Birthday Ideas & Other Humorous Stories - Humorous Short Stories by Jason A. Spafford

Birthday Ideas and Other Humorous Stories is a collection of funny short stories that are mostly based on real life experiences ranging from parenting to trying to understand the opposite sex to working the strangest jobs and meeting the oddest characters.  The book includes over 40 short essays and is perfect for quick reads in between.

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All the stories are funny, whether talking about birthday ideas, driving for 24 hours, accidentally forgetting a spouses birthday, black ice, hating onions, carving a tooth out of soap, plunger etiquette, or the differences between boxers and briefs.

One story,"LinkedIn With Toothless Kenny" tells the story of working one day at a state fair with a guy named Kenny (missing quite a few teeth) and the bond that did not develop.

Another favorite, "God Are You There? It's Me, Jason", tells the story of a dad dealing with the onslaught of questions from his ten year old daughter and her friend, who just had the puberty talk at school.

And "Cartoons and the Wedding Proposal" tells the mammoth lie that is fabricated in the name of romanticism to pop the big question, and how the Flintstones end up playing into the occasion.