Blind Date with a Billionaire Reality Star - Religion & Spirituality / Romance by Evangeline Kelly

Blind Date with a Billionaire Reality Star - Religion & Spirituality / Romance book promotion sites Evangeline Kelly

Competing for a date with a handsome billionaire goes against everything she believes in, but she has no choice.

Five years ago, when Karlie Spencer found out her parents died in a plane crash, she quit college and rushed home to care for her two siblings. They became her priority, leaving no time for a relationship.

After losing her job, she auditions for a dating reality show and saw it only as a means of income until she found other work. She didn't count on falling for the billionaire bachelor, but when she looked beyond his arrogant demeanor, she saw a lonely man, hiding from pain.

A horrible accident haunted Drake Arnold, making him look to the show as a distraction from thoughts that plagued him. He had no intention of getting into a real relationship with anyone, but then he met Karlie. It wasn’t until his feelings ran deep that he suddenly realized...she might not be able to accept his past.

Can he push through the pain to find a future with Karlie? Or will they both walk away at the end, knowing it was never meant to go anywhere?

Video Game Careers Demystified: Trifecta of Game Makers, Athletes, and Ecosystem in a Thriving Industry by Michael Chang

Video Game Careers Demystified: Trifecta of Game Makers, Athletes, and Ecosystem in a Thriving Industry by Michael Chang

Free book promotion on Amazon 3/29/2021 - 4/2/2021!

Written by a video game marketer and consultant who had worked in both AAA game development and indie game studios for over a decade.

Come experience the thrills and the ups and downs of this incredible industry - with an emphasis on first-hand accounts of what IT'S REALLY LIKE to develop, launch, and publish video games.

Hear first-hand accounts and WORDS OF WISDOM - about how THEY got their starts in the video game industry - from celebrated experts who have worked on such iconic games like Pac-Man, Ultima, RuneScape, Dark Age of Camelot, Candy Crush Saga, DungeonKeeper, Dragon Age, Star Wars the Old Republic, ABC Mouse, Halo, Pieces of Flair, Real Racing, FIFA Ultimate Team, and many more.

Together with a framework that allows a young gamer to look inside one's self; explore one's unique set of strengths, weaknesses, talents, and values; decide if this industry is right for one's self, how to stand out, and how to get started...

This book seeks to delight, educate, and inspire the readers by answering three sets of questions:

1. WHAT IS IT REALLY LIKE to create and publish games?

2. Does THE INDUSTRY OFFER VIABLE OPPORTUNITIES for young people? What about teens who are not STEM-inclined or artistic?

3. SHOULD EDUCATORS AND PARENTS FOSTER, CULTIVATE, OR CURE such “dreamers”? And if the former, How?

F*** The Black Dog: The Gruelling Journey Back from the Darkest Recesses of Depression and the Coaching System It Generated, So Others May Follow by Neil Geddes

F*** The Black Dog: The Gruelling Journey Back from the Darkest Recesses of Depression and the Coaching System It Generated, So Others May Follow

Free book promotion on Amazon 3/29/2021 - 4/2/2021!

"Coach" Neil Geddes brings decades of personal experience as well as research to the table.

F... the Black Dog communicates hard-won insights from rock-bottom experiences in a direct, no-nonsense voice that will resonate with the reader.

Personal experiences are related vividly in a visceral manner that will help readers connect therapeutic tools to their own lives.

This is a book about adjustments to perception, philosophy, and routine that can be highly effective supplements to therapy in combatting depression. It is aimed squarely at men and women who have had enough of depression ruling their lives and are ready to take on the hard work of managing their mental health.

It will help empower readers to take the necessary steps to treat and manage their depression, especially knowing that others have been where they are, and made it through the darkness...

Deciduous: a spiritual suspense novel by Michael Devendorf

Deciduous: a spiritual suspense novel promotion sites by Michael Devendorf

This book is on sale on Amazon for $1.99 (regularly $5.99) 3/25/2021 - 4/2/2021!

It has been ten months since forest conservationist Sienna lost her daughter in a tragic home accident when she was the only other person around. Kira's death transforms Sienna into an overprotective mother to her son. But then Kai dies under similar circumstances. Desperate to keep from losing her mind, if only to preserve the memories of her children, Sienna climbs into the treehouse where Kai took his last breath.

While meditating to connect with him, terrifying images of a "mother tree," a nurturing hub tree Sienna studied in an isolated meadow near their lake house, corrupt all memories of her kids. No longer a majestic, colorful sentinel, the tree menaces her with its limbs draped in leaves that morph into skeletal hands. As Sienna's thoughts fester, convincing her that her children's deaths were not simple accidents, those around her try to persuade her she must be guilty of harming Kira and Kai, even if she can't remember. Anxious to unveil the terrible truth hiding in her psyche, Sienna instead finds herself in very physical danger as secrets come to light.

MidNite Tales - Horror by Duke C.

MidNite Tales - Horror book promotion sites Duke C.

Free book promotion on Amazon 3/29/2021 - 3/31/2021!

