Glitches of Gods, epic science fantasy by Jurgen "jojo" Appelo

Glitches of Gods, epic science fantasy book promotion by Jurgen "jojo" Appelo

"Something went wrong."

The last thing Julien wants is to become a pawn in a game between troublesome, super-sentient AIs. The second-to-last thing on his list is taking responsibility for the creation of a human-level android—more than reasonable, given that his prior attempt claimed twenty lives, including his father's.

Instead, Julien much prefers bickering with his lethal virtual assistant, crafting cat memes with his quirky friends, and shagging dates across a broad spectrum of genders. Unfortunately, the universe is someone's really stupid joke.

A bizarre shift in the timeline thrusts Julien into unexpected roles: captain of his team, father of two boys, host to an outlander, and target of an online mob. As if life wasn't a pain already, a mysterious digital infection wreaks havoc on AI-driven technologies. Simply surviving through the day requires the alertness of a deer on caffeine (and the patience of a sheep on sedatives).

Swept up against his will in team dynamics, familial disputes, online battles, and a city on the brink of technological collapse, Julien finds himself the unwilling champion in an epic struggle between the gods and an alien adversary—the result: recurring disruptions to his timeline that turn his very existence into a pesky enigma.

Tormented by his dilemma over his team's humanoid android—a beacon of hope or an omen of doom?—Julien must deal with the gods manipulating his fate and the digital invasion wrecking his sanity. In a final attempt at redemption and resolution, Julien needs to face what he always avoided and choose a side in a super-sentient war.

Something nudged Julien’s lower leg.
“Well, hello there, little one.”
A sleek, dark cat with eerie blue eyes looked up at him.
“No, you’re not getting my food.”
The cat turned around and stood there, regarding him with a penetrating stare.
“What do you want—a new owner?” Julien asked. “No, wait—you’re a cat. It’s you that owns people, right?”
There was no time to wait for the cat’s response. A piercing screech from overhead assaulted Julien’s ears, and mere moments later, less than a stone’s throw away from where he sat, the grass erupted, and a shock wave rattled the trees when a flyer crash-landed into the ground.