We started Goodkindles in mid-2011. At the beginning we were running a book review blog, and we concentrated on reviewing books listed on our site and reviewing books available on Amazon as well.
However, it quickly turned out that there are a lot authors and writers who are searching for efficient ways to promote books online – as a result, we started receiving so many books from writers asking for a review that we simply did not have the means to read and review them all.

In late 2012 we decided to change our strategy and shift the Goodkindles website profile from a book review blog to a free book promotion site.

We have quickly become one of the most popular free book promotion sites online - and after a year of promoting books for free we reached a point where we no longer could accept and promote all the books that writers were sending us.

At the beginning of 2013 we became a professional book marketing website for authors - and we have developed constantly ever since.

We started regular cooperation with well-known publishing houses. Our authors' website list is a well-known resource for eBook readers.

Our FAQ page is a valuable resource for writers who take their first steps in promoting their books online.

We were recommended by Mashable as one of top 10 book promotion sites for authors.

Our twitter book promotion channel has surpassed 100,000 followers - and is growing every day.

We have featured and promoted many books with a great success.

Our goal is to:
  • offer the best self-published book marketing services for authors at the lowest price possible,
  • constantly grow and develop new ways of promoting books online,
  • constantly increase our book promotion range,
  • expand our cooperation with publishing houses and increase a chance of getting published for authors who decide to promote their book with us,
  • advance to top 5 free and bargain book sources for readers,
  • advance to top 5 book promotion websites for writers.