Leader Armor: Leadership for the Law Enforcement First-line Supervisor by Edward Pallas

Leader Armor: Leadership for the Law Enforcement First-line Supervisor book promotion by Edward Pallas

Free book promotion on Amazon 1/18/2021 - 1/22/2021!

Are you a sworn or civilian law enforcement supervisor? Are you considering becoming a first-line supervisor? Are you interested in becoming a better leader? If so, this is the book to read.

You have spent some time learning all the skills it takes to be a good cop, deputy, agent, or civilian member of a law enforcement agency. You've proven yourself on the front lines. You relied on tools such as protective instruments, defensive tactics, handcuffs, firearms, and your experience. In short, you've been a Superhero. To successfully transition from Superhero to Supervisor requires a new set of tools and skills; soft skills.

As a supervisor, you are expected to know how to motivate the superheroes you lead, rate their performance, reward them when they do an outstanding job, and hold them accountable when they screw up. You also have a boss to report to, who will hold you responsible for doing all those things. After reading this book, you will be equipped with a new set of tools. Think about it as an entry-level academy for supervisors. If you follow the guidelines and lessons inside this book, you will not only be a successful supervisor; you will be a confident leader that others look up to and respect.

Revolution: Chronicles of Mharc by T.L. McDonald

Revolution: Chronicles of Mharc by T.L. McDonald

The life of a Nihili Gamer is one of slavery and death. The Empire, controlled by the hated First Citizens, keeps an iron foot on the neck of all it's inhabitants and uses the gladiatorial-like Games as a opiate to keep the population under control.

Tsaurine, the greatest Gamer in history, raises his daughter, Mharc to help lead the coming revolution. Together with other Gamers, the incredible trainer Macelt, and sympathetic First Citizens, Mharc eventually leads the revolt to take back the stars and freedom for all. The first in a series!

Gods, Guns, and Money On The Road To Key West by Michael Reisig

Gods, Guns, and Money On The Road To Key West book promotion sites by Michael Reisig

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 1/16/2021 - 1/17/2021!

“Gods, Guns, and Money” is another white knuckles, outlandish adventure from best-selling author, Michael Reisig and his “Road to Key West” series. Airplane crashes, lustful Amazonians, bungled bank thefts, river pirates, remarkable animals, a crystal skull, drug lords, and an amazing “Animal Man.” Get the drinks and chips ready ahead of time – once you start this, you aren’t going anywhere!  

In what is certainly one of Michael Reisig’s most entertaining efforts yet, comes a wild adventure that carries the reader from South Florida, into the Caribbean, down to South America, and back again. Intertwined through the read are the questions we ask ourselves when we look up at the stars, as well as a theme regarding the connection we share with lesser creatures that experience this planet with us

Everything in between is just heart-hammering, page-ripping action!

The Memory Keeper: A heartwarming, feel-good romance by Jenny Hale

The Memory Keeper: A heartwarming, feel-good romance book promotion sites by Jenny Hale

"A heartwarming, emotional book." --New York Times Bestselling Author, RaeAnne Thayne

From the USA Today bestselling author of The Summer House comes a story about finding lost loves, chasing dreams, and the people who show up when they're needed the most.The Memory Keeper is the perfect escape for fans of Susan Mallery, Debbie Macomber, and Sheila Roberts.

Hannah Townsend’s life is just as she’s always wanted it to be. She has the perfect job at a New York magazine, a small but elegant apartment in the upper west side, and an incredibly successful beau named Miles Monahan. This year, for her thirty-fifth birthday, she’s leaving the icy city sludge for sunshine! She’s got tickets for two to Barbados, and she’s all packed and meeting Miles at the airport for a week of cocktails, sandy beaches, and the music of steel drums.

But her life is turned upside down in the span of that one morning. Hannah is rocked by the news that her beloved grandmother is very sick, and Hannah needs to come home to her small Tennessee town right away to be with her family and help run her gran’s dilapidated flower shop. It also means she has to face Ethan Wright, the best friend she’d left behind so many years ago. If that isn’t enough to deal with, she discovers her boyfriend is seeing someone else.

