The Red Road - Historical Fiction by J.E. McCarthy

The Red Road - Historical Fiction discount book promotion J.E. McCarthy

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What would you do if your brother was killed, and the authorities had no case as to who killed him?

Alder McGinn woke to the sound of a police car coming up the driveway to tell him of his brother's death. It might have been an accident and it might have been murder. Oldest son to a widow and mother to twelve children, Alder struggles to "let it go" or join his family's quest for justice.

Hubert "Hub" Moreland has always felt he was above the rest of the people in town and the rules have never really applied to him. He had flaunted his wealth and privilege his whole life and the older he grows the more entitled he becomes.
Set in 1933 Maine, The Red Road takes place in the dying days of prohibition and pits rich against poor and bootleggers against the law. The McGinn search for justice sends their large Irish family hurtling onto a collision course with the wealthiest and most ruthless men in the county.     

The Red Road is book one of the McGinn Family Saga.