Scaredy Bat and the Sunscreen Snatcher - a vampire detective story by Marina J. Bowman

Scaredy Bat and the Sunscreen Snatcher - a vampire detective story by Marina J. Bowman

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Solving crime, one fear at a time

Ellie “Scaredy Bat” Spark is a 12 year old vampire that loves solving mysteries, but is afraid of...everything. She's afraid of spiders, lakes, and loud noises -- just to name a few. And her pesky sister Penny never lets her forget it. But with a little courage and help from her friends, Ellie just might achieve her dream of becoming a real detective.

When Ellie finds out about a class trip to her role model’s favorite getaway, she can’t believe her luck. But soon Ellie discovers her special sunscreen is missing, and she feels like someone is out to get her. Ellie must overcome her fear of clowns (and disgust with garlic) to solve the mystery of the missing sunscreen...before she ends up with permanent blue dots all over. Or worse, misses out on the biggest class trip of the year.

Get this book and join Ellie on her mystery-solving adventure!

Scaredy Bat and the Sunscreen Snatcher is an imaginative chapter book for kids with themes of bravery, teamwork, and problem-solving. If you like supernatural intrigue, batty humor, and interactive crime solving, then you'll love Marina Bowman's fast-paced mystery.
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Ten Simple Steps To Help You Minimize Stress and Gain Control of Your Life by John Edgar

Ten Simple Steps To Help You Minimize Stress and Gain Control of Your Life - Self-Help book by John Edgar

Are you searching for the path to minimize stress and truly be happy? Discover ten simple steps to reduce stress and gain control of your life.

Stress can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous. It is how your body reacts to a challenge or demand. In short bursts, stress can be positive, such as when it helps you avoid danger or meet a deadline. Stress in the short term can be beneficial. 

Stress in the long term is another story. In a continuous prolonged situation or mindset the emotional or physical tension caused by stress starts to feel like it is surrounding you and draining you. You begin to feel sluggish and unable to recover from the critical damage that even the smallest of things can now cause you. This is the ultimate end of being Stressed Out. 

You would think a problem as severe as this would require a very complex solution. But, surprise, surprise, a few simple steps can help you drastically decrease your stress. Ten Simple Steps To Help You Minimize Stress and Gain Control of Your Life is a quick read introducing you to the idea of stress management. It gives you an overview of simple ways to minimize your stress.
We will never live a life with no stress at all, we can live a life where stress is no longer our master, where we gain more control over our life and minimize the control we give the stress over us.

An Anthology of Thirty, 30 Minute Made-From-Scratch Desserts by Editors of Cake Chatter

An Anthology of Thirty, 30 Minute Made-From-Scratch Desserts by Editors of Cake Chatter

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This anthology is brought to you by the Editors of CakeChatter™. We love the joy of baking (from scratch) and throughout the years have developed a devoted following on our Facebook page and Twitter…

Our mantra is this: One: When you bake, bake from scratch and two: Use only natural ingredients (preferably organic). P.S. You won’t find Kool-Whip® in our recipes!

We spent countless hours researching these desserts to find those that are actually made-from-scratch and in 30 minutes--not an easy task. We also took unprecedented time to edit the recipes so that they were simple and easy to follow--and in plain English! We also included the author's notes where applicable and comments from Dough-Punchers™, or those who had made the recipes with success, whose tips were invaluable.

We've included a smattering of Grandma’s best desserts (along with newer varieties) from the "classics", along with some exotic desserts thrown in—spiced with helpful and beneficial tips to make these culinary delights all the more enticing.

Our book is the first in our Dough-Punchers™ series… Dough-Puncher™ is an old Western term for those who rustled up the grub and made the cowboys happy! (After all, the way to a happy cowboy is through his stomach.)

Are you a Dough-Puncher™? If you love to punch-the-“dough” (from the Middle English, meaning a "mass of flour or meal moistened and mixed for baking"…), and love to make people happy with your culinary delights, then YES you are!

