Polar Vortex by Matthew Mather

Polar Vortex book promotion service Matthew Mather

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A flight disappears over the North Pole.
No distress calls. Vanished into thin air.

How can a modern airliner simply vanish in one of the most heavily monitored places on Earth? Right in the middle of an area overflown by dozens of satellites from as many nations, ringed by Cold War-era radar and missile installations?

Matthew Mather's EXPLOSIVE new thriller is already making waves worldwide as his most anticipated new release since CYBERSTORM.
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Kill Me Why? - A detective murder mystery and suspense by Ritu Sethi

Kill Me Why? - A detective murder mystery and suspense book promotion services Ritu Sethi

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 1/19/2019 - 2/16/2019!

Colorado Gold Mystery AWARD-WINNING author, Daphne du Maurier Finalist. Sequel to AMAZON Bestseller His Hand In the Storm. 

His team believes he’s calm and Zen. His friends find him obsessive. Suspects think him gorgeous but dangerous. They’re all right.

Gray is on Christmas vacation, sort of. Something is brewing in the quaint and peaceful coastal town of Searock – edged between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains near Vancouver. The town of Chief Inspector Gray James’s youth and where it all began – where he had a hand in his son’s death.

But healing has to wait because THE STITCHER is back after a fifteen-year absence. And the victim – lips sutured shut with medical nylon – disappears within minutes of being found at a Body Farm.

With threats launched against Gray’s family, he must solve the case before a storm blasts the village, before his estranged wife takes what matters most, before his guarded secret is unleashed to the world.

From the prize-winning author of the acclaimed Bestseller, His Hand In the Storm, comes a psychological, page-turning mystery with all the elements one needs on a rainy night: an enigmatic killer, a noble yet haunted detective, and an evocative setting among the crashing Pacific waves and towering mountains of British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast.

Dear Employee: What Your Boss Wishes You Knew by Robert McFarland

Dear Employee: What Your Boss Wishes You Knew book promotion service Robert McFarland

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In Dear Employee: What Your Boss Wishes You Knew, you’ll discover what is going in the mind of your boss. By reading this book and applying what you learn, you will become invaluable to your boss, you will become happier at work, and your colleagues will appreciate you more.

Through researching today’s workforce across industries and regions of the country, international bestselling author Robert McFarland discovered the four biggest concerns that bosses have about their employees. Reading Dear Employee will help you transform your relationship with your boss and create a highly satisfying work experience for yourself.

As you try to reconcile your faith with your work, Dear Employee will help you take control of your career by providing comprehensive biblical solutions to the problems you face at work every day. If you want your work to provide you with meaning, purpose, and fulfillment—no matter what you do at your job—then this is the book for you.

HyperTurnaround!: Transforming a Tech Company on the Brink of Collapse into a World Class Global Leader by Kevin Chin

HyperTurnaround!: Transforming a Tech Company on the Brink of Collapse into a World Class Global Leader book promotion service Kevin Chin

Free book promotion on Amazon 1/21/2019 - 1/25/2019!

This book provides a rare insight into how you can rapidly turnaround a tech company on the brink of oblivion and then turn defense into attack by changing its growth trajectory from a death spiral to exponential global growth culminating in a takeover by a tech giant.

This book’s lessons are particularly important and relevant for anyone with a tech company that is failing or struggling to scale globally. It will illustrate what is real and achievable at a grassroots level, for tech entrepreneurs in particular. Not everyone is a behemoth like Facebook or Google or aspires to be. For every one of those, there are 10,000 tech companies that die or fail to scale. This book illustrates how you can fix and scale up a tech company at pace and achieve great success in the process.

The lessons from this book are applicable for any business that needs to be urgently turned around and /or has an ambition to scale up fast globally.

Murder & The Midnight Disease - Mystery by Marcia Gerhardt

Murder & The Midnight Disease - Mystery book promotion service Marcia Gerhardt

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $14.99) 1/21/2019 - 1/27/2019!

What’s more important? Taking care of a mental younger brother, or your career?

As a PI, Giles Faulkner is approached to investigate a possible homicide following Houston Rodeo. Giles jumps at the opportunity to prove she is more than the “girlie detective” her male comrades had labeled her.

But so far, only wives of cheating husbands had hired her. Not exactly an ego boost and her funds were shrinking at an alarming rate.

The rodeo death was a young woman who fell from the smoking balcony. Her name was LeeAnn. Her death was labeled by those same “weenie detectives” (Giles’ slur) as suicide She was going to prove them wrong. The only stumbling block was her younger brother, Robby, who suffered from schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, and a condition known as The Midnight Disease, or Hypergraphia; the urge to scribble on paper day and night, leaving the victim a puddle of confusion and hysteria.

As if planned, and only 10 days into Giles’ investigation, Robby stages a melt-down on top of the roof of his boarding house and threatens to jump. Knowing she must hospitalize her brother, she delivers him to his psychiatrist who secures him in the psychiatric ward at Ben Taub. Giles could not participate, knowing from experience she would break down and cry at the sight of Robby in a straight jacket. But only days later, Robby manages to escape. Giles panics. The police are understaffed. Finding Robby is not at the top of their list.

