Leaving Standing Still - love story/general fiction by D.E. Hancox

Leaving Standing Still is my debut publication as a writer. I originally wrote the book for my wife. She has often encouraged me to focus and complete a large project such as this. Because this is my first full novel, I believe these characters will stick with me the most. I believe a part of myself can be found in some aspect of the main characters. The lead character, Lucas Jameson, is a name formed from the names of my children. My sons, Lucas and Jameson, have had a huge impact on my adult life. They force me to push myself harder each day, knowing that as they grow they will look to me as an influence. My wife Baylen is a big fan of authors like Nicholas Sparks. My goal as been to create a story that she would love just as much. 

In Leaving Standing Still, Lucas Jameson just relocated to the Alabama Gulf Coast. He thought work would consume most of his time, until he met Beth Asher. Now he must balance his career with his embrace of true love. Follow his journey as he flashes back to the events leading to a life changing moment.

David E. Hancox

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