Knee Deep in Pain- Conquering Knee Pain without Meds- Arthritis Self Help Book by Zafar Hayat Khan

'Knee Deep in Pain' is about Osteoarthritis. It explains how arthritic pain affects the body and suggests non medicinal techniques called Flenches to restore knee health and avoid further deterioration of the joints. Written from a patient's perspective it delves into some fairly technical issues in a reader friendly manner making it easier to understand this disease. It shatters myths about arthritis and aging and how certain medicines and procedures actually exacerbate this condition. 
The book is sprinkled with humor making a dry subject more palatable. As an example, chapter names do not sound like they are about a book on a health topic, instead one sees titles like; "The Incredible Lightness of Being" , "Care to Have a Joint?", and  "From Hunter-Gatherer to Waddler-Hoarder." Even so, the reader will quickly be able to relate the headings to the content and will see why they are so named. To make the point, the author draws on historical, biblical and contemporary texts and also relates to some popular movie scripts.
'Knee Deep in Pain' is extensively researched and includes a bibliography that spans over 40 pages. It also carries numerous illustrations to maintain reader interest but never falters from its central focus; Knee Pain and its remedy.


During the December 2012 month, the Kindle version of "Knee Deep in Pain" book will be made available, for free download, from its Amazon page for a period of 24 hours. Readers who wish to be notified of the date should visit

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