Four Keys to the Natural Anabolic State - nonfiction cutting-edge science book by William G. Alston

Four Keys to the Natural Anabolic State - nonfiction cutting-edge science book promotion by William G. Alston

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This book reveals a stunning thread of scientific data that points the way to the natural anabolic state—a biochemical condition wherein body fat is metabolized, muscle tissue is built, strength and speed are increased, mental acuity is enhanced, and the mind and body perform at top efficiency. This inspirational book is a must-read for athletes and coaches in every sport, students and teachers at every level, people of faith, people seeking faith, and anyone competing for success.

Readers will learn how one simple thought altered the blood chemistry of students taking the GRE and raised test scores and how that same thought increased athletic performance in multiple sports. Readers will also come to understand why honesty. gratitude, humility, self-discipline, assertiveness, faith, and playing-to-win induce an empowering anabolic blood chemistry.

If you read this book, you will meet Jenny—the girl who achieved a seemingly impossible goal, Susie—the most aggressive infielder I’ve ever seen, Hank—the shortstop who experienced his worst nightmare, John Doe—the guy who experienced all five types of stress before leaving his driveway, and Attila the Hun—a sterling example of humility. You will also meet a hero named Irena Sendler, and later, you will meet the greatest hero who ever lived.

Within the pages of this book, you will discover the nature and force of the human stress response system, the positive side of anxiety, and the awesome power of the natural anabolic state. If you are an athlete in any sport this book can help you attain a sharper focus, a quicker response, greater energy, greater confidence, and enhanced performance. If you are a student at any level, this book can show you how to instantly improve your learning and test-taking skills. If you are a young adult competing for success, this book can help you focus on purpose, increase your motivation, interact more effectively, and succeed at a higher level. If you are in the twilight of your life, this book can energize you and give you lasting peace. In fact, regardless of your age, occupation, or status in life, this
book can guide you to better health, greater peace, and maximum performance.

Sounds way too good to be true, doesn’t it? I understand your skepticism, but the natural anabolic state is a matter of science, not intuition, and I assure you that it is within your grasp. I also assure you that, by the time you finish reading the third chapter of this book, you will fervently wish you had read it much earlier in your life.