The Cross and the Black 1 - a paranormal novella set in Renaissance France

Claude is the happy servant by day and male prostitute by night.  Then bad luck invades his idyll.  His gambling debts are multiplying. His master has had enough of his sinful ways and gives the ultimatum to move out. 16th century France is no place to be destitute, and Claude is plunged into panic.   A mysterious stranger comes by and offers the perfect solution, the keys to a free paradise of fucking and fighting. But first he will have to learn to read and write and know the ways of a gentlemen. 

There's just one problem, what is the suitable payment for education and enlightenment?  Claude thinks his body should suffice.  The stranger concurs, and unknowingly Claude has agreed to the mortal price... 

Vampire tutors, illiterates male prostitutes, what more could possibly go wrong in a world strangled by the demands of God and men?  

Read here as Claude struggles between the Cross and the Black and fights to his last to escape his mortal debt. 

I wrote this book because I wanted something a little more philosophical and a little less gory on the subject of vampires. I think this fits the bill.  Through Claude's honest eyes, the reader will experience the darkness posed by vampires and religious orthodoxy but tempered with profane humor. They will also feel the grittiness of Renaissance life and the emotions of Catholic-Protestant conflict raging at the time.  In short, the novella provides an all-encompassing read.  You must give this book a chance.