This is a book of short stories about how people deal with tragedy, trauma, and unexpected life changing events. These dark tales are full of plot twist, surprise endings, and colorful characters that will keep the reader turning page after page. The last tale is about a woman who is dealing with her own supernatural powers. She realizes that her powers are a gift and a curse if used for the wrong reasons. Life begins to imitate art in this tale. Murder, greed, lust, and suspense are all part of these must read tales.

I Did It My Ways: An 86-year-old stand-up comedian's lifelong journey from prudish Bostonian to scandalous Parisienne, and beyond by D'yan Forest

I Did It My Ways: An 86-year-old stand-up comedian's lifelong journey from prudish Bostonian to scandalous Parisienne, and beyond by D'yan Forest

D’yan Forest has always done things her way – or her ways, because she’s lived a dozen different lives.

She’s been a desperate Boston housewife, a New York night-club singer and a Paris swinger.

She’s been the only Jewish girl in a Christian choir and the female pianist in a transvestite cabaret.

She had dayjobs teaching basketball, piano and sex education.

She dated Paris’s second-ever female bus driver, a transsexual rock guitarist and a defrocked nun.

She also managed to get German friends to visit Nazi concentration camps, on her personal quest to understand why her European relatives were massacred.

At 86, D’yan is still a working stand-up comedian and musician, but she’s much, much more than that, as this hilarious but heartfelt memoir reveals…

Written with Stephen Clarke, author of bestselling books like 1000 Years of Annoying the French and A Year in the Merde.

Pandemic to Peace by Mitesh Patel

Pandemic to Peace book promotion sites Mitesh Patel

Free book promotion on Amazon 3/26/2021 - 3/27/2021!

Pandemic to Peace is an easy, entertaining, and engaging journey that aims to lead you away from the trauma of the global pandemic, devastated economy, dirty politics, misinformation, civil unrest, and chaos. This book is like that warm cup of soup on a cold, stormy night. It will soothe your soul and show you how to increase your Health, Wealth, Peace, and Happiness in any situation. Not only will you heal from the crisis of today, but you will also learn to protect yourself and your loved ones from any future crises.

Whisper The Wind - Poetry by R.W. Flesher

Whisper The Wind - Poetry book promotion sites R.W. Flesher

Free book promotion on Amazon 3/25/2021 - 3/29/2021!

Short poems and whispers with some silent roars. A contemplation, a reflection, of the forest asleep and come to life. Deep, sometimes an excitement of humor, the poems carry the reader past deadened logs, and the sparkle of forest life. Profound, as ‘What You Shall Be’, and then the quickly riveting colors of ‘Silver Birches’, this first original outdoors works of the author, walks you through the forests and mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire. Lovers of fishing, hunting, camping, and hiking should enjoy the variety of selections from this outdoors works.

How to talk to anyone - self help and communication skills by John Kemp

How to talk to anyone - Self help and communication skills book promotion sites John Kemp

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 3/21/2021 - 3/29/2021!

If you struggle with talking, making friends, building relationships and need help improving your love life, this book is for you. Most of the information in other books is outdated or too vague. To help improve and solve the readers problem the book makes sure it is relatable and up to date. Whether it is teaching the reader how to be better at having 1-on-1 conversations, group conversations or online/social media conversations, you the reader will benefit by being guided step by step. Guidance like what to say and what to not say or what to do and what to not do in order to help improve your communication skills and people skills are provided in the book. Also, included in the book is a list of online support group links recommended to help the readers who need that extra support and help. 

DANCING WITH DEATH: An Inspiring Real-Life Story of Epic Travel Adventure / Memoir (Travel Memoir) by Jean-Philippe Soulé

DANCING WITH DEATH: An Inspiring Real-Life Story of Epic Travel Adventure / Memoir  (Travel Memoir) book promotion sites Jean-Philippe Soulé

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $8.99)  3/23/2021 - 3/24/2021!

A tale of adventure, sacrifice and physical endurance with amazing cultural encounters all wrapped in good old-fashion storytelling.

Fans of Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild, Bill Bryson's A Walk in the Woods, Cheryl Strayed's Wild, and Chris McDougall's Born to Run will enjoy author Jean-Philippe Soule's adventure-travel memoir of self-discovery as he and his best friend journey from California to Panama to meet with and learn from rainforest indigenous communities.

Two men, three years, seven countries, 3000 miles...

Wilco: Lone Wolf Series - Military Fiction by Geoff Wolak

Wilco: Lone Wolf Series - Military Fiction book promotion sites Geoff Wolak

A soldiers story, from basic training to special forces via military prison, to undercover work in Northern Ireland and Central America, to leading missions against hostages takers in the Sahara. This is a long and progressive series of 30 books, starting in the year 1985.

Earl of Keyworth - a regency romance by Collette Cameron

Earl of Keyworth - a regency romance book promotion sites Collette Cameron

The only thing redeemable about the enigmatic and aloof Landry, Earl of Keyworth, was his giant dog. Never had a man infuriated Celestia Tolman more. After the bounder nearly bankrupted her father, Celestia decided to take matters into her own hands. She’d teach the arrogant lord a lesson he’d never forget.

