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When Pushcart Prize nominee Wayne Lockwood wrote an open letter to God in his Generation X column, God wrote him back. About 50 times.

If God liked his work so much, you probably will, too. Lockwood's musings on life as a Generation Xer, now collected in "Acid Indigestion Eyes," ran in hundreds of newspapers across the country in the 90s.  But they still stand as funny, poignant examples of real life. Can you furnish an apartment from a Dumpster? How do you build the ultimate fast-food meal? Was all that slacking really civil disobedience? Find out in "Acid Indigestion Eyes: Collected Essays and Musings on Generation X."

Free July 14-15, 2012.

Get your grunge on! Former nationally syndicated Generation X columnist Wayne Lockwood collects some of his best columns, reflecting and sharing in the promise and challenges faced by those who came of age in the early 1990s. While talking heads will harken to St. Cobain for perspective on this misunderstood decade, this collection aims to give a voice to those who didn't have a guitar to scream behind.

Editorial Reviews


"Acid Indigestion Eyes" stands proudly with the works of Douglas Coupland and other Generation X authors. Lockwood's book is many things, but it's certainly no slacker. -- Peter Dabbene, ForeWord

The essays are markedly insightful ... There are moments of real poignancy -- Andrew Andrews, True Review, May 2012

Wayne Lockwood's writing is just the right mix of snark, sarcasm, and cynical observational humor. He's the type of writer that points out the common everyday occurrences that happen to all of us, and as you read you find yourself slowly realizing, "Hey...that happened to me, too!"
 -- Sara Hodon,

"Acid Indigestion Eyes" is both humorous and thoughtful, very much recommended." -- Midwest Book Review, Feb. 2012

About the Author

Wayne Lockwood is a longtime journalist whose work has appeared in hundreds of newspapers across the United States, including The Miami Herald, The (Newark) Star-Ledger, the (Los Angeles) Daily News, The (Baltimore) Sun, The Seattle Times, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The Kansas City Star, The Wichita Eagle and The (Honolulu) Advertiser. He lives in New York City.

Wayne Lockwood
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