Anastasia - an unordinary story book promotion by Vladimir Megre

Anastasia - an unordinary story book promotion by Vladimir Megre

Anastasia - an unordinary story book marketing by Vladimir Megre

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"I exist for those I exist for" These are the words that a young woman told Vladimir Megre, a Russian entrepreneur, in 1995 during his commercial expedition down Syberia's Ob River. The woman, who's name was Anastasia, appeared to be not only healthier and more attractive, but also much smarter and informed about many aspects of modern life, then ordinary people of towns, despite the fact that she lived deep in a taiga for whole her life, far away from big cities and even tiny settlements, scattered along the river. But this was just a little part of a surprisingly deep and philosophical knowledge of our universe, that the woman possessed.

The way her kin lives in a taiga, the way they can understand surrounding nature and a meaning they put in every day of their lifes, makes a reader ask himself, "Why do I live? Who Am I? Does humanity go the right direction in it's technocratic development or not?"

Later on, after complying with the young woman's request and writing the first book of the 'Ringing Cedars Of Russia' series, titled 'Anastasia', the author said the following to his readers. "Not being a writer, without any experience in writing creatively, I have to apologize to my readers for the narrative style. This book does not belong to social and political journalism or fiction, fantastic or adventure stories. In spite of all the phenomenal and fantastic events which have been described. I have failed to determine its genre. This book is a story about an unordinary woman possessing a gift of healing a soul and a body of a man."

We wish you having a wanderful time reading the book series and looking forward for your feedback!