Miss Riddell’s Cozy Mystery Adventures - A 10 Book Boxset, an An Amateur Female Sleuth Historical Cozy Mystery by P.C. James

Miss Riddell’s Cozy Mystery Adventures - A 10 Book Boxset, an An Amateur Female Sleuth Historical Cozy Mystery book collection promotion by P.C. James

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Over 2,300 pages of clues and canny investigating! When Pauline Riddell is caught up in a homicide, she sets her mind to unraveling the murder. Unmasking the killer shows she has a flair for investigation that changes her life. This boxset has adventures spanning 1953-88 from the Miss Riddell series. While away the summer hours immersed in deft prose and believable plots.

Triangle of Hope - contemporary / literary fiction by Michael Meyer

Triangle of Hope - contemporary / literary fiction book promotion by Michael Meyer

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If one person can make a difference, just think what three can do. A tender story of love. Three strangers, each harboring a dark secret, become united by chance in a small Irish village, and the wonderful power of the human spirit comes alive.

Developing Your Kick-A** Mindset: “Your Path to Becoming the Person You Want to Be” by Donna Franklin

Developing Your Kick-A** Mindset: “Your Path to Becoming the Person You Want to Be” book promotion by Donna Franklin

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Do you ever have that feeling, that you were meant for more? That you have so much to give but don't know how to unleash it! This book will show you that with a few adjustments to your thinking, YOU can become the person you were meant to be and change your life forever!

The Body Politic: Book II of The Tribal Wars by Stella Atrium

The Body Politic: Book II of The Tribal Wars book promotion by Stella Atrium

BookLife EDITOR'S PICK (in Publisher's Weekly 1/3/23/ issue)

"A thoroughly gripping, poignant sci-fi saga, The Body Politic by Stella Atrium entwines an intricate, sophisticated plot around a host of unforgettable characters," and comes very highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews.

Brianna Miller returns to Dolvia with fresh ideas for protest among the tribal women for increased human rights. Brianna greets each of the women at risk who make hard choices to bring offworld attention to their struggle for home rule. She meets with Kelly Osborn who worries if she's worthy of marriage to the famous warrior Rufus, son of Cyrus the ketiwhelp killer.

Hershel Henry arrives as an offworld photojournalist to witness and report true events that are unfortunately manipulated by the offworld media groups.

Just as some questions are settled, the Gora tribe mount an assault on the capital city of Urbyd. Can the tribes find unity and purpose in this conflict that happens right on their doorstep?

The Darkest Gift - the revised edition by Len Handeland


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Jack Devereaux is a man who struggles to come to terms with his sexual orientation. His search for love and acceptance leads him to the intriguing and sophisticated Laurent Richelieu, who finally ends Jack's string of failed relationships. However, as they embark on their journey together, Jack experiences unsettling events involving encounters with vampires, paranormal occurrences, and even possible reincarnation, leaving him questioning his sanity. The more time he spends with Laurent, his mysterious European lover, the more he discovers the ominous secret that looms over him. Is their relationship meant to be, or is there a more sinister motive at play involving two other vampires from Laurent's past, Stefan and Fabien? Can the self-proclaimed Voodoo High Priestess, "Queen Raphaella," alter Jack's predetermined future, or is he already destined for a particular fate?

The story spans several eras, from 18th century Paris to 20th century New Orleans and Haiti. In these eras, vampires lurk, spirits manifest, and physical and spiritual love endures all obstacles in a seemingly unwinnable war.

Jewels of the Crown - an Historical Mystery by Robert A. Henricks

Jewels of the Crown - an Historical Mystery discount book promotion by Robert A. Henricks

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As he led the king’s wagon train through the coastal muck of Norfolk’s eastern shore, Norman Gervase found himself engulfed by the tidal surge that swallowed up the entire caravan.

But he was unwavering in his dedication to the king, a principled man of faith, and loyal in his obligations.

So, when he realized that all would soon be gone forever, he acted with alacrity and removed the trunks containing the crown jewels and secured them to one of the sturdy draft horses to prevent their irretrievable loss.

That was just the beginning.

He did not know that this feat of selflessness would initiate a life-long journey into a world of thirteenth century intrigue in his quest to preserve King John’s treasure.

Eight hundred years later, the organization that Gervase had founded, the Patriciate, continued to maintain the founder’s guiding desire for secrecy until the macabre slaying of a prominent attorney and the deciphering of a fifteenth century map brought the Patriciate into the crosshairs of both law enforcement and historians.

No one knew what conundrums lay buried beneath the dust of the ages, or to what extent a foray taken by three resolute sleuths would expose into a covert world of pseudo-occultists.