The Editors of CakeChatter™ hope that you enjoy our book! After all, there’s nothing better than punching-the-dough and making your family and friends happy—just like your Grandma used to do!

Lord Shallow - a regency historical romance by Eileen Putman

Lord Shallow - a regency historical romance by Eileen Putman

London’s beady-eyed matchmakers are happy to overlook Sebastian Traherne’s ostentatious lack of character. He is the Season’s most eligible—and elusive—bachelor, with wealth, dazzling good lucks and, above all, a dukedom.

To one and all, Sebastian appears to be a superficial fop. No one guesses he’s an obsessively rational fellow hiding a secret marriage to protect someone he holds dear.

When London becomes a shade uncomfortable—a manipulating  spymaster is closing in—Sebastian finally decides to see the long-neglected estate he inherited in the wilds of Cheshire, near Wales.

On the desolate moor, he rescues a scrawny lad set upon by thugs. After the youth claims to be a relative, Sebastian takes him to his new castle. Alas, it turns out to be a very old castle—a crumbling pile of stones, in fact—with fearsome gargoyles, lethal medieval weapons, and a staff of exactly two.

To make matters worse, the lad isn’t a boy but a prickly Welsh miss of twenty-five, who has journeyed from the island of Anglesey in search of the father she never knew.

Gwynna Owen is descended from a long line of Welsh revolutionaries. She might be the last true Princess of Wales, but she needs this very English duke to claim her legacy and vanquish a tyrant.  She must plead her case with only a rusty dagger—and sapphire eyes that conjure the temptation Sebastian most wishes to avoid.

Off they go to Anglesey, where Sebastian means to disprove her tale. Instead, he finds himself captivated by a whimsical world of fanciful legends, ancient ruins, endless skies, and colorful characters—not to mention the red-haired Gwynna, whose archery skills rival that of Robin Hood.

Worse, Gwynna believes in a silly fairy tale known as True Love.

The Missing Driscoll - historical mystery by Judith Fabris

The Missing Driscoll - historical mystery by Judith Fabris

The Driscoll Museum, in Washington, D.C., is home to the famous Maud Driscoll collection. The world-renowned artist is the grandmother of Penny Wells, the curator and museum director. A rising star in the industry, Penny Wells accepts the invitation to co-curate a retrospective of Maud Driscoll's paintings at the prestigious Jeu de Paume, in Paris. Calamity strikes when Penny discovers one of the paintings hung in the exhibit is a forgery. How could this be when she supervised the crating of all the paintings? She watched them get loaded into the cargo area of the plane, witnessed the unloading at the airport, and accompanied the cargo transport to the Jeu de Paume. The insurance adjuster, Bill Tennant, sent by the Driscoll Museum to investigate, accused Penny of the theft, destroying her highly regarded reputation. His ulterior motives become Penny’s worst nightmare, leading her on a mission to recover the missing Driscoll. Murder, mystery, and mayhem ensue as the story takes Penny and her cohorts across the globe to locate the painting. The search leads to the reparation of artwork stolen from Jewish families by the Nazis during the Second World War. Ms. Wells, unable to secure gainful employment, due to the black mark on her reputation, becomes her own boss. She opens an art gallery where she intends to display a Driscoll painting from her private collection. Trouble follows her new venture, leaving a path of death and destruction in its wake. The plot is full of twists and turns as the hunt for the stolen artwork becomes a deadly obsession.

Scale or Die!: Achieve True Freedom in Your Real Estate Business & Live Your Life Without Regrets by Lars Hedenborg

Scale or Die!: Achieve True Freedom in Your Real Estate Business & Live Your Life Without Regrets by Lars Hedenborg

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Scale or Die! is a nuts and bolts guide to building a real estate business that gives you true time and money freedom. Based on the real life journey by its author, this book lays out the good, bad and ugly of building a business from the ground up. Stop being a slave to your business and start building it the right way so you can avoid regrets in life.

