Mind Dimensions Omnibus - thrilling urban fantasy by Dima Zales

Mind Dimensions Omnibus - thrilling urban fantasy discount book promotion Dima Zales

This book is on sale on Amazon for $2.99 (regularly $9.99) 8/15/2018 - 8/18/2018!

All 5 books in the popular Mind Dimensions series from a New York Times bestselling author, available for the first time in one convenient, discounted omnibus edition. Over 1500 pages of thrilling action, adventure, and unique mind powers.

Darren's had it easy his whole life. Finishing Harvard at eighteen, a lucrative job on Wall Street at twenty-one—all things are possible when you can cheat by stepping outside time. Thanks to his ability, he's a know-it-all, but what he doesn't know is how he's able to do what he does.

That is, until he meets Mira and discovers her dangerous, hidden world.
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The Pride by Richard Tabaka

The Pride by Richard Tabaka

Nightmares aren’t supposed to walk among the living.  But they do. Deep in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, hidden among the tall pines, creatures who’ve paralleled man since the dawn of time, live, hunt, breed.  Under the disguise of a religious order they have built an underground sanctuary, a safe haven where they are planning to rise to the place in this world they once held.

Their leader, Arcturus, and his lieutenant, Malik, look to once again feed freely on human kind.

Nick Barnett, a former Special Forces soldier, has lost everything, his wife, his daughter, and most of himself.  One rainy night he collides with another vehicle and with his destiny.  As he struggles to overcome his addiction to alcohol he will have to face a world unlike anything he could have imagined.

Suzanne Reynolds searches for her missing daughter.  The police have given up; she’s just another runaway they say.  But a mother’s love never dies.  Suzanne’s search leads her to the tiny town of Spirit River Falls where after and accident she meets Bill Collins, a retired detective and his friend, a local bar owner and Vietnam Veteran, Ernie Montgomery.  Together they will search for Suzanne’s thirteen year old daughter, Heather.

Kelly Kryshack is just a young woman in her twenties, looking for love, looking for acceptance. Abducted by creatures she cannot imagine she finds herself part of a group of people who are being hunted for sport.  But Kelly will do the unimaginable, she will become the first to ever escape.  Her flight will take her to a chance encounter with a recuperating soldier and soon enough a five person alliance will form.  Together they must face an enemy as old as time.  At stake are the lives of two young girls and maybe even the fate of humankind.  Can they defeat The Pride?

The Killing Collective: A Stanford Carter Murder Mystery Thriller - A Gripping, Stand Alone, Character-Driven FBI Crime Thriller by by Gary Starta and Robin Firestone

The Killing Collective: A Stanford Carter Murder Mystery Thriller - A Gripping, Stand Alone, Character-Driven FBI Crime Thriller by by Gary Starta and Robin Firestone

When Carter and Seacrest trade the Boston PD for NYC's FBI, they face their toughest case with a series of thrill killings. But are the murders merely violence-fueled as the director suggests?
As Carter digs deeper, he uncovers a conspiracy in play that will change him and Seacrest forever and introduce him to his 'Moriarty'.

Kensington - a memoir by Robert Haydon

Kensington - a memoir about growing up in a small town by Robert Haydon

I walked down to the corner of Bexhill and Old Spring Road. It was New Year's Eve, soon to be 1957, and the icy wind caused my eyes to water.  With the Christmas lights still glowing from the front porches and roofs of the neighborhood houses it was like a blurry Kaleidoscope of colors. Sally was upstairs in her bedroom. I could barely see her moving around. And, that was it... the last time I saw her. The next morning we headed for Dallas in our new station wagon with a moving van behind us. The world, as I knew it, had come to an end, and my time growing up in Kensington became a memory that held me hostage for most of my life.

But Dallas was a revelation. One day at my new school the guy behind me in study hall said his fingers hurt from playing the guitar all night. We struck up a conversation and soon we were meeting every weekend at his house to play guitars. His name was Steve Miller, the future Hall of Fame Steve Miller. We put together a band called The Marksmen Combo and Boz Scaggs became our bass player when Buddy Miller, Steve's brother, had to concentrate on college. After Steve left for college, the band kept performing and our good fortune included a short tour with The Beachboys and being the first band to play at the first Dallas Disc-A-Go-Go. The book covers these moments of our rock 'n roll history.

The combination of leaving Kensington and playing rock music was not a good one. I was an extremely unhappy kid, and even after my own hit record, I couldn't get past remembering that other life in Maryland.

This book tells the whole story of the Steve Miller connection, with quotes from Steve, Boz, and other members of the band, but this book is really about being a kid and growing up in an idyllic little town in the late 40's and early 50's. I talk about everyday life and a lot of the special moments I shared with my best friend, Larry. There is a quick coverage of the family genealogy and the story about how my parents met, with the high points and low points of their marriage. But, for the most part this is the story of my return to Kensington after being away for twenty years.

When The Well Runs Dry, a dystopian novel by M J Dees

When The Well Runs Dry, a dystopian novel discount book promotion M J Dees

This book is on sale on Amazon for $2.99 (regularly $4.99) 8/12/2018 - 12/26/2018!

