Confident Life - A Practical Guide to Building Self Confidence

Confidence is the backbone of positive and successful change. Any change you wish to make in your life will take confidence to some degree. Fear is the absence of confidence and fear fills in the space where confidence is lacking. By increasing your confidence you are better equipped to change, fix or resolve aspects of your life and issues will begin to resolve themselves more readily.
A lack of confidence can affect a large proportion of our lives in a negative way and people with low self confidence can suffer from being pushed around, difficulty talking with others, usually have a job that sucks and tend to have a manager that doesn't treat them with respect, as well as having difficulty with public speaking all of which can cause anxiety.
With confidence you will be more assertive, able to talk with the opposite sex, find meaningful relationships, have better job options, and have a happier life.
This book is a practical course and as your confidence increases so will your self esteem.
Book includes -
-8 Layers of practical confidence building techniques.
-Explains each Layer and gives practical guide.
-Each Layer is easy to follow.