Brock Steele Sphere by Alex Bloodfire

Brock Steele Sphere by Alex Bloodfire - book promotion companies

Brock Steele knows his name – and very little else. After a vicious attack in mysterious circumstances, Brock’s memory has abandoned him. He has no idea why he’s being hounded by a mysterious man with a gun or why bad things keep happening to the people he loves. And why are strange voices talking to him from the walls of his flat? When he’s forced to go on the run to save his life, he has to decide who to trust – and making a mistake could be fatal. Can Brock find out who he is, why he’s being hunted, and stay alive into the bargain?

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The Darkest Gift - the revised edition by Len Handeland

The Darkest Gift - the revised edition by Len Handeland - book promotion companies

This book is on sale on Amazon for $3.00 (regularly $9.99) 8/2/2021 - 8/9/2021!

Laurent Richelieu is a 250-year-old vampire whose lover and vampire maker Fabien Levesque—is destroyed in front of him in a jealous fit of rage by his vampire maker Stefan, exacting revenge for Fabien's rejection of him. Laurent narrowly escapes—leaving Paris to set forth to settle the New World and seek shelter and refuge in the newly established city of New Orleans anonymously with his trusted servant Barthelme sworn to Laurent's secret. Cloaked in darkness—Laurent struggles with modern times and, in deep despair, haunts the French Quarter jazz bars—listening to beautiful music and seeking out dark tables in the back to hide his blood-soaked tears to mourn the loss of his long-lost love Fabien.

When a self-loathing Gay man—Jack, meets elegant yet incredibly mysterious Laurent Richelieu, he thinks his stroke of bad luck with men and women has come to an end. Or is it the beginning of a nightmare?

As the two begin their courtship—Jack encounters horrifying experiences involving paranormal experiences, vampirism, and possible reincarnation, making him question his sanity. The more time Jack spends with his mysterious European love interest, the more revealed about the dark secret awaiting Jack. Are they destined to be together? —does Laurent honestly care for Jack? Or is there a much more sinister plot involved? Can the help of a self-described, Voodoo High Priestess named “Queen Raphaella” alter Jack’s predestined future or is his fate already sealed?

Undefeated Woman: A Memoir: Two Suitcases, Two Hundred Dollars and a Dream by Rajni Raman

Undefeated Woman: A Memoir: Two Suitcases, Two Hundred Dollars and a Dream by Rajni Raman - book promotion companies

Free book promotion on Amazon 8/2/2021 - 8/6/2021!

Undefeated Woman is a memoir of a woman transforming from victim to victor.

Rajni Raman is an immigrant from India who married her college sweetheart after graduation and moved across the world, leaving behind her family and friends for the promise of a life in America. As she made deep connections in a new land, she also experienced racial, color, and gender bias and struggled to overcome the hurt, trauma, and shame of childhood sexual abuse. She turned to prayer, faith, and holistic modalities as her health battles raged on for 15 years.

In this book, Rajni shares her discoveries and lessons from her 30-year Buddhist practice, and her healing journey, recovering from thyroid illness, insomnia, and hormonal imbalance. Her book is a life memoir chronicling her life journey, filled with heartfelt dreams, gut-wrenching challenges, severe trials, and triumphant victories.

Her friends call her the "Soul Recharger," who vitalizes them with shots of motivation and spiritual lessons from the teachings of East and West. After twenty years of working in the Information Technology industry as a Software Engineer in both the Corporate and public sectors, she has turned her lifelong passion for holistic modalities into her mission to bring healing and wellness to women. She is the founder of Mind Body Holistic Healing and Wellness, a motivational speaker, and the Texas Ambassador for an international women's empowerment organization, B.I.G. (Believe Inspire Grow). In addition, she has been a Buddhist practitioner with S.G.I. (Soka Gakkai International) for over 30 years. She cherishes the opportunity as a leader in faith to guide, inspire and nurture hundreds of young women and share her faith breakthroughs to encourage countless members of her faith family on three continents.

The Dime - a literary YA by Mark Paxson

The Dime - a literary YA by Mark Paxson - book promotion companies

The Dime  is a coming of age tale about Liily (20), Peter (16), and Sophie (16). It follows them through three years of their lives as they deal with plenty of drama and trauma. They find their way through a series of potentially disastrous events through supporting each other and a whole bunch of resilience. Think This Is Us, but for a YA audience.

Whispers & Wailings by Khan Mosleh

Whispers & Wailings by Khan Mosleh - book promotion companies

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $4.99) 7/29/2021 - 8/2/2021!

The book Whispers and Wailings is based on eight years of research. The author, Prof. Khan Mosleh, has lived and taught in various countries in the Middle East since January 1, 2012. In this long journey, he has come into contact with thousands of Bangladeshi immigrant workers and heard from them the tragic history of their lives. Although the workers are termed 'remittance fighters,' they are neglected by their own country. In the Middle East, they are called 'Miskin.' These heroic workers sacrifice their happiness for 12 to 14 hours a day and 7 days a week and to bring smiles to the faces of their country and family.

Looking for God by AW Schade

Looking for God by AW Schade - book promotion companies

"If you enjoyed "The Little Prince" or "The Pilgrim’s Progress" you will love this story!

