Angel Falls Deep (Serving the Dark God) - A Tale of Fantasy BDSM-Erotica by Elmore DeVille

'Angel Falls Deep' is the first book in the 'Serving the Dark God' series- an epic story of falling then falling further, as the angel Syll is cast out by the Goddess of Chastity, only to be taken into the servitude of another God.

A much darker God.

A God who personifies deviance itself.

A God who Syll longs to serve.

A willing slave to a powerful master.

A virgin angel and a creature of lust.

Together- in the debauchery of this twisted heaven.

* * *

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The 'Serving the Dark God' series takes place on the enchanted world of Eletain, a fantasy-realm unique to Erotica, where every fetish, desire, and whim is catered to, and a broad cast of characters have grand adventures and steamy encounters with one another. Like many of my other titles, 'Angel Falls Deep' has a broadly pansexual approach, as the beings of Eletain don't mind who they have sex with, as long as it's hot, dirty, and worth it.

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