There were two things in all the world that Landry couldn’t abide: liars and cheaters. So when the delectable bluestocking, Celestia Tolman, shows up on his doorstep and attempts to sway his sympathies in favor of her charlatan of a father, Landry has no patience. He sends her packing.

Then the ugly rumors began to circulate about him, and he need look no further than the green-eyed temptress who'd vowed vengeance for her father and their family honor.

Permanent Enemy - an explosive, rapid-fire political thriller by Paul Roberts

Permanent Enemy - an explosive, rapid-fire political thriller book promotion sites Paul Roberts

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 3/19/2021 - 3/24/2021!

Now available for $0.99 for a limited time only. Also available on Kindle Unlimited.

Discover PERMANENT ENEMY, Book 1 in ACTION-PAK - an original. thought-provoking , action-packed, global thriller series. Experience unthinkable international intrigue, heart-stopping suspense, mind-blowing surprises and lightning-fast, take-no-prisoner action sequences that will send you running for shelter. All four titles in the series are now on sale for a limited time - $0.99 Each. Get them all now and start reading..."

The Fossil - a science fiction thriller by Joshua T. Calvert

The Fossil - a science fiction thriller book promotion sites Joshua T. Calvert

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 3/18/2021 - 3/21/2021!

A human fossil on Mars. An astronaut who lost her memory and a powerful organization that keeps a secret in Antarctica—one that will change the world forever.

In 2018, Canadian archaeologist Ron Jackson makes a mind-boggling discovery in Antarctica—right before disappearing without a trace, leaving behind only his controversial theory that humans have lived on Earth far, far longer than we think they have.

Decades later, in 2042, when Jackson's wife dies under mysterious circumstances, an unlikely pair of investigators, Agatha Devenworth and Pano Hofer, begin investigating whether her death might be connected to Jackson's disappearance. What exactly was it he found before he vanished? Why is the Human Foundation, a hyper-powerful business empire built on an endless series of game-changing inventions it has been rolling out, one after another, for over twenty years, trying to hide the truth from the two investigators? And what could it possibly have to do with the first manned mission to Mars, which ended in disaster leaving countless conspiracy theories in its wake?

Spaceship Earth: Return of the Star Tribes - non-fiction by Joy Elaine

Spaceship Earth: Return of the Star Tribes - non-fiction book promotion sites Joy Elaine

Free book promotion on Amazon 3/19/2021 - 3/21/2021!

Worldwide disaster is forestalled by implementing an unprecedented strategy. After that dust settles, the team must figure out how to dispose of nine-million-year-old toxic waste left by the Annunaki. Other remarkable events include: Arthur and Guinevere tell their story; scoops on Stonehenge, Noah, and Nessie; collectives that became extinct or were destroyed return to once more assist the Earth; crowning of the dragon king; Gaia assists in replacing all creatures living in zoos/aquariums with holograms; Swizzlers’ first birthday party inside Carcassonne Castle with the real Mickey Mouse.

Smashers Synched: Ceiling Smashers: Book 2 - an inspiring women's fiction novel by Shaz Kahng

Smashers Synched: Ceiling Smashers: Book 2 - an inspiring women's fiction novel book promotion sites Shaz Kahng

A brilliant tale about women in business that brings into sharp focus what it truly takes to become an extraordinary leader.

A business acquisition and an enigmatic boss…A chance to host a new CNBC show…A tumultuous role as CMO of a luxury brand…How will the Ceiling Smashers overcome the hurdles placed in their paths? Andi walks into work one day to learn that her private banking department has been acquired by a foreign bank and she’s getting a new boss. Sofia finally gets the green light for the new CNBC show she’s been pitching but has to work with a prickly new co-anchor. Grace, on sabbatical from her CMO job wants to write the bible on rebranding and has dreams of running a business. Meanwhile, their friend and fellow Ceiling Smasher, Vivien Lee, has taken on a leadership role at a sports company in Oregon. These four women are at a career crossroads which they must face with determination and defiance, making daily decisions that will define them as individuals. As this page-turner unfolds and twists of fate are revealed what keeps these unforgettable characters going is their friendship, loyalty, and support of each other. As their journeys propel them through uncertain times, do the Ceiling Smashers have a shot at success?

An American in Paris Mysteries: Books 1,2,3 - pageturners by Susan Kiernan-Lewis

An American in Paris Mysteries: Books 1,2,3 - pageturners book promotion sites Susan Kiernan-Lewis

Free book promotion on Amazon 3/15/2021 - 3/20/2021!

Claire Baskerville is a sixty-something newly widowed American who finds herself living and working as a private investigator in Paris, where she discovers life in the City of Light can be a new beginning even for a woman of a certain age.

Save Him - A Military Time Travel Thriller by William M. Hayes

Save Him - A Military Time Travel Thriller book promotion sites William M. Hayes

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 3/11/2021 - 4/30/2021!

Rydel Scott, a brilliant scientist working at a secret military lab, accidentally discovers time travel while working on a project designed to save wounded soldiers in the field. Rydel's dying sister, a nun, tells Rydel that she has received a message from God—save Jesus Christ from the cross. And Rydel Scott travels back in time to do just that.