"The book is a diamond in the rough for real, a book that, if it reaches those in earnest about the question of faith and the presence of God, will be a book that is treasured."--Dennis Littrell, “Understanding Religion: Reviews, Essays and Commentary”

“Schade has combined, so eloquently, the facts of many major global religions and woven them into a tender, inspiring and heartfelt novel.”—Catherine Bradford: Host The Wellness Roadshow - Searching for the Whole Being

“I was enthralled with the interweaving of physical and spiritual threads and empowered by the concepts presented throughout his book”—Brenda Arachel: Goodreads Author and book reviewer

Murder at the Heights - Mysteries & Suspense book by Ricky Corum

Murder at the Heights -  Mysteries & Suspense book by Ricky Corum - book promotion companies


A beautiful spring day in Frederick is shattered when the home of a family of six becomes a crime scene: five of them dead, one—the mother—missing. Was she lucky to have escaped? Or is her absence evidence of something sinister? 


Detective Faye-Lynn Johnson is on the case seeking justice and must make sense of the clues left behind. The young woman who, whether as victim or suspect, is silently pleading, Look for me.


Linda Flores sobs the morning her 15-year-old daughter Mercedes and 14-year-old son Oscar set off to join a “coyote” smuggler, who promised to take them through El Salvador, Guatemala, and Mexico three of the world’s most violent countries, and then across the border into Texas. 

Gold Bay: An Adam Weldon Thriller by William McGinnis

Gold Bay: An Adam Weldon Thriller by William McGinnis - book promotion

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 7/30/2021 - 8/1/2021!

Adam Weldon is an ex-Navy SEAL, one of the best, and he's on a mission. The only way to stop him? Kill him. And that's bordering on the impossible.

Take a deep breath and jump in for a high-octane thriller ride that will mercilessly hook you from page one.

The San Francisco Bay Area is teetering on the brink of societal collapse. An eccentric and out-of-control billionaire, a band of kidnappers, and a ruthless drug cartel are terrorizing the Bay Area, leading it to total corruption and disarray.

Forming an alliance with a tech-savvy cop and an undercover FBI agent, Weldon must stop them before it's too late, while at the same time trying to save his uncle from the iron grip of his abductors.

This fast-paced crime thriller from bestselling author William McGinnis will have you burning through the pages as Adam Weldon races against time to rescue his uncle and save the Bay Area.

Fans of Robert Ludlum's Jason Bourne, Ian Fleming's James Bond, and Lee Child's Jack Reacher will enjoy the Adam Weldon Thriller Series.

Order your copy now and discover Adam Weldon.

Other Books in the Adam Weldon Series of Action Thrillers:

- Whitewater

- The Cyclops Conspiracy (coming soon)

"If you like the idea of being dropped into a high-velocity chase between the most nimble protagonist you could ever imagine and an all-but-invisible and nightmarishly efficient surveillance system... then Gold Bay is just waiting for you." - Scott Parkay, creative writing teacher

"A gripping Bay Area crime thriller suffused with uplifting spirit." - Becky Parker Geist, Pro Audio Voices

"Clever, authentic and well-done!" - Jil Plummer, Author of Caravan to Armageddon, Hell’s Playground, and Remember to Remember

"Move over Ian Fleming, here comes Bill McGinnis. If you gobbled up every James Bond film - as I did - you will be fascinated by Adam Weldon, the Bond like protagonist in McGinnis' second thriller: GOLD BAY. Upping the ante, McGinnis adds Tripnee - a beautiful partner for Weldon - to super charge the hero team..." - Bud Robyn

"This is a very fun read! If you enjoy adventure, a fearless heroine and hero combined with sailing, boating the San Francisco Bay and a few other adrenaline sports mixed in as our heroes track down the bad guys you will love this thriller. Action packed and a deeper message of awareness are waiting for you." - Mark Kocina, Captain and Owner of Central Coast Charters

West Texas Dead: A Kailey and Shinto Mystery by Frances Hight

West Texas Dead: A Kailey and Shinto Mystery by Frances Hight - book promotion companies

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 7/30/2021 - 8/1/2021!

Kailey and Shinto are first class detectives and lifelong friends. Thrown into the midst of a brutal murder case, they need to nail the killer while fending off the Mexican cartel. Can they get to the bottom of it and survive?

Partners Kailey Carmichael and Shinto Elliot police the streets of Midland, Texas, but with very different approaches. Nevertheless, they share an identical passion for justice in whatever form it takes.

Kailey is fresh out of the FBI forensics class and has an analytical mind. Focused on the job, she uses it as a relief from the demons of her daughter's horrific death.

Shinto shatters every gay stereotype as an ex-Army MP with an edge. Physical and with a no-nonsense attitude, she stands her ground no matter what.

When a retired professor is savagely murdered, the duo catches the case and a just-released ex-con looks good for the crime. For Shinto, it's a slam dunk, but Kailey isn't convinced. It just looks too clean and easy. Digging deeper, the pair learn hard lessons about faith, friendship, and trusting your instincts as they fend off the Mexican cartel, a meddling DEA, and police department politics on the way to meting out justice.

Move over Cagney and Lacy, Rizzoli and Iles, and make way for Kailey and Shinto. West Texas Dead is book one in this hardboiled mystery series.

Order your copy now, get cozy, and dig into this newly released mystery.

Adventures on the Road to Me - A quirky kind of love story by K.D. Van Brunt

Adventures on the Road to Me - A quirky kind of love story by K.D. Van Brunt - book promotion companies

With her mom as her partner, 17-year-old West lies and cons her way through life, ruthlessly taking advantage of one naïve and trusting victim after another. It’s yawn, rinse, and repeat when West and her mother swoop into town to scam a rich widower and his teenage son. But her entire life suddenly goes off the rails when her mark causes her to confront her life and rethink her choices. Forced to choose between her mother and the boy she is falling in love with, West faces a no-win scenario . . . or is it?

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