"What Is The Meaning of Life?" -- nonfiction, motivational by David Cameron Gikandi

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David talks about the universe and our existence in it as a palette of consciousness.  He melds several concepts of science, philosophy, metaphysics and spirituality to illustrate that we can all achieve a higher level of being if only we realize the next level of awareness.  It's a very engaging book that kind of gives you a sense of unexplored possibilities and a little bit of awe at things about the universe that we haven't been aware of.  

At some point we've all wondered what the meaning of life is.  What's our purpose for being?  The question has been tackled in many disciplines of the humanities.  David takes us through the whole experience of humanity in a nutshell--from Og and his Dog down through the great minds and teachers of history up to the present.  He talks about how Quantum Physics lays the groundwork for us creating our reality.  He shows us the many levels of consciousness and how, working through them, we either sabotage ourselves or enable our own greatness.  He answers the question:  "What do Jesus, Buddha and Bill Gates have in common?"

"What is the Meaning of Life?" is quite an engaging read, making every effort not just to inspire but to translate learning into practical application.  We hope your readers enjoy it as well.


Phillip Laplana