The Risks of Dead Reckoning - a riveting scifi adventure by Felicia Watson

The Risks of Dead Reckoning - a riveting scifi adventure book promotion sites Felicia Watson

Many of us have found it hard to maintain a sane work-life balance during the pandemic of the 21st century. How much harder is it in the 31st century living and working aboard a starship? In Felicia Watson's The Risks of Dead Reckoning (Lovelace Series #3), Lieutenant Naiche Decker finds it to be a near-impossibility. Not surprising since her captain is also her father, her CO is her best friend, and fellow pilot Talako Jacoway is her newly christened fiancé! 

During the hard-fought war with the Eternals and the tumultuous aftermath, Decker was obsessed with her job, but her recent life as a peace-time space-explorer has her thinking about a more tranquil future. Decker’s idyllic musings are cut short when the Lovelace’s mission to collect a rare and highly-prized mineral is interrupted by a haunting distress call. Asking for help are strangely childlike humans claiming to be the survivors of a starship lost hundreds of years before, whose crew has long been counted among the dead.

The ancient mystery leads the Lovelace to a planet called Tolu, where enigmatic inhabitants and dangerous creatures abound. As if keeping the fool-hardy survivors alive while fighting off acid-spewing dragons isn’t enough, the Lovelace crew attempts to broker peace between the peculiar planet's warring factions. In the end, to untangle the murky history of the stranded humans, the Lovelace crew must confront their professed benefactors: a xenophobic race of highly advanced aliens who may prove to be a powerful ally – or formidable foe.

Many readers and reviewers have mentioned the Lovelace Series’ strong Trek vibe, with a likable crew (including a canine corpsman), breezy humor, and philosophical quandaries in the mix. The characters wrestle with the morality of colonization, vengeance gone too far, and whether a misguided attempt to help can end up being an ethical rights violation. Though the third in a series, this book, like its predecessors, can easily stand-alone. 

It's Murder, on a Galapagos Cruise - a cruise ship cozy mystery by P.C. James

It's Murder, on a Galapagos Cruise - a cruise ship cozy mystery book promotion sites P.C. James

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 3/14/2021 - 3/23/2021!

It's Murder on a Galapagos Cruise is the thrilling second tale in the Miss Riddell Cozy Mysteries series. Set this time in 1988, Miss Riddell has taken a Galapagos cruise to help her newly widowed sister come to terms with her loss. 

Unfortunately for their vacation, on the first night out at sea a crewman falls to his death. Miss Riddell finds the body and believes he’s been murdered. Everyone else, including the police, says ‘accident’ but she’s determined to reveal the truth. 

Miss Riddell discovers the dead man is not what he seemed. He’d quarrelled with both staff and guests and in the past been involved with murderous guerillas. Is there a political assassin onboard? Or did the victim just quarrel with the wrong person? Can Miss Riddell ensure justice prevails?

Dive: Endless Skies - A punchy epic fantasy by Chris Reign

Dive: Endless Skies - A punchy epic fantasy book promotion Chris Reign

Endless Skies, a reality in a game. For most humans, it represents a second life away from the horrors of a broken Earth. To Eyre, her first full-dive into the fantasy realm is a long shot gamble at finding independence, from her family and her past.

Determination, cleverness, and luck get her far enough to pick up a quest from a shady wizard, with the promise to fulfill her deepest desire. The catch: become a lodestone to danger as the quest leads her into dubious salvation at the hands of lethal Guild mercenaries.

Caught up now in the calculations of the team’s enigmatic leader, Sworn, she finds herself aiding them on a march to clear their own objective: the Dungeon of Ironcross Depot and its master, an Unaligned warlord feared by the Guilds. As the body count grows and the subterfuge deepens, Eyre is forced to decide how far she is willing to go to become the vision she has for herself.

Time to Wake - paranormal romance by K. Thomas

Time to Wake - paranormal romance book promotion sites K. Thomas

Free book promotion on Amazon 3/16/2021 - 3/16/2021!

The book is full of sarcasm, awkward dating moments, and the self discovery journey of an oblivious central character. You know the story: girl devours souls, girl meets boy, girl tries to avoid boy (unsuccessfully). All while following through with a terrible plan to catch a murderer with her newfound friends... when the only real talents of the group consist of blogging and introversion. What could go wrong?

There Must Be A Better Way by Jim Riviello and Karen Monroy

There Must Be A Better Way book promotion sites Jim Riviello and Karen Monroy

Free book promotion on Amazon 3/15/2021 - 3/19/2021!

Life is about change. So many times we get caught up thinking things or situations are bad, when in reality, they are all good. Jim Riviello's story is about meaningful change that you can achieve in every area of your life. Jim reveals the little, everyday decisions we all make that will either move us closer to the life we desire or take us off the beaten path, making it harder to find our way. Do you ever wonder if "There is a Better Way?" Are you searching for authentic Clarity and Discipline, both personally and professionally? In this unique story, you'll discover that the BETTER WAY we are all searching for is within each of our grasps and you already have everything you need, at this moment, to be successful and happy.