With flights grounded and rental cars in great demand due to the winter snowstorm, she’s stranded at the airport. On her birthday, instead of waking up in a stylish beachfront hotel in Miles’s arms like she thought, she finds herself packed like sardines into a car, with two passengers, on a ride-share from LaGuardia Airport to her hometown of Franklin, Tennessee.

When everything seems to be going wrong, it’s the kindness of a handsome businessman from Hannah’s past named Liam McGuire that might just save her. But a new development that threatens Gran’s shop and secrets surrounding Liam could alter both their lives forever.

A heartwarming, sweet romance that will have you laughing, crying, and best of all, hugging those around you a little tighter. If you loved the Christmas movies based on Jenny’s books and are looking for more feel-good, small town romance, look no further!

Let Go and Rock Your Crown - let go of excuses and become by A. Coutrier

Let Go and Rock Your Crown - let go of excuses and become by A. Coutrier

2021 is here and what do you need to let go.  Let go all that unwanted baggage and take your life back.  Let go and Rock that crown, will inspire you to live again.  Let go is just that book that will speak to your spiritual and your natural side in a classy way.  You will walk away feeling fresh and new as you step into 2021.

Journey: A Spiritual Novel by Andrew Zimmerman

Journey: A Spiritual Novel by Andrew Zimmerman book promotion

Is it a spiritual awakening, or can someone fall in love with an escape from their life?

Is it a spiritual awakening, or can someone fall in love with an escape from their life?

Paul is a top business executive hoping to be the next CEO of Ascendant―a New York-based tech giant.

He neglects everything―his family and himself―in the race to the top.

But his fast-paced life is interrupted when he travels to Glastonbury, England, to visit friends in a village rich in history and mysticism.

Glastonbury represents a complete counterpoint to Paul’s elite corporate day job. It compares to an amusement park, with shops and venues catering to spiritual seekers ranging from would-be witches, goddesses and druids, and burned-out hippies.

Like many seekers before him, he is attracted to the energy of a nearby hill―Tor―said to be the mythical Isle of Avalon.

Paul also meets a beautiful soul reader, Christine, who reads his soul and plants the seeds that turn his life upside down.

When he returns to New York, his wife, Mary, is skeptical.

His journey both scares and intrigues her as she watches him struggle to navigate between the business and spiritual worlds.

A series of synchronistic events draws Paul closer to Glastonbury and Christine, compelling him and a reluctant Mary to return, unaware that their lives will never be the same.

Once Broken - a fast-paced urban fantasy by H. Anne Henry

Once Broken - a fast-paced urban fantasy by H. Anne Henry

Vampire assassins. Heroic werewolves. Demon hunter Remington Hart has seen a thing or two. That’s what happens when you live in a town like Dove Creek, Texas, where the supernatural abounds. But when Remi goes head-to-head with the vampire who killed her husband, what began as a quest for vengeance soon becomes a fight for survival. 

Never Give Up: One man's fight to heal his PTSD - historical fiction by Y.M. Masson

Never Give Up: One man's fight to heal his PTSD - historical fiction by Y.M. Masson

After Alain’s journey to survive Nazi-occupied Paris, and his battle to erase the emotional trauma of combat, the civilian Alain has a difficult time eliminating from his mind the ever-present memories of the atrocities he witnessed during the war. In Never Give Up: A Man’s Fight to Heal His PTSD, twenty-five years have passed since his discharge from the military but the old infantry lieutenant still has troubles with his demons of hatred, anger, and guilt. A chance encounter with Cathy, one of his work colleagues, leads to a renewed effort to complete the healing. Revisiting Alain’s childhood life and trekking in the highlands of the Himalayas are part of the background as Cathy, with the help of the spirits of the mountains, leads the charge to slay the demons. The fight is on.

Rise Up: Be Resilient Like You’re Running Out Of Time - self-help book by Ashley M. Stephenson

Rise Up: Be Resilient Like You’re Running Out Of Time - self-help book  by Ashley M. Stephenson

This book is free on Amazon!

