The Path To Mindful Eating: Overcoming Emotional Eating and Adapting The Weight Loss Mindset By Clarence Oliver

 This book isn't just a diet book.  It's a happiness cure.  It's a stress reliever.  And it teaches actionable techniques that people can use day in and day out to alter their life and the way in which they look at the world.  You don't have to be overweight to get a lot from this book.  You don't have to need to diet to get the benefits of Mindful Eating.  You don't even have to be depressed, unhappy, or feeling stressed.  Learning mindfulness is like learning how to play an instrument, but a lot easier, and taking a lot less practice.  It's a great tool to have, it's fun to do, and you get the benefits of knowing something that few people know, but that the majority of people could do.  People will look at you differently.  They'll see the changes in you.  And you'll feel different.  This book will be free from the 13th to the 16th of January.  Available here:

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