islam. The better we are at reaching out to Muslims about Christ, Because Muslims will and do respect and take the time to listen to you when reaching out to Muslims about Jesus because you have taken the time to learn about what they believe in. 

There is nothing about Islam that this book doesn’t cover. Why Muslims are so eager to kill themselves in Jihad? Who and what are the Jinn. What are the core beliefs that all Muslims are supposed to believe in? What is the Islamic Paradise like, and so much more.

This book is not meant to insult Muslims but is an effort to reach out to Muslims about Jesus Christ. Both the Quran and the Bible are quoted throughout this book. There is much written in the Quran that Muslims never speak of in public but this book is a study of the Quran and every subject matter in the Quran is covered in this book. Want to learn about what the Quran actually teaches and about subjects that Muslims do not speak about in public? Read, Fear and Intimidation- Reaching Out To Muslims About Christ.

You Left My Grave Open - A nail biting thriller by Vijay Suresh

You Left My Grave Open - A nail biting thriller book promotion Vijay Suresh

You Left My Grave Open is a nail biting thriller which has different dimensions inside it. It is not the usual serial killer novel. Every character has a gray shade.

Every page will move the story forward. The big twist and reveal is not just at the end. The story turns and morphs all the way through the novel. 

Along with being a crime thriller it is also a psychological game of minds.

Describing the novel in a single line: How far can a person go for revenge?

Nightmares of a Hitman - Thriller book by Richard Poche

Nightmares of a Hitman - Thriller book promotion Richard Poche

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $4.99) 7/3/2019 - 7/8/2019!

Nestor makes his living smuggling illegals across the border into the United States. After experiencing too many close calls, Nestor declares his intention to make one last final trip across the border after which he will settle into a life in California.

His final trip is an arduous one which culminates in his group being attacked by members of the drug cartel. They survive thanks to a heroic intervention by a mysterious young drifter named Hernan.Hernan reveals himself as a simple man who lacks basic life skills. An orphan from birth, he was taken in by a grandmother who since passed away, leaving Hernan to fend for himself.

He is not without a talent, however. Nestor sees Hernan's ability to shoot guns with deadly accuracy as a marketable commodity as he becomes a hitman.

Next to Never: Shattered Innocence Trilogy by A.L. Long

Next to Never: Shattered Innocence Trilogy discount book promotion A.L. Long

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $1.99) 7/1/2019 - 7/7/2019!

After losing the only man she had ever love Dylan Adams tries to move on without him. Thanks to her trusted friend, Dylan's heart begins to mend. Never did she think she would ever be able to love again until she meets Rade Matheson. She soon finds that he is not the man she thought he was.

All Rade Matheson wants is find the man who stole from him and the only way to do that is to get close to the one woman who came led him to his stolen money. Searching for answers, Rade finds that Dylan knows nothing and is more innocent than he thought.

The Girl Who Loved Caravaggio - a breathtaking thriller book by Belle Ami

The Girl Who Loved Caravaggio - a breathtaking thriller book promotion by Belle Ami

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 7/2/2019 - 7/9/2019!

The Amazon #1 bestselling author of THE GIRL WHO KNEW DA VINCI is back with another page-turning thriller!

Art historian Angela Renatus knows she’s different. She can see into the past—into the lives of the greatest artists of all time—but are her visions a gift or a curse? Angela and her fiancé, Alex Caine—a former Navy Seal turned private detective, are hired to find a stolen Caravaggio masterpiece.. But the deeper they delve into the artist's tortured life, the more deadly the investigation becomes.

Ordinary Parents Raising Extraordinary Children: A Parental Guide to Unlocking Your Child's Inner Strength to Full Self-Expression (Book 1 of 2) by Lucie LeBlanc

Ordinary Parents Raising Extraordinary Children: A Parental Guide to Unlocking Your Child's Inner Strength to Full Self-Expression (Book 1 of 2) free book promotion Lucie LeBlanc

Free book promotion on Amazon 7/1/2019 - 7/5/2019!

We are on a quest in life and if we must achieve success then, we have to first, know who we are and what we want in life. The journey to ultimate success in life is never an easy one. There are often difficulties and challenges, which are sometimes, insurmountable. Life does not require the most intelligent brains or the smartest minds to succeed but requires the determination to keep going in spite of the aches and the courage to overcome fears, doubts, and those challenges as well. It requires positive thinking. And once you discover who you are, our gifts and talents, and what you want in life, you will almost certainly achieve success.

As a parent of young children, there are two things that you must understand: When a child is born, the subconscious mind is wide open. So, everything the child hears, sees, tastes, smells, and touches are planted in their subconscious mind. This goes on for four to five years until the conscious faculties have time to develop.

Whatever has been presented to the child's mind will eventually develop since the subconscious mind must accept everything that is presented to it; it has no ability to reject. It is the most important stage in life as it is during this time that the child is being conditioned. The child's conditioning regarding the his or her confidence, learning ability, relationship building, and concept of health and wealth will determine the child's future.

Our children are our future. The future of our country and the world in general rests on their shoulders. To help them thrive and take the world further in glory, we must ensure that we teach them how to think and guide them in unleashing their full potential. We must show them a world that is full of hope, and opportunities for everyone to develop their gifts and to have a great impact. To achieve such goals, we too must have a positive mindset. I will be honored to help you develop your mindset and guide you towards developing your children too.

