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  • We have a large and rapidly growing traffic, closely targeted to kindle reader owners. How do we know? Nearly all our users come here via Google, searching such phrases as "Good kindle books", "Kindle book recommendations", "New kindle books" or "Kindle book reviews" - our users are kindle books readers.
  • Our visitors actively search for new books on our site - by typing a category they are searching for in the search box (like "romance" or "thriller"), by browsing our site and reading about books, and by using our recommendation tools ("You might also like", random book button, archives and other).
  • A big number of people, when leaving the site, leave it by clicking links to the amazon.com site that we provide. What does that mean? That our users would like to buy a book on kindle, but they are searching for ideas and recommendations. And they are very likely to buy something that they find here. So submit your book and good luck with your sales!
  • Unlike other popular kindle book promotion websites, we do not require your book to be free or discounted to be featured - we accept paid books.
  • When you send us your book, it will appear at the top of our home page very quickly, usually the same dayYour book will stay on the site permanently, and will be promoted by our page's various recommendation options: "You might also like" widget, "Random book" button (nearly 79% of users hit that button) and many other promotional places on our site.
    Plus, information about it will be posted the same day on our facebook page and twitter profile, and, most importantly, our email list subscribers will receive it in our daily newsletter
We have been appreciated by self-publishing professionals, bloggers and writers themselves

We have been recommended by many web articles and books regarding book promotion tactics for authors including Mashable, and positively reviewed by publishing professionals including The Writers Workshop and others. We have been included on the "Great Websites for Marketing & Connecting with Readers" list.

James Hankins, author of Brothers and Bones:

 Considering the minimal cost of listing books on Goodkindles in relation to the significant increase in sales I experienced as a result, Goodkindles could very well be the most cost efficient marketing decision I’ve made to date. The premium option, which I have now used multiple times, is extremely affordable, especially in light of the benefits it produces. And the customer service experience was top notch. I will list any book I write on Goodkindles and I recommend it highly to all authors. 

Debbie Cohen, author of Keeper of the Scale:

 I learned about Goodkindles from an article about marketing ebooks, and I'm glad I did as my experience utilizing their website been very positive.  When I emailed Goodkindles with a question about my post, I was surprised to get an instant reply (at two in the morning!) from Adam himself, bringing new meaning to the term 'customer service.'  And, the very first day my book appeared on Goodkindles I experienced an instant boost in sales.

Lawrence Gold, author of First, Do No Harm:

I've used Goodkindles for the promotion of my novels. The submission process is easy and they've been completely reliable. Moreover, they answer your emails almost immediately. Goodkindles is setting the standard as a useful source for assisting Kindle book authors. Keep up the good work.

You control what our visitors will read about and how will you market your book
  • Goodkindles is not an usual review site - we are a place where you post your own promotional info about your title. It is for you to decide how will you introduce your book to the readers.
  • We give you a tool to reach an audience of kindle reader users - to tell them what you think is most interesting about your book, what you think will interest readers enough to go and buy it.

Thank you for reading! Now send your book to us and see it live at the top of our site!

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