Dance with Danger: A story of domestic abuse and survival by Keisha Allen-Smith

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In this very personal memoir Keisha shares intimate details of a
romantic relationship turned toxic. At the age of 16, she meets Brad,
a tall, handsome boy in her class. He takes an interest in her from
the very beginning, but she is not ready or willing to get involved
with anyone since her heart is still heavy after a recent breakup with

Brad's persistence pays off and after two years of denying his
advances, Keisha finally gives him a chance. What she does not know
eventually surfaces and shocks her world. Brad has a side to him that
is as sharp as a two-edged sword. Having been conditioned by her
upbringing to tolerate dysfunctional relations, Keisha is drawn closer
to Brad and soon finds herself in this abusive relationship.

The dynamics of the relationship soon begin to affect her emotions,
her thinking patterns and her body. During the ups and downs of this
tumultuous roller coaster ride, Keisha is forced to make decisions
that dramatically change her life and sometimes put her children in

Isolated from her best friends, supportive family members, and any
other outside support Keisha and her children struggle to survive
while the effects of domestic abuse leave devastating effects on
everyone's psyche.