The Billionaire's Beagle: A Clean and Wholesome Romantic Comedy About a Billionaire and a Misbehaving Beagle (Misbehaving Billionaires Book 1) by Kristy Tate

The Billionaire's Beagle: A Clean and Wholesome Romantic Comedy About a Billionaire and a Misbehaving Beagle (Misbehaving Billionaires Book 1) K.Tate

This book is free on Amazon!

From an awesome reader: "This is a funny, lovable story about an old hotel owner leaving his grandson Wes in charge of the business and his beloved beagle Betty!

Letty and Wes meet when Betty escapes and does something naughty at Letty’s sisters wedding!

What follows is a story of let downs, untruths, heartache but also a lesson in forgiveness and love!"

The Fallen Guardian - a debut young adult fantasy by Anthony Chaveleh

The Fallen Guardian - a debut young adult fantasy book promotion sites Anthony Chaveleh

Free book promotion on Amazon 3/14/2021 - 3/16/2021!

The most powerful and ancient evil resurfaces. The only way to stop it from destroying civilization is by freeing the five original, immortal dragons. Reth and Calig may be the key to their freedom, but letting the dragons loose may have consequences. Is there another way?

Reth and Calig don’t know of each other, and they have vastly different backgrounds and skillsets. In fact, Reth doesn’t even know his skills. He has no memories. All he knows is he needs to find an amulet, and he needs to find it soon. Each person Reth meets on his journey reveals more of his past and his destiny, but not everyone can be trusted.

Calig, on the other hand, holds one of the most powerful and prestigious roles: protecting the realm from dragons. So when a dragon escapes a presumably inescapable barrier for the first time in a thousand years, Calig must chase it down and discover the cause. On the way, though, he realizes the dragon’s escape may herald something much worse. A stray dragon is the least of his concerns. 

Somehow, Reth and Calig's fates have been intertwined. Something pulls them to the same place. To the same goal. As they make their separate journeys, the people they meet reveal more of the bigger picture. Of course, not everyone is who they say they are…

To Hell and Back: The Lost Soul - the fast paced thriller of a romance by Amira Vasileva

To Hell and Back: The Lost Soul - the fast paced thriller of a romance book promotion sites Amira Vasileva

Lucinda Blake always knew that there is something off about her life, that dreaming about the same ocean-blue eyes and then seeing those eyes in the form of the young teacher is not normal. 

Since she is a month away from her 18th birthday, unusual circumstances began to take place; she began to feel different. What is her mother hiding behind that door with multiple locks? Where does Rose, her best friend, keeps disappearing? There are so many questions and so little time to answer them before it's too late...

It's as if everyone knows more about her than she is about herself. Lucy began thinking that she was going insane, but then marks appeared on her arms; she burned the church with the priest who tried to kill her, and she died...well, not exactly. 

The Closer - an inspiring women's fiction novel by Shaz Kahng

The Closer - an inspiring women's fiction novel book promotion Shaz Kahng

The quintessential novel for the #MeToo and Time's Up era. A page-turning story THE CLOSER delivers a fresh, thrilling, and satisfying take on a strong female leader in business trying to make her mark in a man's world. Readers are sure to come away from THE CLOSER thinking about the characters long after reading the last page. THE CLOSER will appeal to fans of authors like Jodi Picoult and Jane Austen and books like Little Women, Crazy Rich Asians, and The Devil Wears Prada.

Love Letters from Spirit: Your Relationship with Your Soul, Your Higher Self, and God by Laura Dickenson

Love Letters from Spirit: Your Relationship with Your Soul, Your Higher Self, and God book promotion sites Laura Dickenson

This book is on sale on Amazon for $1.99 (regularly $4.99) 3/12/2021 - 3/14/2021!

This is the spiritual self-help book you need in your life! 

The universe is divinely designed to support you.

Yes, it's true, and those who have lived before serve as proof.

Love Letters from Spirit provides reassuring wisdom from a unique perspective, a perspective beyond our physical dimension. 

In a series of letters received through channeled writing, Spirit Guides assure us the universe is not random; it is absolutely purposeful and benevolent. 

Its foundation is Divine Love and Oneness.

And you owe it to yourself to play an active role in something so powerful and life changing!

The messages in Love Letters from Spirit emphasize the importance of our own spiritual practice and co-creative partnership with God for healing ourselves, developing our contributions, and transforming our planet.

Take the next step, open your mind, and focus on your spiritual transformation! 

Sundays - historical fiction by A. Robert Allen

Sundays - historical fiction book promotion sites A. Robert Allen

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $4.99) 3/8/2021 - 3/14/2021!

Dustin Murphy’s blocked memory of childhood trauma is the key to unravelling a modern-day threat. Can he remember in time to prevent disaster?

Haunted by the ghosts of his childhood, Dustin doesn’t understand why he is so disconnected to the world. His mother suggests he may find answers by studying their family’s past, which takes him back to:

1934, Harlem—His Great Aunt Rita is a fixer in the numbers racket. She works side by side with Bumpy Johnson and runs the bank for the operation while her family struggles to be accepted in New York because of the color of their skin.

