Christmas in the Kitchen: A Modern Girl's Guide to the Holidays One Batch of Cookies at a Time- a holiday baking , memoir and helpful hints book by Melissa AuClair

Walking into the kitchen and pulling out your grandma's best loved cookie recipes may be the merriest thing to do this December.

Have you noticed how life gets a little bit crazy in December?  The holiday season comes but the challenges of regular life continue one.  How can we stop and celelbrate a little bit without giving in to the stress of the season?  While thousands of people try to find the perfect gifts, decorations and holiday parties, we can create lasting memories, bake delicious Christmas food, decrease stress and connect with people through the power of home made goodies. 
I love Christmas but I've also done everything wrong to mess it up.  I've spent too much money, been depressed because of problems, hunted for Mr. Right, decorated the apartment until the counters and table were entirely covered.  In the middle of the decorating, searching, caroling, creating, crafting, partying, driving, shopping, searching and cafeinne-ing, I discovered something amazing.
It turns out that spending some time in the kitchen, cooking and baking like Grandma (from scratch), is a wonderful way to celebrate the season.  Baking turned into therapy for me: helping to heal wounds, create good memories from the ache of missing loved ones, connect with friends and bring a lot of laughter back to Christmas.
Taking the time to craft a batch of gingerbread men and talk with a friend brought back the spirit of Christmas for me.  Making Grandma's classic applesauce cake helped me remember Grandma without aching from not having her with me anymore.  Having bake days with my group of girlfriends has become more fun than an afternoon of retail therapy (who knew?) 
Christmas in the Kitchen:  A Modern Girl's Guide to the Holidays One Batch of Cookies at a Time is a lighthearted look at the chaos of the season and how to have a merry Christmas and make spirits bright in spite of it all. As well as my own reflections on the season, I've included 15 favorite Christmas recipes straight from my kitchen to yours.

Melissa AuClair
Speaker, Author, Artist
"Christmas in the Kitchen- A Modern Girls
Guide through the Holiday Season- One Batch of Cookies at a Time." Availalble on
all e-readers in early December!
Learn tips on how to create a fabulous holiday by incorporating simple
practices into your life, discover simple but amazing Christmas desserts
and laugh through a fun, informative e-book designed to help you have a
wonderful, stress-less, Merry Christmas season!  

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