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Book promotion services for Authors

We live in exciting times today. Self publishing a book has become a process that is easy and accessible for everyone, and authors no longer need traditional publishers to publish a book. Writing a book is not easy. Authors need to find time (and a lot of it), it requires self-discipline, regularity and dedication.

Not so long ago authors not only needed to write a book - it was just the beginning of the process. Sometimes a much harder part was to find a publisher, and then interest them in the book so they decide to invest money in publishing it. Today everyone can self-publish a book, which is truly groundbreaking, as it allows many authors to achieve success that would not be possible otherwise. However, the availability of self-publishing started a new phenomenon - since more and more authors started self-publishing books, competition has significantly increased. Everyone would like to see their books achieve success, but, sadly, not all writers manage to get there. This is why book promotion has become a necessity for authors, as without it is quite hard to get noticed (although it is not entirely impossible). There are many ways to promote a book, but before getting into the details of possible book marketing strategies, authors need to ask themselves - should I promote my book on my own, or should I hire somebody to help me market my book?

Both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages. Self promoting your book is much cheaper, but requires time. Hiring a specialist to run your self-published book marketing campaign will usually require a budget, but will save you a lot of work. There is no clear answer which way is better, but there is one criterion that might help you in making the choice. Many experts specializing in book promotion services say that the best way to promote a self-published book is to write another one. However, not everyone wants to write a new book when they have only finished writing the first one! Therefore, the question is: do you wish to write another book and do you have the time and energy for it? If the answer is yes, then using a book promotion service to market your book might be a very good idea - that way the marketing of your first book will be taken care of, while you can spend your time writing the next title. If however, you do not plan to publish another book anytime soon, but have time on your hands, you can use that time for promoting your first book. Or, better yet, you can leave book promotion in the hands of experts, which saves you time and has potential to bring results much faster.

This is why Goodkindles is more than just a book promotion site - we offer a wide range of book promotion services for Authors. We offer help with all aspects and nuances of book marketing, such as: 
  • Reworking the book cover and promotional blurb,
  • Identification of the best categories and proper keywords to use on Amazon,
  • Proofreading and editing,
  • Public Relations services for self-published Authors,
  • Pricing strategy on Amazon and other ebook bookstores,
  • Offline book promotion,
  • Reducing the size of your book in order to increase self-publisher revenue,
  • Preparation of book marketing materials, banners and advertisements,
  • Getting your book reviewed by a professional reviewer,
  • Planning the promotional strategy for your book,
  • Planning discounts and free giveaways,
  • Author interviews, blog tours and videos,
  • Identification of negative factors that can harm sales of your book,
  • Help with finding a profitable niche for your book,
  • Help with hiring a ghostwriter and evaluating the costs of ghostwriter services,
  • Complete book promotion services for Authors - full tutelage over your book online marketing strategy.
For the details about availability and pricing of our book promotion services for Authors please contact us via our "Contact Us" page. Thank you!