Rise Up: Be Resilient Like You’re Running Out of Time is a fun, informational, straightforward read that’s clear and concise while discussing the characteristics of resilient people, applying techniques to your own life, and understanding how to deal with life’s challenges. This book inspires you to effectively face stressors and adversity with confidence while using insight to developing and improving your resilience. From detailing why you need resilience, to the different types of resilience, to easy-to-implement resilience strategies in different areas of your life, Rise Up is filled with effective, easy-to-digest information and powerful tips. 

The tools and techniques outlined in this book are sure to be an invaluable toolbox full of wise and accessible practices that can help heal your mind and heart and reduce the amount of time you spend ruminating about a problem.

Putting the concept of resilience into words, emphasizing its importance, while making it truly accessible to the reader was a singular challenge for Ashley.  She was inspired by those who, in some way, provided her with an opportunity to observe resilience first-hand.  The relaxed writing style of Rise Up will be sure to keep you engaged from start to finish. Each page encourages you to learn about resilience, actively reflect on how you manage stress and your emotions, and learn how to thrive when dealing with adversity and life's setbacks.

If you have asked yourself what resilience is, why it’s important to have, or any related questions, Rise Up: Be Resilient Like You’re Running Out of Time will distill everything you want and need to know about resilience. 

The Killing Collective: A Stanford Carter Murder Mystery Thriller - A Gripping, Stand Alone, Character-Driven FBI Crime Thriller by by Gary Starta and Robin Firestone

The Killing Collective: A Stanford Carter Murder Mystery Thriller - A Gripping, Stand Alone, Character-Driven FBI Crime Thriller by by Gary Starta and Robin Firestone

When Carter and Seacrest trade the Boston PD for NYC's FBI, they face their toughest case with a series of thrill killings. But are the murders merely violence-fueled as the director suggests?

As Carter digs deeper, he uncovers a conspiracy in play that will change him and Seacrest forever and introduce him to his 'Moriarty'.

Trump Doorman - A Memoir by Dino Sajudin

Trump Doorman -  A Memoir by Dino Sajudin

An eye opening look into what goes on behind the door- the Trump Doorman's door. Get the details of the salacious story behind the covery up by the National Inquirer and learn why they came to pay me $30,000 dollars to silence my story. My knowledge of the Trump love child was dubed the third catch and kill story in reporting by Ronan Farrow. After witnessing the mofia like tendencies and racially motivated dealings of this organization I was blacklisted by my job and was forced to do what I needed to do to take care of my family. Come along as I detail my many experiences.

Strike 3: What To Do When The Game's Over But Life Is Not by Joshua Kalinowski

Strike 3: What To Do When The Game's Over But Life Is Not book promotion sites by Joshua Kalinowski

Free book promotion on Amazon 1/11/2021 - 1/15/2021!

What do you do when everything you thought you were created for ends? The life you dreamed of and achieved is destroyed and gone, never to be lived again.

Nobody prepares you for life when the sport, the job or the career ends. But what if that ending is the perfect the plan? What if it's exactly the setup you need to pursue the greatest chapter of a life worth living for?

Learn how I overcame the failure, the shame and pain in order to reinvent my life after the game ended.

It's time to discover your new path. It's time to chase your next chapter!

Get Ready! a financial planning guide by Tony Steuer

Get Ready! a financial planning guide book promotion sites by Tony Steuer

This book is on sale on Amazon for $2.99 (regularly $9.99) 1/1/2021 - 1/31/2021!

What happens to the pieces of your financial life in an emergency?

GET READY! goes beyond other financial systems by demystifying the world of personal finances and expertly guiding you through the process of documenting and understanding vital information to maximize your financial preparedness.

The Munich Girl - WWII historical fiction by Phyllis Edgerly Ring

The Munich Girl: A Novel of the Legacies that Outlast War Kindle Edition by Phyllis Edgerly Ring


This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $5.99) on 1/10/2021!

What family secrets is a portrait of Eva Braun hiding? 

Fifty years after WW2, Anna is plunged into the treacherous world of the Munich girl who was her mother's confidante - and Hitler's lover - and finds her every belief about right and wrong shattered. 

“Historical fiction that reads like memoir.”

