The Maruaders of Sazile by Romana Drew

The Maruaders of Sazile by Romana Drew - book promotion companies

Fast paced space adventure.

Aliens invade Earth, or so the news says. Three ships land. They don't even have weapons. The cute furry Hocalie are looking for one person to take to the Intragalactic Trade Center on Rosat, or so they say. In reality, they are looking for the one person who can stop an intragalactic war. They don't tell anyone that.

Thousands of people apply. Earth's governments vie to get their representatives picked. The Hocalie listen to all the suggestions. Then they choose Robin Mayfield, a young artist. After they are in space, and it's too late to turn back, they tell Robin that only she can stop an intragalactic war. But they won't tell her how she is supposed to do that.

The Marauders appear out of nowhere, attack Langons ships and settlements, and disappear just as fast. They never communicate and never respond to any form of communication. 

The Hocalie are ever so gentle but clever enough to hold their own against even the worst enemy. The Langons are technologically advanced, arrogant, self-centered, and domineering. The Marauders are unstoppable.

Throughout her adventures, Robin keeps a journal. She also draws pictures of the people and places she visits. The Marauders of Sazile is taken from Robin's Journal. Some of her illustrations are included.

The standard edition is in black and white, but the deluxe edition is in full color. However, the printing costs for color are higher, so the price of the deluxe edition is higher.

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