Bending The Boyne, historical fiction by J.S. Dunn

Bending The Boyne , historical fiction :

At last, ancient Ireland without cutesy leprechauns or mumbling druids!  This epic tale accurately portrays the Bronze Age in Eire, complete with a gold rush. Eire's natives must survive as sweeping cultural changes arrive in metallurgy, new boats, and marine trade; all brought by swaggering warriors armed with long bronze knives. 

All the stunning objects and the impressive megaliths depicted in Bending The Boyne can be seen today in Ireland, Wales, France and Spain.  If you are planning a trip to Ireland,  or if you have visited the UN Heritage site of Bru na Boinne,  you will want to read this novel of ancient Ireland.  

This story riffs on myth fragments, it draws characters from western Europe's oldest mythology. It casts the birth of Aengus in a new light.  The story is based in part on the new model for the origin of Gaelic language and culture from scholars like emeritus Oxford professor Barry Cunliffe, linguist John Koch, and archaeologist Wm O'Brien, UCC-Cork . This is the first fiction to use the new paradigm, and won a national award.

For a look at web resources for this era, and a bibliography of the author's research sources, please visit the website at .  

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