One Fine Mess - laugh-out-loud crime by Mark Petersen

One Fine Mess - a dark crime comedy book promotion Mark Petersen

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 01/6/2021 - 01/18/2021!
All Jules Nichols wants is a quiet family life, which she and her lover Wesley can have as soon as they off her abusive hubby, Eddie. But once he's dead, bad guys start coming out of the woodwork, the staties are suspicious, Wesley's freaking, and all Jules's careful plans are going wrong. Who would have thought it'd be so hard to get away with one little murder?

Magical After: Dark World Book 1 Part 1 by David Gunter

Magical After: Dark World Book 1 Part 1 book promotion sites by David Gunter

David Gosling, father of three, and widower enters a Virtual Reality world looking for his wife Hellen.  He discovers a very different world from what he had been promised and then an evil man tries to have hive killed.  

Dystopian Girls 6 - A heart wrenching chapter of the sexy zombie apocalypse series by Rodzil LaBraun

Dystopian Girls 6 - A heart wrenching chapter of the sexy zombie apocalypse series book promotion sites by Rodzil LaBraun

In a world that desperately needs to be reborn from its ashes, a hero is required.  One that began with a good heart and suffered through enough tragedies to grow into a great leader.  A man that continues to draw people to him despite his mistakes and failures.

Mason and his friends, wives, and lovers have been through their ups and downs.  No one can deny that.  But they came through it stronger than ever.  Now completely bonded to each other they face an opportunity that could possibly change the world.

Dystopian Girls is a harem adventure series intended for mature readers due to profanity, violence and sexually explicit scenes.

Rose's Thorn: A Joe Erickson Mystery by Lynn-Steven Johanson

Rose's Thorn: A Joe Erickson Mystery book promotion sites by Lynn-Steven Johanson

Joe Erickson returns to a small Iowa town to settle his father's estate and finds himself drawn into a local murder investigation. A detective on medical leave from the Chicago Police Department, he is recovering from acute stress disorder brought on by the strain he experienced apprehending a notorious serial killer. He is supposed to be taking it easy, but his curiosity is aroused when he hears two teenage girls from neighboring towns have been kidnapped, murdered, and found posed nude along a riverbank. Local authorities fear they may have a serial killer on their hands. Being a small rural force, they need all the help they can get, and when a former lover and criminal profiler is brought in to consult, she talks Joe into joining the investigation as a special deputy to advise in the investigation.

But Joe is not the type to sit back and advise. In a test of his mental fitness, he throws himself into the manhunt and begins pursuing leads on his own. An arrest is made based on circumstantial evidence, but Joe’s intuition tells him the suspect is not the perpetrator, despite what the sheriff believes. When Joe's neighbors' teenage daughter is abducted in the same manner as the other two girls, he is stunned. She had become his jogging partner each morning, and he has come to know her family. The investigation has now become personal, and his hunt for the killer kicks into high gear as he must find her in the next three days, or she will become another corpse on the riverbank. 

Miss Handicock's School for Young Ladies (erotica) by The Anonymous Lady J

Miss Handicock's School for Young Ladies historical erotica book promotion by The Anonymous Lady J

Innocent yet naughty. Sweet and yet saucy. Historical erotica with a tongue in cheek twist that will make you laugh and fire your bloodstream as you follow the sexual adventures of the students and the teachers at a very discreet English boarding school. But you better learn your sensual lessons well or the hot headmistress will be caressing her collection of whips and devising deviant punishments...

All The Pretty Pieces - a psychological thriller by T.C. Barnes

All The Pretty Pieces - a psychological thriller book promotion by T.C. Barnes

A Kirkus Recommended Read! 

Just a woman, her dog, and a serial killer...

After barely surviving a vicious attack by a sadistic serial killer, FBI Profiler Kayleen Archer runs back home again, to the North Carolina mountain town where she grew up, and the one place where she thought she'd never return.

With nothing and no one left to help her heal, she retreats to a gray world of depression and fear, with only her beloved hound and a bottomless bottle of vodka to keep the lonely nights at bay.

But when a young girl is abducted from a local beauty pageant, Kayleen is asked to help by the local Sheriff, Caleb Stone; her first love, and the one man she had hoped to never face again.