Sinister Summer: Cars, Cruisers, and Close Calls - a Children's Historical Fiction by C.A. Hartnell

Sinister Summer: Cars, Cruisers, and Close Calls - a Children's Historical Fiction book promotion C.A. Hartnell

Sinister Summer: Cars, Cruisers, and Close Calls is the second book in the series. Carol Ann starts the summer with a fun-filled Fourth of July and ends the month in a crazy, out-of-control car. Yikes. Acrobatic Auto is the caption under the car’s picture on the front page of the El Monte Herald. Is it safe to drive with Hawk on Route 66 when Sam lays down a racing challenge? Pete and Carol Ann travel to Los Angeles, Huntington Beach and to Lytle Creek for horseback riding and swimming. The two kids face everyday challenges and encourage each other with peace during the summer of 1955.

Curtain Call for Murder - Mystery by Patrick Andrew Christopher

Curtain Call for Murder - Mystery free book promotion service Patrick Andrew Christopher

Free book promotion on Amazon 7/1/2019 - 7/5/2019!

Summer stock can be murder, as young actor John Winkle finds out when he joins the fledgling Bass Harbor Players.  It wasn’t enough that the local scribe was killing them with his gleefully poisonous reviews – someone took it a step further and murdered their loathsome leading man.  Recruited by resident character actress Peach Varringo to help solve the crime, John finds himself in the unexpected role of “detective,” improvising an investigation that turns deadly – he soon learns that he is surrounded by a cast of suspects who had too many reasons and too many opportunities to kill.  As stormy skies open up over Cape Cod, John and Peach are on a deadline to uncover a killer.  One missed cue could mean … a curtain call for murder!

Resilience: It's Not About Bouncing Back: How Leaders and Organizations Can Build Resilience Before Disruption Hits by Jennifer Eggers

Resilience: It's Not About Bouncing Back: How Leaders and Organizations Can Build Resilience Before Disruption Hits free book promotion site Jennifer Eggers

Free book promotion on Amazon 7/1/2019 - 7/5/2019!

The power of resilience within organizations and can transform an average company into a powerhouse. Yet, even in times of rapid disruptive change, there is no manual for building resilient organizations. This book is that manual.

Resilience, left to individuals, will only ever be built by people in the moments that require them to dig deep and find it. The real power in building resilience before we need it, lies in what we can accomplish when our organizations become resilient. This book presents a simple framework for leaders and organizations to prepare for sustainable results in the face of rapid, disruption.

The power for organizations lies in the act of methodically and collaboratively building a collective resilience framework to increase their ability to thrive in the face of complex challenges for which the answer, and often even the definition of the problem itself, may not be obvious. These challenges frequently require both the organization and the leaders within them to make trade-offs in values and loyalties. Often, an individual’s resilience will ‘get them through’ such changes, but a more effective approach is to build organizational resilience before we need it.

Building resilience involves intentional preparation to increase our ability to emerge from challenges better equipped to deal with them than we were in the past--a transformation into a stronger self. For organizations in an environment of rapid, disruptive change, there is often no ‘back’ to bounce to after disruption, because by the time they right themselves things have changed.

This book presents a simple framework that can be applied to both individuals and organizations. It's proven and it works.

Recoil - Roman Fall by Michael Marchant

Recoil - Roman Fall action adventure book promotion site Michael Marchant

A fast paced, page turning, action adventure story.

Flying back from a covert operation to a secret research facility in northern Syria - an operation which did not go well - Captain Rebus Felok is ordered to divert and pick up two civilians.

Already carrying one civilian, the enigmatic scientist Dr Almira Fridtjoffa Amundsen, Rebus is not happy to be delaying his return to pick up two more. Two minutes from the Turkish border, fifteen minutes from base, the order seems ludicrous as well as unorthodox.

The two civilians, Professor Edward Coil and his sixteen year old son, Luke, fleeing for their lives from the latest ISIS offensive, are only too happy to be rescued.

When they’re inexplicably blasted back to 53BC they have no idea where they are and have no idea they’ve travelled back in time. First they have to find out where and when they are, and then they have to come up with a plan for how to survive and how to return to their own time.

A great story, great characters, plenty of humour.

Pure entertainment.

The Card People 1 - a middle-grade sci-fi book by James Sulzer

The Card People 1 - a middle-grade sci-fi book promotion by James Sulzer

After the heartbreaking disappearance—and perhaps death—of his father, seventh grader Paul Kapadia notices something strange about the deck of playing cards that he and his father, a genius scientist, had used for their nightly card games. It seems to have moved from where he'd left it . . . and that’s only the beginning.

Then, it happens. Paul makes contact with the card people, and he and his little brother Sam try to help them in their battle for survival against their brutal attackers, the scissors people. As Paul witnesses the quick evolution of the card people’s quirky and charming personalities, he begins to sense their connection to his father and his life work. Meanwhile, he is receiving mysterious emails from someone called “HOBO,” offering threats and sometimes advice about what to do.

As Paul searches for the truth about his father, he struggles with the growing presence of Curtis, their father’s former co-worker, who is behaving suspiciously around their mother. At school, Paul has to deal with some bullies who pick on him, partly because of his Indian heritage. Meanwhile, the one classmate he wishes to talk with, his old friend Nim, is newly popular and seems to have no time for him.

As the perilous adventures take him to places and discoveries that lurk at the intersection of nanotechnology and magic, Paul begins to unravel the stunning secret of the card people's existence and the desperate quest that led to his father's disappearance. Growing in understanding of himself and others, Paul connects again with Nim and, together with Sam, they strive to fulfill the dream that his father had left unfinished.

This novel for ages ten and up is the first of a trilogy.

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