Boulevard Dreams - a twisting, shocking, cleverly funny noir mystery by E Ryan Janz

Boulevard Dreams - a twisting, shocking, cleverly funny noir mystery book promotion E Ryan Janz

In 1958 San Francisco, down and out Private Eye, Joe Nails, endures chronic yet surrealistic dreams of an old friend’s gunshot-induced suicide, committed by Mark Tamlyn, a former classmate Joe hasn’t seen in years. These dreams typically contain a confusing yet oftentimes pleasant conversation between Mark and Joe with half of Mark’s head missing. In order to quell his growing concerns, and regain some lost sleep, Nails decides to locate him, and judging by the lack of foot traffic penetrating his office, he can spare the time. 

He visits the bar where Tamlyn frequents and talks with the resident barfly who lives up to her moniker. He next resists Mark’s amorous landlady’s advances long enough to search his disheveled apartment that clearly has been unoccupied for some time. Having gotten nowhere, a massive, nearly incomprehensible goon suddenly bursts into Joe’s office to allege Tamlyn is dead and threatens Nails to end his investigation. However, Joe is convinced that if one stands up to a thug, he can’t help but respect you. The goon disagrees and demonstrates it. So, now facing the implausibility of Mark truly being dead amidst his eerie dreams and an eerier warning not to pursue the matter, Nails deepens his probe. He talks to Tamlyn’s unconcerned ex-wife who claims Mark spent more time with his dog than her, and he didn’t own a dog. He grills Mark’s current lover, a rich, stunning, married woman, who suggests Tamlyn is not afraid of anything, but speculates his mounting gambling debts are causing him to hide out from the mob. 

All those Joe questions agree Tamlyn has not been seen for over a month, and Nails finally visits Mark’s place of employment, a huge company employing thousands, and discusses Tamlyn with the firm’s owner, a renowned California kingpin whose divorce Nails worked years before. The owner announces he holds definitive documentation related to Tamlyn’s whereabouts, and after seeing it, Joe Nails speeds down an unrelenting road of mystery and mayhem with no off-ramps to face the shocking reality of his friend’s actions, and the final desperation of his own.

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