Infinite Sacrifice

This is not your daughter's starcrossed-soulmates reincarnation fantasy. Infinite Sacrifice is an epic journey of complex souls throughout time. This is a story of great changes and challenges, immersing the reader deep within history.

Maya's shocked to discover it's not the heaven she imagined;in fact, a life of adventure begins the moment you die.

Zachariah, her faithful spirit guide, explains the rules of the dead: in order to regain complete awareness and reunite with loved ones all souls must review their previous lives.

Maya plunges warily into her turbulent pasts as a sociopathic High Priest in ancient Egypt; an independent mother protecting a dangerous secret in glorious Sparta; an Irish boy kidnapped and enslaved by Vikings; and a doctor's wife forced to make an ethical stand in plague-ridden England.

All the while, Maya yearns to be with those she cares about most and worries that she hasn't learned all of heaven's most vital lessons. Will she be forced to leave the tranquility of heaven to survive yet another painful and tumultuous life? Or worse, accept the bitter reality of having to go back alone?

Professional Reviews

"This is not the first reincarnation romance I've read, but it's the first with this unique approach. L.E. Waters placed some high bets in writing this piece, and I think that, for the most part, they've paid off. ...I truly enjoyed Infinite Sacrifice, I found the idea very original and the execution very well-handled. I certainly look forward to the next book." — Ron C. Nieto's Review Blog

"...the author delivers a very clever concept and brings an authentic feel to each story." — CS Fantasy Reviews

"First class works of historical fiction." — SPR

Readers Reviews

"A fascinating book! It makes reincarnation seem plausible. This is the first in a series and I ordered the next one within an hour of reading this. The writing style is easy and free flowing. It is written in the first person and I felt I was right there throughout the book."—Paige Turner, Shelfari

"Definitely a heavy book. At first, I had a hard time getting into the story of a woman who has died and is reviewing her past lives that led her to this particular death. In the end, I found the book to be very thought provoking."—Dianne, Shelfari

"very interesting looking forward to the next book"—Margaret Cochran, Goodreads

"I was so disappointed that it ended. I hoped there was a second book and I just bought it. I'm sure it will be great but since there is not a third yet I know I'll be very sorry for it to end. I read a lot of books on a variety of subjects but I enjoy myth, religion and fantasy the most. This book nicely combined all three genres. It also made me ponder.... Get it!"—Stacey, Amazon

"I really enjoyed this book. Each life interested me more and more, and I love that the author took time to research the time periods to incorporate it into each life. Sometimes I would have to go back to the end of the life before to figure out who was who from the previous life, but the author makes sure to include a chart at the end of each section to help guide you through each soul; I just liked figuring it out each time I got a detail. Please don't get hung up on the idea of this being religious or spiritual; Waters has some great ideas, but she doesn't make those who are not overly religious or spiritual uncomfortable."—Count Raindrops, Amazon