Hailstone: Kindle ebook by Nina Smith

Magda McAllister is in trouble up to her ears.

It's been a long time since she realised everything that comes out of the mouth of her evangelist father, Preacher, is a load of garbage.

But Preacher rules his Congregation and his daughter with an iron fist. There is to be no alcohol, no smoking, no drugs, no dancing, no tea, no coffee, no extramarital sex and definitely no fun.

Magda's been pretending to follow the rules for years. She can smile and not swear and wear horrible clothing with the best of them - but it's not always easy hiding her pill-popping, smoking, alcoholic, atheist, lesbian ways.

All it takes is one chance meeting with a gay guy who owns a vodka factory and a smoking hot journalist at the local den of sin to get Preacher really frothing at the mouth. When Magda is caught she fast becomes the centre of a very unpleasant campaign to save her soul from Satan through outright violence and an exorcism.

Things have to change, and fast, if Magda is going to get anywhere with the new girl in her life. She's got just one advantage in the coming battle with Preacher: he has no idea how bad his only daughter has learned to be.