The Demon Of Synar -- SciFi Romance

Hi. I'm Donna McDonald and a lover of all things geek. Being a science fiction and fantasy fan all my life, it was probably inevitable that I would end up writing a space opera at some point. Star Trek? Loved it--all versions. Star Wars? Own the extended versions. Firefly? Wept over the cancellation. What surprised me though once my science fiction/fantasy series was born was the appearance of a demon as one of the main characters. Hello fantasy. Say what? Yes, a demon in space. Not a hell raising demon from Earth, but still a condemned spirit that is forced to serve its master. I would describe Malachi inside his host as more the old-fashioned daemon definition of demon which is something along the lines of being an influential or inspiring force. Good influence or evil inspiration is another good question, but one you'll have to decide for yourself. Basically, Malachi is serving an eternal life sentence of being controlled by others. In fact, being "Forced To Serve" turned out to be the one thing in common among all the crew members of the Liberator.

THE DEMON OF SYNAR is Book One and free for all Kindle users. It introduces the characters and sets the groundwork for the rest of the stories. The hero of Book 1 is Liam Synar, willing captain of the Liberator, but the unwillingly master of his family's hereditary demon. Did I mention Liam ended up putting the demon, Malachi, in his very spiritual mate (and the heroine), Ania Looren, on the very day they had their mating ceremony? Yes, I know it sounds horrible, but to be fair, he was trying to save her life. Feeling appalled for forcing Ania to host Malachi in her body, Liam immediately left both of them and stayed away for two years. Yeah, also not a great sign of mating bliss and definitely not very mature on the part of a Norblade male who fancies himself the captain of a Peace Alliance rescue ship. Nor did it turn out to be a very good move strategically, especially with his evil brother looking high and low for Malachi. Conor Synar was supposed to be the demon's master and had been almost fully trained to do so. Liam barely knew how to call the demon in and out of the host body, much less make Malachi behave. Trust me though, Bogdan Synar had very good reasons for making his son, Liam, the demon's master.

When the book opens, Liam's plan of staying away has reached an end because Malachi has killed to save his host body, and Ania is being blamed for murders she cannot remember. At the urging--okay let's say insistence--of his close friend and ship's counselor, Lieutenant Dorian Zade, Liam heads back to collect Ania and Malachi. Problem is, Ania hasn't known about the demon all this time. She just thinks Liam abandoned her for typical male stupidity reasons. She also blames her cursed mated state for the gradual demise of her spirituality since Liam left. The situation blows up when Ania finds out about Malachi and demands to be allowed to die. Liam refuses of course. He's not that much of a lousy husband/mate, but Ania doesn't share that opinion.

Doesn't sound much like romance, you say? Oh, it's in there, along with lots of humor and some characters you're really going to like. Sure, if you're looking for a "happily ever after" in this first book, well you won't find it completely at the end. Sorry. This book is a "happily for now" kind of situation. It took two books to tell a romantic story as large and complicated as Liam and Ania's. But in this first book which you can read for free, you will definitely get to enjoy the journey of getting to know these three intriguing characters, and you'll have a lot of fun getting to meet the rest of the Liberator's crew whose stories will appear in later books.

And you may even find yourself rooting for Malachi. He definitely has the best lines. Maybe a character just sees things differently after two thousand years of being demon mist.

Happy reading...write and tell me what you think. I would love to hear from you.

Donna McDonald