Vestige: Rise of the Pureblood - a page turning dark fantasy by Antonio Roberts

Vestige: Rise of the Pureblood- a page turning dark fantasy by Antonio Roberts

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Intrigue, Adventure and Sarcasm await

For the first time in her life, Sinopa felt safe. The quiet country village of Nantucket had been home. She even had a family. Sure being a... whatever she was, it had its challenges. Fangs, scales and a tail never looked good on anyone. 

Things changed though. They always do. Now both her mother and home are gone, and she can never go back.

As luck would have it, on Sinopa's first chance closer to her dreams, she's accused of murder. Yet again, she's forced to abandon everything she holds dear. Yet again, someone she loves dies. Yet again, she’s labeled a monster.
Sticking to the shadows, she must conceal her identity, and prove her innocence in the grand sky city of Aerogapolis.

But appearances are deceiving, not everyone is who they seem. Nor can everyone see past her scales either.  Funny, all her life she’s longed to live here and discover who she is and where she came from. Now she’s not so sure.

They deeper she goes the more the world twists and turns around here. Sorcerers disappear. Changelings vanish. Technology unlike anything she has ever seen lights the city, and war boils over who can wield it.

Joined by a fellow outlaw only known to her as Romero, and a young police recruit named Max who’s imprinted on her, Sinopa will need all the help she can get. 

Now there may be more than just the police after her, and a greater evil beneath the earth. Maybe even lurking beneath her skin. The road to justice lies treacherous and paved in blood as there’s more than just her innocence at stake.

Vestige Rise of the Pureblood is a gripping dark fantasy with page turning intrigue, a touch of horror, and a dollop of a blooming romance. This is your chance to read the start of the exciting Vestige Saga.

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