Amazon Book Listing Page Optimization

The Amazon book page evaluation and optimization is our new service that helps with the self-published book marketing. The cost is $199, and takes one week. Our team will: 

- perform an in-depth analysis of your book page on Amazon, and prepare a list of changes and additions that we'd suggest to try and see if they will result in increased sales of the book in the long term,

- discuss your book page in detail with some of our regular readers, and add to the list suggestions and ideas that would be an improvement from the point of view of a reader and might encourage a potential buyer to purchase it, 

- perform a research of the Amazon keywords that we would suggest to try and see if the change will result in increased sales in the long term.

For the evaluation process we will need the link to the book on Amazon and the list of the 7 keywords that you are currently using (you can find the keywords in your book details section in the Amazon KDP Panel). If you are interested, please contact us at

Thank you!