1815, Nevis—Dustin’s early ancestors are split between the planter elite and the slave population. Their actions during these final years of slavery set the tone for the family for years to come.

Dustin uncovers long-suppressed family secrets while he learns about his own problems from the past. Everything comes to a head in Charlottesville, Virginia, when he and his sister participate in a rally that pits White supremacists against all those who oppose them.  Can he unlock his memory in time to prevent disaster? 

Marcos Betrayal, a fast paced marine thriller by MJ Anand

Marcos Betrayal, a fast paced marine thriller book promotion sites MJ Anand

This book is on sale on Amazon for $2.99 (regularly $9.99) 3/8/2021 - 3/22/2021!

The Himalayas have saved India from many invasions but when a veteran Boarder Intelligence officer dies a cold death in the deep mountains, the intelligence establishment is sent into a tizzy. The information he extracted before dying confirms their worst nightmares. Little do they know that it’s just the beginning of a covert invasion that would change the Asian Intelligence order forever.

At a time when the Indians are trying to recover from the deadly Mumbai attacks, a more sinister plan is put into wheels. The Indians call upon their best, and so, Abhimanyu finds himself pulled out of his honeymoon. His personal life has been put on hold, once again. 

From the high Himalayan mountain passes to the endless horizons of Thar, the leads take him to a point of no return. He wanted to retire soon but the call of duty stretches him once again. While the enemy remains elusive, the possibility of a mole troubles him even more. Will he lose himself before he finds the truth or, let the truth find him and kill him.

Treasonous - a gripping thriller by David Hickson

Treasonous - a gripping thriller book promotion sites David Hickson

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $4.99) 3/7/2021 - 3/13/2021!

Ex SAS assassin, Ben Gabriel, suspects that a journalist's death has to do with questions he was asking about the new president. Gabriel steps outside the law to find the truth. Sometimes the path to the truth is more than a little crooked.

The Legend of Devil's Creek - A murder mystery by D.C. Alexander

The Legend of Devil's Creek - A murder mystery book promotion sites D.C. Alexander

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $9.99) on 3/7/2021!

"#1 Amazon best seller!  A redemption-seeking police captain and a group of college students confront fundamental causes of evil as the tranquility of their remote island community is shattered by a series of grisly murders mirroring those of a century-old ghost story born in the island's dark and violent past.


When a mutilated corpse is found bound to a tree deep in the forest of remote Aubrey Island, Washington, residents learn that the murder mirrors, in every ritualistic detail, a series of revenge killings described in a century-old local ghost story. More abductions and killings soon follow.

Justin Riddley, recently transferred to the island’s small college, faces growing evidence that one of his new friends and fellow students may be the murderer. John Marshall, redemption-seeking captain of the local police force, leads the frantic murder investigation and struggles to figure out whether the killings are tied to the island's dark and violent past. Tormented by tragic wartime memories, and more convinced with each day that it is humanity’s fate to destroy itself, Marshall races against both the murderer and the specter of his own mental breakdown.

As blood continues to spill, Riddley and Marshall wonder whether there may be a dark, universal force that drives evil deeds great and small, and whether the nature of one’s childhood might sometimes, in the end, be all that separates the saint from the psychopath.

Mr. Willy & Arthur by Fairleigh Brooks

Mr Willy and Arthur by Fairleigh Brooks

Do you know what's great about tenth-grade English class? You get to meet imaginary people from the spectrum of human experience. You won't remember them all, but you likely do remember Boo Radley and Willy Loman, two men both hapless and courageous in their own unique ways. 

More than any other description, fiction can be seen as two words, a fill-in-the-blank, and a question mark - What if ____? And so, what if Boo Radley and Willy Loman one day crossed paths? They do in Mr. Willy & Arthur. 

The respective stories of Boo Radley and Willy Loman are about fifteen years apart, but no time machines are involved with this tale, or any fritzing around with spacetime. The author gives Boo Radley the unexpected gumption to break away from Maycomb to become an itinerant field hand, and he extends Willy Loman's life by a week or so, sending him back to Florida. In North Carolina the paths of Boo and Willy become one on, well, yes, a dark and stormy night. 

Both men have much to teach the other, and much to learn from the other. Both have known imprisonment. Boo's was imposed, Willy's more self-imposed. One has been free for years, the other will find freedom the only way he can. 

Weeper - a delightfully twisted historical fiction novel by Greg Morgan

Weeper - a delightfully twisted historical fiction novel book promotion sites Greg Morgan

This beautifully constructed family saga spans three generations set all within the macabre world of the civil war era American funeral industry where weepers, warners, death photographers and the new practice of embalming the dead dwelled.

Lady in Red - a children's detective story by Tessa Buckley

Lady in Red - a children's detective story book promotion sites Tessa Buckley

‘It’s a really clever story. I couldn’t wait to read this to the end.’ Love Reading 4 Kids.

Alex is afraid of snakes, so when his sister Donna befriends Jake, an Australian boy with a pet snake called Queenie, he isn’t happy. Jake is staying with the O’Connor family at Acacia Villa, once the home of Victorian artist, Gabriel Pascoe. When the artist’s great grandson, Fred Pascoe, tells the twins how Gabriel Pascoe’s most famous painting, Lady in Red, went missing seventy years ago, they volunteer to try and find out what happened to it. 

