PLANET 6 - a sci-fi adventure from HUGO AWARD winner Morgan Gendel

Planet 6-2 is the SIXTH planet colonized by Earth 300 years from now, reachable from the Mother Planet in only TWO hyperspace jumps. That alone will make this unruly world valuable as the portal to the greater galaxy– it’s like the Hudson River in early colonial America, a glorious gateway to untold riches. But who will control this land? It’s up for grabs, and the indigenous people are being exploited. 

Enter the SkyRiders, an elite peacekeeping force operating like a team of Lone Rangers, each on his or her own FLYING DISC. ZED HELLFINGER is merely a cadet, but his allergy to authority puts him at the center of the growing conflict. He takes his superior officer’s Disc out for a joyride and sees the results of some stolen tech that could tilt the tide of the brewing war – but at the same time, he’s learned of a traitor in the SkyRider ranks. With no one to trust, he has to go on a WILD journey, helped by an acerbic amazon and a curmudgeonly land-based Sergeant as he races to restore the tech to its rightful owner and avert war.

My acclaimed episode of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION,  “The Inner Light,” which The Hollywood Reporter recently called “TREK’s  most beloved story” and earned me the Hugo Award, was a deep, tear-jerker and a big success. But it was a closed-in story and this time I created a BIG world I could explore from on high, literally! PLANET 6 is a story I’ve been carrying around since I was a teenager. It’s got a youthful exuberance which will be tempered in subsequent books as Zed rises up the SkyRider ranks and matures. Maybe I will too one day, but for now, join me on this fun and often funny action-adventure!

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