All too quickly, she finds herself drawn right back, into the heart of darkness again. 

The Night before the Morning After - An Unexpected, Thought-Provoking Gen Z Memoir by Scott Newman

The Night before the Morning After - An Unexpected, Thought-Provoking Gen Z Memoir book promotion by Scott Newman

The Night before the Morning After is a rock and roll diary of Newman’s wild life and times. Beginning in Antibes, the story brings readers to New York, New Jersey, D.C., Paris, and Jordan. Between outrageous travel stories, improbable encounters, and scandalous romantic entanglements, Newman offers a behind-the-scenes expose and critique of life at an elite boarding school and at Princeton. It’s Salinger meets Easton Ellis meets Bukowski, written by and for the iPhone generation. It is at once a portrait, critique, and celebration of the American experience in the 21st century.

Murder in Marseille - a pageturner mystery by Susan Kiernan-Lewis

Murder in Marseille - a pageturner mystery book promotion sites by Susan Kiernan-Lewis

Free book promotion on Amazon 1/6/2021 - 1/10/2021!

When the dead body of a corrupt politician is found in Maggie's car trunk, she begins a heart-stopping thrill ride that takes her through the menacing back streets of Marseille toward the truth--and dark evil--behind the murder.

In His Arms - a BDSM romance by Joey W. Hill

In His Arms - a BDSM romance book promotion sites by Joey W. Hill

"Hill always brings you the beauty of the human heart and I love her for it. She writes hope."

When an accident puts Rory in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, it changes a lot of things. But it doesn't change how he feels about Daralyn, the troubled young woman his family took in when she was in her teens. He's a sexual Dominant. He wants her to belong to him. He wants to command her, protect her. 

As he embraces the Master's soul that is more a part of him than he ever realized, he finds that Daralyn's ability to overcome her past lies in her submission. However, it's also a tragedy waiting to happen, if he can't help her accept what he's learned, in a million difficult ways.

That strength of will and a belief in oneself is more important than anything. 

NOTE: In His Arms is a standalone title in the Nature of Desire series.

The Gift of Stories - anthology with a difference by H.D. Michaels

The Gift of Stories - anthology with a difference book promotion sites by H.D. Michaels

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 1/4/2021 - 1/31/2021!

You love to read. But what if suddenly, you found that you simply couldn’t?

Many of us who love reading never pick up a book. Why not? I couldn’t understand it until it happened to me. For me, I stopped either just after I had one of my babies or when I was grieving.

Two vastly different life events, but the result was the same. I was:

Overwhelmed with new emotions

Struggling with concentration

Sleep deprived

Living day by day

Unconsciously, I stopped reading, and I hated it. I truly believe if I had spent a few minutes a day reading, I would have felt better. Modern life is stressful, and we often put our well-being last. We don’t have time, we are exhausted, and our heads are full of a million things already! 

Every time I stopped reading, I trained myself back into it in the same way – with short stories. Every day, I felt a small success and I celebrated it. I created the Gift of Stories to help people get back into reading. I love novels, but sometimes in life that feels unachievable. It couldn’t be simpler, one story a day for 28 days; a journey of rediscovery.

The stories are all different and they start at less than 100 words. Some of the stories are scary, some are romantic, some make you feel sad, some will make you laugh. 

Hopefully, you’ll give it a read and please share it with anyone who you think needs to make time for themselves and fall in love with reading again.

Everyone deserves a life filled with wonderful stories.

The Legend of the Season: Magic of the Pearls by Christine Conforti

The Legend of the Season: Magic of the Pearls book promotion sites by Christine Conforti

Free book promotion on Amazon 1/4/2021 - 1/8/2021!

Magic of the Pearls is an inspirational story about love and cooperation. Julia DeCoeurs and her husband Herschel set out to eliminate a terrible virus that came to Northeast America a long time ago. Using Julia's gift of kindness and her determination, the DeCoeurs take her magical pearls on a 30 year journey as they heal those infected one at a time.

