Guest Post Guidelines

Guest Post Guidelines

If you'd like to publish a guest post on our self-publishing blog for writers, here are the current guidelines for guest bloggers on Goodkindles:

- the current fee for publishing a guest post is $50.

- we accept only new, original content from the areas of self-publishing, self-published book marketing and promotion, writing, tips for writers and authors, books, and literature. The post cannot be published anywhere else.

- we allow two dofollow links per guest post, and we reserve the right to insert one internal link (linking to a page on Goodkindles) into the post.

- we reserve the right to evaluate the site linked with the dofollow link. The linked site must meet the conditions of our Terms of Use.

- the provided guest post must be provided in plain text version (txt file) with no html markings.

- the guest post must be a minimum of 500 words, ideally between 700 to 1400 words.

- we suggest that the guest post should use lists, bullets, block quotes, and subheads to make it look more clear and make reading easier.

- the guest post must include an open source or completely free image that illustrates the guest post topic (sent in the attachment).

If you'd like to publish a guest post on our self-publishing blog, please contact us.
Thank you!