Last Chance to Save American Democracy - non-fiction book by Haven McVarish

Last Chance to Save American Democracy: Republicans Will Permanently Take Power in the 2022–2024 Elections Unless Democrats Follow This Plan by Haven

Fixing our country’s problems are within reach, but our window to act is short. 

The climate is burning, racial discimination is worsening, our government cages immigrant children, the rich get all the tax breaks, and we can't even agree on wearing masks to stop the deadliest pandemic.

Are you optimistic that Democrats will solve all of this after the 2020 election?

Do you remember how quickly our optimism was crushed after Obama’s 2008 landslide as Republicans seized control of states and the national government and blocked all progress during the entire 2010 decade?

Political strategist Haven McVarish reveals the hidden truth on how Republicans:

Almost became the permanent party in power this past decade (until, Trump accidentally spoiled their plan)

Are poised to retake power in the 2022 and 2024 elections (this time, permanently)

Understanding the weapons used by Republicans to undermine democracy is crucial if we don’t want Democrats to repeat their mistakes from the past 10 years.

But this book goes beyond this urgent warning and provides policy makers and concerned citizens with:

The 12 solutions needed to save our democracy (no constitutional amendment necessary)

The comprehensive step-by-step guide for each of us to do our part to save our democracy

2021 is going to be the most pivotal time for our country since WWII.

Last Chance to Save American Democracy is the book we need at this critical moment.

It’s time to fight to make America the vibrant democracy we were promised!

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