Originally written in 2007, this short story includes 25 illustrations painted by the author depicting moments imagined in this legend. Please share this uncanny, mystical tale during time with family and seasonal holidays. May you find inspiration in the heroic DeCoeurs family and the illustrations created for an old fashioned escape to a fictional past. Take with you the magical yet simple message that transcends time and space: “Love and Be Loved.”

Paradise and the Pandemic - children's book by author Anthony S

Paradise and the Pandemic - children's book promotion sites by author Anthony S

"Paradise" is a young eight year old who has compassion for others, her charismatic personality is full of life. She was created by Author Anthony S to help children understand our new way of life in a fun way; teaching morals is also a must. The character has dialog with other characters to help children understand first hand. The vast colorful illustrations grab their attention as they go from page to page. I not only entertain children, I also educate them. This is why the "Paradise" character was created. I am writing a series of "Paradise" books, all books can be used for virtual learning as well. "Paradise and the Pandemic" is also available as an animated book version. 

Cats, Cannolis and a Curious Kidnapping - Cozy Mystery by Cheryl Denise Bannerman

Cats, Cannolis and a Curious Kidnapping - Cozy Mystery book promotion sites by Cheryl Denise Bannerman

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $5.99) 12/27/2020 - 1/9/2021!

Anna Romano is happy with her life as a successful author, cat lover, an excellent cook with a flair for Italian cuisine. She lives in a cozy house in a friendly New Jersey community, and when she's not writing a book or planning her next book signing, she's cleaning litter boxes and baking cannoli—though never at the same time! But when Anna's idyllic life is turned upside-down by a stalker with murder on the mind, she must figure out how to escape with her life and get back to her cats, all while trying not to fall in love with the detective who's trying to save her.

First Steps to Fly Fishing: The 1924 Classic Updated for Today - non-fiction by Michael Temple and Kris Neely

First Steps to Fly Fishing: The 1924 Classic Updated for Today - non-fiction book promotion sites by Michael Temple and Kris Neely

This book is on sale on Amazon for $2.99 (regularly $9.99) 11/30/2020 - 1/31/2021!

"First Steps to Fly Fishing: The 1924 Classic Updated for Today" first appeared in 1924, giving beginners fisherman Michael Temple's advice on how to fly fish with better results. As the decades passed, his book became an industry classic and often was the first technical book consulted by newcomers to the sport.

Its reappearance in an updated edition adds new material by Kris Neely and fly fishing expert Joshua Bergan, who saw the necessity for updating the classic to reflect new equipment and approaches. To their credit, they didn't just update the book. They juxtapose old and new ideas about the sport.

This approach results in a contrast and synthesis of the best of fly fishing techniques past and present, retaining the feel of the authoritative classic while adding important new information that modern 21st-century fly fishermen will need to know.

The publisher and writers' attention to maintaining the integral quality of Michael Temple's original is to be applauded. So often, a redo of a classic involves tearing it apart. This production melds the best of both worlds together imparting a unique strength to both that re-places this classic into the hands of modern audiences. 

The introduction which talks about the challenges and focus of this process is particularly nicely done: "There are updated sections on rods, reels, lines, and other equipment, loads of information on specific recommended flies, how to cast, where to fish, when to fish, and more. And don’t discount the value of a fly angler’s glossary, which is included as the final section of this book. Temple thoughtfully omits more advanced concepts, such as fly tying, line mending, and entomology (with brief exceptions in the “Flies” section). Reading First Steps to Fly Fishing is quick, easy, to the point, and won’t leave your head spinning."

There could be no better gift to accompany a new fly fisherman's first gear than this comprehensive, lively, readable book. - D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review 

Reclaiming Our Own - A suspense thriller by Christopher Irons

Reclaiming Our Own - A suspense thriller by Christopher Irons

How would you react if one of your loved ones was unexpectedly abducted from a seemingly safe environment?

Would you fall apart and wait for life to pass you by, hoping and praying that your loved one would return?

Would you continue to be there for your family and allow the authorities to do their job?

Or would you take matters into your own hands and do whatever necessary to reclaim your own?

Arya Dharma - The Noble Dharma by Bollachettira Dhyan Appachu

Arya Dharma - The Noble Dharma by Bollachettira Dhyan Appachu

A publication on the Arya Dharma (Noble Dharma) - A better way by a unique combination of our heritage, spirituality and current affairs by going back to the future.