As Alex and Donna pursue their enquiries, Acacia Villa itself is threatened with demolition. It looks as if their new friends will lose their home, and Holcombe Bay will lose an important historic building. They suspect that Mr Mortimer, the man who wants to demolish Acacia Villa, may know the true location of Lady in Red. But he is a friend of the twins’ mother, and the godfather of their baby half-sister, Sophie. Criticising him could open up family rifts, which have only just healed.

Then Queenie the snake goes missing, and a train of events is set in motion which leads the twins and their new friends into terrible danger. Help comes from an unexpected quarter, but will it arrive too late? And will Alex and Donna ever be able to return Lady in Red to its rightful owner?

How to Catch a Mouse with No Cheese - business book by Donnie P.

How to Catch a Mouse with No Cheese - business book promotion sites by Donnie P.

How to Catch a Mouse with No Cheese is written for people who either have been in business for up to a year or are interested in starting a business, but to not have money. It discusses five life-changing principles that will help you succeed. Each principle has its own basis for preparing you to get your business up and growing with no money. 

Aspen: A Love Story - contemporary romance by T. K. Lucaith

Aspen: A Love Story - contemporary romance book promotion sites T. K. Lucaith

For two unlikely strangers, the snow swept mountains of Aspen remind us all that love and luck thrive on uneven ground. While newly widowed Mark stews in the shadows of success and loss, conservative Susan shoulders a weight of uncertainty from her romantic past. Can a single dinner for one change the course of fate? Can these starkly different individuals reconcile their own demons enough to see eye to eye? The scene may be right--but what of timing? In the heart of Colorado, under the watchful eye of the majestic Rocky Mountains, visionary Mark and stubborn Susan share a dance of swirling emotions that can only lead to something explosive. Suddenly, without meaning to, they set themselves down a path of self reflection--and personal reconciliation. Will Mark and Susan be able to overcome their own personal ideals and misgivings leading them to palpable passion? Even in the cold mountain town of Aspen--the flames of fervor flicker brightly. 

Once A Child by R. W. Flesher

Once A Child book promotion sites R. W. Flesher

That prickling, the titillating rush of a past thrill and joy, the trickle of memory, the reaching for more, the capture of what was once at the time so exhilarating, but now a single needle of hope that it might last longer, and the faint hope that it might somehow return. Why must it always fade, the spike of the past that never lasts? The grey shadow and hint of time, the joy so loud yet dwindling faint, of youth so dare and proud, and now so far and never loud. As many get older, some will have memories that fade, as in the case of the author. He hurries to record joyful memories, while he still can, so they can be read by him, or to him in later years. The author is creating a pre-emptive strike, against what he knows is a deteriorating memory. 

The free verse musings of this work trigger the memory of the writer. Happy times and good years are remembered through pen to paper. With humor and wit through seasonal timeframes, the writer rapidly launches forward exhibiting the wonderful and exciting world of the child some sixty years ago.

Hunting Hyde - A psychological serial killer thriller by Robert Ciancio

Hunting Hyde - A psychological serial killer thriller book promotion sites Robert Ciancio

On a clear Saturday morning, a hunter finds the remains of a mutilated woman dumped like a piece of used garbage. The killer is unknown, and there are no leads to follow. This victim is just the beginning. She is the beginning of a killing spree that will cause fear in the public and exhaustion for the investigator hunting him. The killer is hidden among us, appearing like any other man on the street. He seems to be nothing special. He has a job, a house, and his own vehicle. He likes to go out and have a good time. He appears to be average, except that he is a real-life Jekyll and Hyde living among us.

Hollywood: Hollyweird: How People Survive And Make It! by Art Norman Jr.

Hollywood: Hollyweird: How People Survive And Make It! book promotion sites Art Norman Jr.

Hello everyone! I'm glad to be here & guess what I'm African-American & I was fortunate to get the nod for the rather unique position of Bodyguard in HOLLYWOOD, CA!! There I got to network in & around such Celebrities as Chris Rock, Ms. Paris Hilton & Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx just to name a few! Oh yes....the Fast Lane - All up at the Club at 4am laughing and joking but with one eye on the street - Tinseltown that is!!! So being that your looking for great Adventures & Marvelous outcomes - check us out with eBooks all the way! Thanks & enjoy! -Art Norman Jr.-author.

Onward: The Art of Leadership by Mark Joseph Huckabee

Onward: The Art of Leadership book promotion sites Mark Joseph Huckabee

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $9.99) 3/1/2021 - 3/5/2021!

Onward: The Art of Leadership reveals a new vision of leadership and success, tailored for 21st-century leaders and taught through the lens of literature, history, and cinema.

On our adventure we'll master public speaking with Winston Churchill. We'll learn negotiation tactics from Nelson Mandela. Pixar will teach us the power of brand equity. We'll plan our retirement years with Michael Corleone himself, and grow our wealth with Wall Street's Gordon Gekko. We'll shine a life-saving light on addiction and discover the key to overcoming life's greatest tragedies alongside Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl.