In a country divided by civil war, one city stands above the chaos. Since the system collapsed, citizens are struggling to survive. Marauders are destroying what little is left. However, not everyone is quite ready to surrender. The Alder and her loyal supporters find themselves caught in a life or death struggle to save, not only themselves but also those around them. The future of the nation is at stake. When The Well Runs Dry is the first book in M J Dees' dystopian series set in a future where resources have all but run out. Read this book while there is still a future in which to read it.

Reflections of Love (New Beginnings Romance Series Book 2) by Wolfgang Ausserbauer

Reflextions of Love (New Beginnings Romance Series Book 2) book promotion Wolfgang Ausserbauer

Mary Allen, a well to do Georgia Bell finds herself with cattle rustlers and a haunted mansion on her hands.

Gates of Power: Actualize Your True Self - 2nd Edition by Nomi Bachar

Gates of Power: Actualize Your True Self - 2nd Edition free book promotion Nomi Bachar

Free book promotion on Amazon 8/13/2018 - 8/17/2018!

GATES OF POWER: Actualize Your True Self is an inspirational, informative, and practical guide for all who are passionate about living up to their potential and maximizing their life. The book is based on the Gates of Power® Method created by Nomi Bachar. In the book, Nomi offers wisdom gathered through her own spiritual and emotional journey, her life-long study of different spiritual traditions and her experience as a counselor and coach for the last 26 years.

The Gates of Power® Method is a path for self-healing and self-actualization. The path is practical, creative, and deeply spiritual. The method empowers and energizes all seven facets of our being: Body, Emotions, Dialogue, Creative Expression, Life Path, Silence, and Knowledge. At the same time it unifies the three aspects of the self (Emotional Self, Defensive Self, Expanded Self) creating inner strength. Gates of Power® Method is the ultimate guide for creating a vibrant, powerful and whole Self. The method is practiced through a comprehensive curriculum that includes seven levels of training.

Think, Trade, and Grow Rich!: A Powerful Beginner's Guide to Building Passive Income Through Momentum Swing Trading and Stock Market Investing by Benjamin Kahriman

Think, Trade, and Grow Rich!: A Powerful Beginner's Guide to Building Passive Income Through Momentum Swing Trading and Stock Market Investing free book promotion Benjamin Kahriman

This book is on sale on Amazon for $2.99 (regularly $7.99) 8/13/2018 - 8/17/2018!

Amazon #1 New Release, #2 Bestseller!

In Think, Trade, & Grow Rich! Kahriman outlines and shares his powerful trading and investing formula forged from years of research and trading experience. He explains how you too can realize your dreams and reap the bountiful financial opportunities present in the stock market. Best of all, Kahriman demystifies the technical, hard to understand, and complicated aspects of trading and investing. Think, Trade, and Grow Rich! is concise, practical, and written for everyone, in effect, a true and complete beginner’s guide to not only trading, but a better life.

Words: Poems of Pain, Love and Redemption by Michael Bell

Words: Poems of Pain, Love and Redemption book promotion Michael Bell

These poems celebrate, each in its peculiarity, a birth of hope. ''True Works from Gate Five'' explores territories of mental illness, culminating in the salvific imprint of a finger touch. ''Words'' embarks on an errand of unlimited value; walking the grounds and swimming the waters of how it is when one cannot fully be what one is, that is, a being fully alive.

I write an ornate style of verse. I value polite words and courtesy. This propensity reflects in ''Words: Poems of Pain, Love and Redemption.'' Sometimes in this book of poems, as it were, dragons breathe fire that consumes victims. At other times, as in ''Plow of a Field in Novato'' a poem sings a wistful, ruminating song of the joy found at surrender to spiritual power embedded within the despair of a life sentence to hopeless addiction.

Themes of love and lust in some much of this poetry evoke readers to ride winds of charmed imagination. ''Thickets of Wire'' and ''Raisins for Breakfast'' exemplify these thematics. Pain and the hurt of dashed romantic desire in Ecuador birthed the poem ''Comforted.'' Exuberance with personality, distinction and a reminder to remember encapsulate the spirit of the poem ''Esther.''

The reader may read well assured that each of these sixteen poems not only wanted but needed expression..

Starfire - dystopian romance set in a new world by Jenetta Penner

Starfire - dystopian romance set in a new world book promotion Jenetta Penner

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) on 8/12/2018!

Lies, Love, and Secrets Ignite a Galactic War.

Cassiopeia isn't thrilled with traveling on the first starship to settle on a new earth. But it's not like she has a choice. Her father is the architect of this grand civilization that is meant to be humanity’s salvation. So, staying behind was never an option.

Once she arrives on the lush new planet named Arcadia, Cassi and her family are treated like royalty, but when a terrorist attack strikes and her father is killed, everything falls apart.

A mysterious and gorgeous boy enters her life and Cassi is thrown into a reality she never knew existed. She shares an otherworldly connection with this boy, and soon uncovers secrets about herself and this new planet that were never meant to emerge.

Readers of the Fifth Wave and Under Different Stars will love this dystopian romance set in a new world.

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