Bharata(India) has the greatest history, heritage and culture ever possessed by any civilization in the history of the Universe.

It is a real shame of what we have become today because we blindly try to ape and emulate the fraud FUKUS (France, UK, USA) systems of "casino capitalism" and "paid democracy" which are totally unsuitable not only to us, but to any country on this planet, and especially harmful to Nature, the supreme embodiment of Brahman (God).

It really makes you wonder about the state of this world, when the lungs of this world, the priceless Amazon rain forest is valued at $20 million, and the Amazon online shopping website is valued at almost a trillion dollars.

It really makes you wonder about the state of this world, when the top 1% possesses more than 47% percent of the global wealth, while the bottom half still worries about scrounging for their next meal.

If Bharat and this world must have any hope of restoring its past glory, it must abandon the fraud FUKUS systems which place only money and self-interest as their guiding principle, over Dharma and SEVA (Selfless Sacrifice), which were our eternal guiding principles that were laid down ever since Ram Rajya.

Dharma and SEVA were the guiding principles of the Golden Era of Bharat, when we surpassed even the Roman, Greek and Persian empires and even made a world conqueror like Alexander retreat in fearful haste without even daring to fight us.

If the principles mentioned in this publication are adopted in the world, it would surely lead to a Utopian Society where there is no king, religion, greed and selfishness and all the subjects would be governing themselves following the highest order of Dharma called Arya Dharma (The Noble Dharma).

Reviews of the book:  

Dr Mandira Adhikari Dubey
The book is a labour of extensive research, knowledge and logic. One would really gain a lot after reading this book.

Joe Britto
Dear Dhyan, Been through your amazing work. Congratulations is a small word. It’s something out of the ordinary.

Sarath Babu
There were lots to learn from this wonderful book.

Dr.Manoj Dubey
I am usually a reader of fiction and self help books but this one is of the most meaningful reads of my life. If you love your country and make some difference to the world, then you should definitely try reading this.

More reviews:

The Art and Science of Real Wealth - learn to earn material and real wealth by Dhyan Appachu Bollachettira

The Art and Science of Real Wealth - learn to earn material and real wealth by Dhyan Appachu Bollachettira

I have been in the field of investing ever since I was a young teen during the mania of the early 1990s.  I have had huge successes and even bigger failures.

I made enough money before I was 30 (2004), that ordinary people would not have made in a lifetime.

If I had just done my first investment as a young teen in life, in the mania of the early 1990s, based on logic, patience and reason, and more importantly on a trusted friend’s advice instead of a crooked broker’s stock tip, in MRF, and not on emotion and mania, and no other investment, I would have had more than Rs 590 crores (79 million dollars) by June 2020.

If I just stopped investing at 30 (2004), taken all my winnings and only bought Apple, I would have had almost than 27 million dollars (Rs 202 crores) by June 2020.

But my short-term emotional thinking, arrogance, and greed in investing, and ignoring and mocking the principles of capital allocation and risk management blew away all those earnings.

Now I have a vision of at least 10 years.  For stocks that I missed out like what I mentioned above, I have a vision of 25 years.

The world’s greatest investors were successful only because of logic, reason, patience, and discipline.
Since 2018, I changed my whole strategy and reviewed my life’s experience since I started actively investing as a young teen in the early 1990s.

This change in strategy and more importantly the disciplining and strengthening of my mind due to consistent practice of ध्यान Dhyana since 2015, has made me a very mentally strong and disciplined individual and now I would like to believe I am beyond ignorance, fear, hope and greed while investing and I hope at most things that life throws at me.

I thought I should share my life's learning over the last 26 years in the art and science of investing.

I hope it prevents others from making the mistakes I made until 2018, and straightaway skip all my mistakes and go on to the success I am having since 2019.

I have returned more than 70% on my investments from late 2018 to date and more than 100% on my investments from late 2019 to date when markets the world over have negative returns.

The purpose of this publication is to enable you to manage money wisely and earn a consistent regular income. This publication will enable you to achieve financial freedom.

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