Jurassic Park. Napoleon Bonaparte. The Matrix. TED Talks. Alexander the Great. Elon Musk. Star Wars. These are our teachers. And through them, we will transform our approach to leadership and life.

Onward: The Art of Leadership. Timeless principles. Today's voice.

Save Lives or Save the Rhetoric? public policy/economics by David Goldenberg

Save Lives or Save the Rhetoric ? public policy/economics book promotion sites David Goldenberg

This book is for independent thinkers who follow the logic, data and evidence wherever it leads. The alternative is to accept at face value what other people tell you and want you to believe through the rhetoric--- which is operative 24/7 in the media's echo chambers. 

This book will teach you how to tell the difference between these two approaches and it will give you lots of current, real-world examples and  innovative discussion questions so you can practice and be actively involved.  

The second part of the book delves into concepts and methods that any intelligent citizen may apply in order to make informed decisions about policy proposals. 

Not another partisan screed, the objective throughout is pedagogy: to help the reader better understand current events, better identify the rhetoric in partisan debates, and better evaluate public policy.

(30% discount when ordering on until  12/30/2021 Please use the code HAM30AUTH21)

Confident Horseback Riding : How to Establish Communication, Cooperation and Control of Your Horse by Al Ragusin

Confident Horseback Riding : How to Establish Communication, Cooperation and Control of Your Horse book by Al Ragusin

Free book promotion on Amazon 3/1/2021 - 3/5/2021!

Horse training instructional book.  You will learn to train your horse with proven methods, and you will have access to tools to accomplish your goals in a safe and pain free way and only days instead of months.  You will see progress with each passing day.  When you see progress, it will inspire you to learn more. 

Don't Get Bullied by Your Bank...or Anyone Else!: The 5-Step Plan to Exit Your Business With All the Money You Need to Live the Life You Want by Brian Callanan

Don't Get Bullied by Your Bank...or Anyone Else!: The 5-Step Plan to Exit Your Business With All the Money You Need to Live the Life You Want by Brian

Free book promotion on Amazon 3/1/2021 - 3/5/2021!

Where did the chip on the author’s shoulder come from; such that he wants to protect business owners as they exit for retirement? The chip comes all of the way from the rough and tumble streets of Boston to the exclusive offices of private wealth management in Palm Beach.

Callanan takes the reader through his painful rollercoaster’s journey of generational alcoholism, bullying and drug addiction as a youth. The book also includes him finding his faith in God.  This faith helped him to deal with a baseball bat accident that took the life of a classmate, a family suicide and more than one business market crash.

The author presents a well-researched argument that Wall Street is operating from a broken 50-year-old model. This broken model will disappoint retirees as they age unless they make risk management a priority in their family portfolios.

This very personal and vulnerable story is told so that the retirement income planning paradigm for business owners is transformed. Callanan wants to educate people how to exit for all they are worth. It’s an insider’s view that although the odds are against the client, something can be done about it.  Nothing is left off the table. The People need to know. This is a must read for anyone who wants to make sure they are not getting bullied by their financial institutions into taking less than they deserve.

Injuries Suck but Your Fantasy Team Doesn't Have To: Using Injury Analysis to Take Your Fantasy Sports Game to the Next Level by James Ferretti

Injuries Suck but Your Fantasy Team Doesn't Have To: Using Injury Analysis to Take Your Fantasy Sports Game to the Next Level by James Ferretti

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $9.99) 3/1/2021 - 3/31/2021!

This is a book for all of the frustrated fantasy sports players out there.  Frustrated by unclear, ambiguous and confusing injury reports on your players?  Tired of having your teams’ success derailed by player injuries?  This book is for you.  Written by a doctor with over 25 years of fantasy sports experience - Injuries Suck but Your Fantasy Team Doesn’t Have To uses straightforward explanations, tips and advice to cut through the medical jargon, and the guesswork with regard to player injuries.

No medical knowledge?  NO PROBLEM!  This book is written in plain English with strategies and tips you can implement TODAY!  Whether you are chasing fortune and glory in the daily fantasy sports realm, looking for bragging rights in your home league or any point in between, Injuries Suck but Your Fantasy Team Doesn’t Have To will transform the way you play fantasy sports and is sure to be an invaluable tool to help you achieve that all important goal - WINNING!

God's Way : Sufi Spiritual Healing by Robert "Ibrahim" Jaffe MD

God's Way : Sufi Spiritual Healing book promotion sites Robert "Ibrahim" Jaffe MD

Free book promotion on Amazon 3/1/2021 - 3/5/2021!

Gods Way: Sufi Spiritual Healing, teaches people how to find and heal the core issues and spiritual teachings that are connected to illness, disease and personal suffering.

Drawing from the Sufi tradition as well other methods of healing Dr. Jaffe MD will unfold the A-PIIR-TB Method of working out the hidden causes of our illness, which when resolved often lead to healing of even the most difficult illnesses. Thousands have healed!

If you are struggling with illness and suffering and are seeking to understand why and how to heal, this book can be revolutionary for your health.

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