Stories from the Barn Aisle: Real-Life Tales of Humor and Grace from a Horse Obsessed Girl by Sarah Hickner

Stories from the Barn Aisle: Real-Life Tales of Humor and Grace from a Horse Obsessed Girl book promotion by Sarah Hickner

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A girl’s obsession with all things horses carried her on some epic adventures and landed her in precarious situations. When her first horse came with the same name as the hero of her favorite book, Misty of Chincoteague, it seemed like a match made in heaven. However, it didn’t take long for Sarah to learn there is no such thing as a good fairy tale without a little trouble. It turns out horses cause a lot of trouble. From first rides and crashes to making road-trip errors and staring at the belly of a horse that’s gone into full-on Black Stallion mode, follow Sarah on her wild adventures from the safety of your own home … or wherever you are reading.

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Demystifying Enlightenment: Messages, Signs, and Predictions From The Spiritual World by Dennis Macy

Demystifying Enlightenment: Messages, Signs, and Predictions From The Spiritual World - Religion & Spirituality book promotion by Dennis Macy

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Are you curious about the afterlife? Are you interested in how to identify signs that your departed loved ones may be trying to send you?   Are you interested in what the future may hold for the human race?  Discover the healing power of spirituality and faith.  With answers to the most frequently asked questions entwined with accounts of his real encounters to support them, Macy who has highly enhanced abilities offers insight into the world we live in and the one to come.

“I truly believe he was put on this earth to heal the hearts of others and he’s doing an incredible job of that with his gift.” (Amazon review)

"It is an easy read, beautifully written and informative book.  This book provides lots of hope for those who are grieving.  I highly recommend it." (Amazon review)

“A mind-blowing book!” (Amazon review)

One of Amazon's #1 Best Selling eBooks in:  Miracles & Spirituality; Angels; Death & Grief and New Age Divination with Prophecy.

Wisdom from the Inner Oracle: Why Humanity Must Evolve by Mohammed Ali Ejaz

Wisdom from the Inner Oracle: Why Humanity Must Evolve - Religion & Spirituality and Self-Help book promotion sites by Mohammed Ali Ejaz

Do you feel there is more to life than what you have been told? Do you feel there is a greater purpose for your life and humanity? Do you feel there is something wrong with modern society and humanity as a whole?

In his debut book, Mohammed Ali Ejaz will teach you the importance of living an ambitious and purposeful life to reach your full potential as a human being, why living righteously is a necessity to achieve this aim, while discussing the moral decadence of humanity and why it is essential for the species to return to a spiritual civilization for their evolution rather than continue to deteriorate under this present hedonistic one.

In this book you will learn:

The importance of knowing your life purpose and taking the necessary steps towards your success.
Why living morally and holistically is essential for the evolution and wellbeing of humanity.
How experiencing suffering and expressing gratitude can make you strong.
Why a reformation of human civilization is required for humanity to evolve.
The flaws of modern society that are harming and hindering humanity.

The Reincarnationist Papers by D. Eric Maikranz

The Reincarnationist Papers book promotion site D. Eric Maikranz

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Discovered as three notebooks in an antique store in Rome at the turn of the millennium, The Reincarnationist Papers offers a tantalizing glimpse into the Cognomina, a secret society of people who possess total recall of their past lives.

Satan's Glove, a supernatural thriller by Cousin Vinny Agnello

Satan's Glove, a supernatural thriller book promotion site Cousin Vinny Agnello

“Apt characterization boosts this enlightening sports tale about the allure and perils of fame.” - Kirkus Reviews

In 1991 Eddie Romano, an undersized, unconfident kid, finds an antique baseball glove while treasure hunting in the ruins of Comiskey Park in Chicago.

Instantly that glove becomes his obsession.

In a dream state he's transported to a dreary, decrepit ballpark where he learns the game of baseball from a mysterious and skillful young ballplayer who seems to be under the control of a dark and sinister figure who calls himself The Manager.

Miraculously, Eddie is transformed, but his skills as a ball player only improve as he continues to shut himself off from the rest of the world.

While his attitude grows increasingly caustic, and teammates keep their distance, Eddie starts receiving phone calls from legends Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, who attempt to steer him toward redemption.

Unbeknownst to Eddie, two otherworldly factions are waging a war for his soul.

What will be the ultimate price of glory?

The Safe Game - a gangland crime adventure by Wes Verde

The Safe Game - a gangland crime adventure book promotion site Wes Verde

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Set in late 1920’s New Jersey, The Safe Game follows several characters against the backdrop of a lake resort town. This includes the Cons, a trio of criminals who specialize in confidence games and trickery rather than violence. Roy, Victoria, and Urbane expect a huge payday in their latest mark, and follow him to a quiet, but upscale town in New Jersey. In doing so, they bump into Willie – a rookie police officer coping with a new and unfamiliar department and woefully unprepared when confronted with a tragic death on his watch. And finally there is Emma, a young woman desperate to break out of the path set before her and forge her own way.

The book is written in the form of point of view chapters that alternate between each of the three Cons, the cop, and Emma. Generally, the tone is that of a lighthearted adventure with bantering dialogue and character moments. However, it is tempered by a number of darker scenes that drive the action.

The Cons made a living by separating fools from their money and they thought they found a big score. But it’s anyone’s guess whether this particular game will end in luxury, a jail cell, or an early grave.