A Thing of Dark Imaginings - a psycho-drama about a serial killer by Roger Alan Bonner

A Thing of Dark Imaginings - a psycho-drama about a serial killer by Roger Alan Bonner

A Thing of Dark Imaginings is a morally ambiguous tale of tragedy, retribution, and forgiveness. 

Amir and Serena, naturalized Americans, lost their only child, Lelah, in a mass shooting at her campus. A sad ne'er-do-well living nearby killed seventeen people before being killed in turn.

Serena turned to her closest friends and tried to recover and resume her life. But recovery eluded Amir. He identified Lelah's body for the police and nearly fainted. Thereafter he could see Lelah as a child - from memories and from scenes which were only imagined. He began to see that child throughout his waking hours. Yet he could no longer see Lelah as an adult, as she was on the day she was killed. 

His hallucinations progressed. Amir began to hear a voice in his head. The voice was that of an animal, a growl that evolved into the roar of a predator, a scream of dominance and rage. 

Then the voice, which Amir named "The Beast," began to speak to him. The voice was enraged, greedy, aggressive, insatiable. It wanted one thing only - revenge on the "gun people" whom it held responsible for Lelah's death.
Amir resisted at first. Most people would. But ultimately, he had no choice. It was obey or die. Amir would try to save his life with Serena. From there on, he would wallow in blood and struggle to preserve what had not yet been lost.
The policeman who investigated the campus shooting, an Inspector Roundtree, was also assigned to investigate Amir's murders. Over time, through persistence, courage, and thought, Roundtree became convinced that Amir was a serial killer. But for perfectly sensible reasons, he was unable to convince others.

At this point, let us say only, as an Amazon reviewer did: this story does not have a Hollywood ending.

Fragile Boundaries - A Flash Fiction and Short Story Collection by R.E. Vaughn

Fragile Boundaries - A Flash Fiction and Short Story Collection by R.E. Vaughn

Free book promotion on Amazon 5/23/2020 - 5/25/2020!

Fragile Boundaries is a collection of fifteen short fiction pieces yielding realistic glimpses through the sometimes-dirty window of other people's lives.

Readers will find these stories more focused on character than plot and wide in diversity. Want to know how to rid yourself of a mortician who's stalking you? 

Read "How to Set a Woman on Fire," one of many unusual yet believable stories, some dark and malevolent, others light and humorous, all undeniably interesting.

Topaz and the Green Fairies (Topaz the Conjure Cat Book 3) by Pat Frayne

An Uplifting Tale Of Humor, Danger, And Suspense!

Armed with little more than a blanket, a hand drawn map, and a meager supply of food, this courageous young Fairy sets out in a tiny gourd boat to find help to save his marooned community from their fast- eroding, storm-ravaged island. Numerous obstacles, life challenging situations, and real danger confront him along the way.

The story switches between Bozel’s trials, to that of our old friend Topaz and the inhabitants of Knownotten Kingdom who are experiencing struggles of their own. Otis has been injured and is trapped in a desolate land where he finds himself held in the thrall of a sinister creature. When Topaz, Otis, Dooley and Daisy’s paths finally collide with Bozel the race is on to formulate a plan to try and save the Green Fairies before all is lost. Topaz will be faced with the ultimate test of his strength, courage and commitment to others.

Although this book was written to entertain, there is a strong emphasis on the value of friendship, loyalty, and courage.

The Girl And The Hunt - A FBI Mystery Thriller Suspense by A.J. Rivers

The Girl And The Hunt- A FBI Mystery Thriller Suspense by A.J. Rivers

Catch me. 
The words that taunted FBI Agent Emma Griffin on the train ride from Sherwood continue to follow her.  
Drawn to Feathered Nest, she discovers that the horror is far from over and whoever is behind the dare has no intention of his brutal game slowing down any time soon.                           
There is no turning back now. It is hunt or be hunted.

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