Giles divides her days between interviewing Rodeo big wigs, friends, neighbors, and relatives of LeeAnn, while reaching out to Robby’s favorite coffee digs and bars. A man on a motorcycle seems to follow her every move. A threat? When he finally introduces himself as Keymap, Giles is only irritated. He is related to her dead aunt, who, on her deathbed, made Keymap promise to keep an eye on Giles. Not necessary, thinks Giles, who has proudly taken care of herself and her brother most of her life.

Only when Giles is kidnapped, left wounded, and presumably dying beside a remote lake teeming with alligators, does she know she is on the right track. Clearly, if someone goes to the trouble of turning her into gator bait, LeeAnn’s death was no suicide.

With no stars in the blackened sky, she crawls , bleeding, to the empty highway. But just when she thinks she is dead anyway, Keymap, roars up on his motorcycle, a team of medics driving behind him, their van’s headlights fogging yellow in the dark.

After days in the hospital, visited by Keymap every day, Giles still wants him out of her life, allowing her to find her brother and the person who killed LeeAnn. When she finds LeeAnn’s cowboy hat underneath Robby’s bed, Giles feels threatened again. Did Robby know LeeAnn, and if so, could her brother be the killer?

Escape to Osprey Cove - cozy mystery by Luisa Marietta Gold

Escape to Osprey Cove - cozy mystery by Luisa Marietta Gold

This book is free on Amazon 1/20/2019 - 1/21/2019!

The mystery begins with an unusual find in the secret compartment of Doug's new Corvette.  It will change his and Catherine's life forever, forcing her to find escape at The Osprey Cove Lodge.

Ravine of Blood and Shadow - Fantasy by D.P. Prior

Ravine of Blood and Shadow - Fantasy book promotion service D.P. Prior

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $4.99) 1/18/2019 - 1/23/2019!

From internationally bestselling author D.P. Prior...

"A beautifully written and engrossing masterwork!" -- Mitchell Hogan

Fantasy Faction semifinalist for the SPFBO 2018

A babe is born in the shadows of the ravine city, a child who will end the self-imposed exile of the dwarves and usher in a new age of glory.

Blood will flow in rivers.

Friends will become foes.

And a hero will rise.

Easiest Short / Long Term Plan For Saving Money - Business / Finance by Jennelle L.White

Easiest Short / Long Term Plan For Saving Money - Self-Help, finance book promotion Jennelle L. White

I show you a plan where everyone can save money more easily regardless of your debts,  job, occupation,  and location. Saving 10% of your earnings may be too difficult. My plan has only TWO STEPS based on your Pay Schedule!  You choose which step applies to your pay schedule. A simple plan and easy to understand. Is NOT ABOUT INVESTMENTS.

Available as Ebook and Paperback.  6 reviews on book.

Blue Ink reviewer "out of all personal finance books out there, this book has the most truthful title."

Finalist Winner at Readersfavorite.com


Kindle price $2.99

Growing Up - Poetry by Jennelle L. White

Growing Up - poetry book promotion by Jennelle L. White

7 reviews - given 5-star rating

Experience the joys of childhood with a delightful collection of 45 whimsical poems with pictures. Similar to Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes. Poems about the seasons, stars, animals, nature, and many more.  Readers have expressed feeling a sense of peace and happiness, seeing the world through youthful eyes. Both Kids and Adults like the book. Ages 5+  Received Honorable Mention at the Green Book Festival.  From Home School Librarian -  "Perfect introduction to poetry for little ones."

Available as Ebook.  Price of ebook - $2.99

The Eloquence of Effort - a book on Self Development by Indar Maharaj

The Eloquence of Effort - a book on Self Development book promotion Indar Maharaj

The Eloquence of Effort discusses the multiple rewards of hard-work. A boring subject, you snarl. But do read on and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Life´s problems are spontaneous: unpleasant things just happen. On the other hand, the solutions to problems demand energy and effort. Left unattended, difficulties always worsen and finally degenerate into insoluble chaos. Have you ever wondered why things always break up, breakdown, degenerate, depreciate or simply fall apart? And why do we have to grow old? Why not the other way around? Have you ever considered what would happen if you abandoned two cars, an old and a new, and revisited them 50-years later? That´s simple, you say. The new one would deteriorate and the old will probably disintegrate into dust. That´s just the way things are, you exclaim. But why not the reverse? Just as the new one aged into a rusted rattle-trap, why didn´t the old one return to a spanking new drivable car? Undoubtedly, the question is a legitimate one.

The idea stirs the imagination and compels the realization that effort is never wasted. Moreover, corruption in all its fiendish forms is indolence disguised as diligence. Analysis of biographical data sustains the claim that hard work prolongs life; indolence truncates it.

These findings and answers to the question posed above are due to the forces governed by the Second Law of Thermodynamics, sometimes referred to as the Law of Entropy. According to this Universal Law, the purpose of life is to apply our energy to combat the tide of entropy that threaten to submerge the orderliness of our daily lives. Failure to do so results in our property, investments and our lives falling apart.

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